The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 206

𝐓𝐚𝐢 𝐌𝐚𝐧 𝐣𝐨𝐬𝐡𝐢

Leivinia and Nisrok were fighting in their form as summoned beasts.

The two, as promised, paved the way.

Albero, Kid, Ridelle, Ashe, and Lapis began to run. They raced with all their might along the path that Leivinia and Nisrok had opened.

Albero enlarged his right arm and thrust out his fist with all his might.

“『Summoned beast thrust』!!”

Albero’s punch flew straight ahead, scattering the demon beasts in front of him.

The summoners and their summoned beasts followed suit, beginning to fight against the oncoming demon beasts.

As Kid ran, he spoke.

“It’s an all-out battle!!”

“Yes. We’re at a clear numerical disadvantage, but we haven’t lost yet!!”

The demon beasts, having lost their rationality and only grown in ferocity, could only move monotonously.

There’s an opportunity to exploit that.

However, their sheer numbers remain a threat. Even though Leivinia and Nisrok had opened a path, the demon beasts quickly surged forward to block it. . . . . .but.



Damocles and Titan cleared the way for Albero and the others.

“Cut the crap!!”

Venus swung her large sword.

“Now, go!!”

Arjan’s 『Yellow Dragon』 unleashed a breath of lightning.

The reliable teachers were going wild without any restrictions.

Albero and the others nodded and proceeded along the path that the teachers had opened.

“This is so amazing!!. . . . . .I feel such an overwhelming power!!”

“Me too. . . . . .Me too!! Grandmother, please watch!!”

Ashe and Lapis were laughing.

Various summoners were paving the way for them.

That made them happy and gave them strength.

And then, it appeared.

“Gyaaaahahaha!! Look at me, my master!! Watch my glorious actions!!”


Countless flies enveloped the summoners.

Summoners devoured by the flies were reduced to just bones, and their summoned beasts disappeared.

The one who appeared was Beelzebub, the demon of 『greed』.

Beelzebub flew towards Albero and the others with a twisted grin. On his back were fly-like wings, and his erratic movements resembled that of a fly.

Albero and Kid prepared to fight, but hands were placed on both of their shoulders.

“━━Leave it to me.”

It was Ridelle.

With her red ponytail swaying, she jumped forward.

“Run━━『Red Queen』!!”

Ridelle’s legs transformed into crimson armor, and 『thrusters』 formed.

Using her superhuman dynamic vision, Ridelle adjusted the firepower of her 『thrusters』 to match Beelzebub’s movements. She caught up with Beelzebub and delivered a kick to his body.

However, Beelzebub retaliated with a kick of his own, and their feet collided.


“━━Let’s go.”

“Hey, Kid?! No matter how strong Ridelle is, she’s up against a demon.”

“Right! We should all. . . . . .”

“If it’s her, she’ll win. That’s all.”

“You really believe in her, huh?”

“Yes. She’s strong.”

Albero and Ashe were flustered, but Kid believed, and Lapis laughed at Kid’s reaction.

Kid wouldn’t look back anymore.

Albero and Ashe braced themselves. Lapis had already started running.

The S-class left Ridelle behind and ran away. Watching their retreating backs, Ridelle turned to face Beelzebub.

“Ha, your comrades left you. Think you can beat me on your own?”

“Did you always talk like that? . . . . . .Well, I don’t really care.”

“Ha, die for my master!”

“You’re joking. . . . . .”

Ridelle took a stance, smirking confidently.

“Let’s go, Red Queen… Pink, let’s run through this together!”

Steam of fighting spirit burst from both of Ridelle’s feet.


The number of demon beasts was decreasing.

They broke away from the main force attacking the Asgard Kingdom. Ahead was Shin・Asgard.

Albero was running, mowing down the demon beasts.

“Just a little more━━Something’s coming!”

At Albero’s shout, everyone stopped running.

Then, a huge black wolf approached. Moreover, from the sky, a grotesque bird flew down.

Albero prepared his right hand, and Kid aimed to shoot the bird.

“Marcosias, 『Freeze Lancer』!”

“Gryphon, 『Aero Dart』!”

Spears of ice and wind were launched.

They didn’t hit the black wolf or the weird bird, but the two stopped moving.

Ashe and Lapis stepped forward.

“Leave this to Lapis and me. You two go ahead.”

“We won’t lose!”

“E, Even you two. . . . . .”

“. . . . . .Can’t do it?”

“”Of course, we can!””

Ashe and Lapis gave thumbs up simultaneously.

Kid laughed, “Haha!”, and slapped Albero’s back.

“Let’s go.”

“But, these two. . . . . .They’re on a demon level. Just the two of you. . . . . .”

“Geez, always worrying. I’ll say it clearly, I don’t think these two will lose. . . . . .Believe in them.”

“Kid. . . . . .Hehe, right. Ashe, Lapis, we’re counting on you!”

“Leave it to us!. . . . . .By the way.”


Ashe and Lapis moved to either side of Albero. . . . . .and both simultaneously gave Albero a kiss on the cheek.

Kid whistled in amusement.


“Albero, promise to tell me your answer later.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

“. . . . . .Yeah!! I love you both!”

Albero started running.

Kid gave a wry smile, waved casually, and started running.

Ashe breathed heavily in anticipation.

“I’ll take on that creepy bird. Lapis, you handle the wolf, okay?”

“Yes. Fufu, Marcosias seems upset. . . . . .He feels like he’s been challenged.”

“Gryphon, calm down. I’ll let you rampage.”

Ashe rode Gryphon and took to the sky.

Lapis mounted Marcosias and raced across the ground.

Their respective battles began.

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