The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 172


The Invasion of Demon Emperor Shin・Asgard.

Time rewinds just a bit. . . . . .After Garnet’s funeral and the visit to the grave, the S-class group.

Miraculously, the academy remained unharmed. The students fought against the approaching lump of meat demon beasts.

For a while, that was the hot topic inside the academy.

“I took down twenty of those lump of meat demon beasts!”

“I defended the school building.” “Even my summoned beast defeated the lump of meat demon beasts!”

“Heh, listen up. When the lump of meat demon beasts attacked. . . . . .”

Everywhere, they all want to share their heroic tales from the demon battle.

Indeed. Unlike fighting demon beasts in field exercises, this was a full-fledged act of war. The excitement and passion in the students’ hearts were palpable.

However, what many didn’t know was about the S-class group that fought Typhon and subdued another demon, Florentia.

Additionally, following Garnet’s death, A-Class Summoner Esterize, who showed excellent leadership and combat skills in the previous battle, was appointed as the new 『High Priestess』. This news stirred the academy, and even a special newspaper edition was released, causing a buzz throughout the nation.

In such times, the S-class group, who were ordered to wait until classes resumed, were in the dormitory’s common room enjoying snack time. . . . . .eating pancakes specially made by Kid.

“Delicious! I want more!”

“Jeez, eat slowly.”

As Kid skillfully flipped pancakes, making a fifth one for Leivinia.

The female members seemed content, savoring their pancakes.

Leivinia eagerly ate her pancakes, and after having three, Nisrok took a nap on the floor.

“Mmm, delicious. . . . . .Kid, you have the talent of a mother!”

At Ashe’s words, Kid snorted in amusement.

Both Lapis and Ridelle were on their third pancake. They wanted more but were too shy to ask, sneaking glances at Kid. However, Kid said,

“Damn. . . . . .messed up. You guys, eat this.”

“Y, Yes!”

“Well, I’ll eat it. It’d be bad to waste!”

Despite saying it was overcooked, there was no sign of burning, and they were perfectly round and beautiful.

This was typical of Kid. Meanwhile, Yorha pushes her plate forward.

“Another serving.”

“The dark-hearted princess doesn’t hold back, huh. . . . . .”

“Did you say something?”

“Nothing. I don’t want to lose my head for disrespect, so I’ll keep quiet.”

Kid continues to make pancakes and sneaks a glance at Albero.

Albero, who had already finished four pancakes, was sipping tea and reading a newspaper.


“. . . . . .”

“Hey, you.”

“Hmm? Oh, me?”

“Who else is here? You done eating?”

“Yeah. I’m full. . . . . .Thanks, Kid.”

“Hmph. . . . . .”

Kid never addressed Albero by name.

Perhaps what I heard at that time was just my imagination. . . . . .That’s what Albero wanted to believe, but he kind of wished to be called again. As he looked at Kid with slight anticipation,

“What? I said you’re done. I’m not making any more.”

“. . . . . .Right, understood.”

It seems pointless to hope.

As he was drinking tea and reading the newspaper, Yorha leaned in close to him.


“Oh, look! Esterize has become the new 『High Priestess』, and both Rashild and Fugil have been promoted to A-class.”

“Hey, don’t get too close.”

“What’s the matter? Are you embarrassed?”

Yorha hugged Albero’s arm and pressed her chest against him.

At that, both Ashe and Lapis looked displeased.

“Albero, stop grinning! And Yorha, that kind of behavior is prohibited in the dormitory!”

“Exactly! Back off, back off!”

“Oh, you’re scary. I guess I’ll back off before I get hurt. . . . . .fufu, you’re so cute.”

Yorha quickly moved away and sat beside him.

“As you might know, Esterize has been promoted to Special A-class. Consequently, a new combat unit has been established with Esterize as its captain. This unit is known as the kingdom’s strongest combat unit.”

Then, Kid, who wiped his hands with an apron, came from the kitchen. That gesture was exactly like a mother, and everyone watching almost burst out laughing. . . . . .but they held it in.

Without noticing such a thing, Kid said.

“『High Priestess』? Entrusting so much power to that arrogant Student Council President?”

“Of course, it’s not a good thing. But, in my opinion, the 『judge』 Gabriel, who appointed Esterize, is likely connected to the 『masquerade ball』. Uncle Hill Climb and Aunt Euglena, who became A-class advisors, also seem to have been appointed to the unit.”

“Huh. . . . . .What’s the purpose of creating such a unit?”

“Obviously, to take over this country.”

Yorha said nonchalantly.

Everyone was so taken aback that they were speechless.

“Esterize has become Gabriel’s puppet. By concentrating the military power on Esterize and establishing a special unit that even the twenty-one summoners can’t match, Gabriel, who holds the supreme command, can handle it. While the twenty-one heroes are indeed powerful, Gabriel knows their capabilities and should be able to deal with them.”

“Wait, are you saying that. . . . . .”

“Exactly. My theory is that Gabriel might be planning a coup to take over this country. Even if the S-class and the Demon Emperor end up killing each other, a weakened country can be easily taken over. It’s not unlikely.”

“Are you serious. . . . . .”

“Well, it’s just a high possibility. I’ve always found Gabriel suspicious. She seems dissatisfied with her cardinal position and tries to meddle in politics. . . . . .But, keep this between us.”

Yorha drained her tea in one go.

Albero looked at the newspaper again and said,

“So, it’s not just the Demon Emperor we’re up against. . . . . .”

“For now, just focus on the Demon Emperor. Leave the internal matters to me. I’ll be the one to control this country. I don’t care about heroes or anything; I won’t let them have their way.”

“. . . . . .”

Although Albero didn’t say it, he found Yorha to be more intimidating than he had previously thought.

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