The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 173

𝐉𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐚 𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞, 𝐥𝐞𝐢𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐲

Finally, classes resumed.

To everyone’s surprise, the new dedicated teacher for S-Class Summoners replacing Garnet was Teacher Gray.

An elderly man with a very long chin beard, wearing a deep green robe, slammed a thick textbook onto the lecturer’s desk.

Lapis exclaimed in shock.

“W, Wait, Teacher Gray the 『tower』. . . . . .? Isn’t it that teachers only teach students from the fourth batch onward?”

“Ho ho ho. I accepted the request from Garnet and Meteore. . . . . .Plus, an S-Class Summoner. I’ve always wanted to teach one directly.”

Teacher Gray cleared his throat with a cough and looked at Albero and the others.

With a friendly smile, he introduced himself.

“I am Gray. Here, you shall address me as Teacher . I’m here to impart knowledge to you all in place of Garnet.”

“Tsk. . . . . .Such an arrogant old man.”

“Ho ho ho. Not arrogant. I’m truly distinguished.”

In response to Kid’s sarcastic comment, he smiled.

Kid clicked his tongue but was nudged by Ridelle.

Albero felt relieved that the usual routine was returning. He never liked studying, but it felt good.

Gray cleared his throat with a cough, which seemed to be a habit of his.

“Now, let’s begin immediately. Open your textbooks to page 98. . . . . .”

Just like that, the class began.

Whether the syllabus had been handed down from Garnet or not, the lesson was clear and easily understood. Taking notes and answering questions, the fifty-minute class soon ended with a bell.

Gray closed his textbook.

“Let’s take a ten-minute break. Afterward, we’ll start from page 115. . . . . .Oh, getting old means frequent trips to the restroom.”

Gray hurriedly left the room.

The atmosphere in the classroom relaxed instantly.

Albero spoke to Ashe and Lapis, who sat behind him.

“That was. . . . . .quite understandable.”

“Yes, yes! Teacher Garnet’s lessons were clear too, but teacher Gray might be even clearer.”

“As expected of a teacher. Impressive!”

Ridelle spoke to Kid.

“Kid, you shouldn’t mock the teacher too much.”

“Who’s mocking?”

“I know! You’re missing Garnet, aren’t you?”

“I’ll kill you, you little brat.”

“J, Just joking! D, Don’t give me that scary look!”

“Sigh. . . . . .Ridelle, you’re so annoying.”

Kid glared at Leivinia with murderous intent, and Ridelle was chiding him.

Then, Yorha yawned loudly.

“But, it feels like we’re finally back to our normal routine. . . . . .yawn.”

Yorha gazed at the scenery outside with a relaxed tone.

And just like that, the morning classes flew by.


The afternoon was for combat training.

No matter how many demons you defeat or achievements you have, without training, skills deteriorate.

The instructors for practical skills were Damocles, along with Venus and Arjan.

Damocles and Venus were in charge of three of the parasitic type students, while Arjan was paired with Ashe, Lapis, and Yorha. Leivinia and Nisrok were just observing.

Albero had a mock battle with Damocles, ending after they both landed a hit on each other.

“You’ve truly become strong. It’s astonishing.”

“Huff, puff. . . . . .T, Thank you. . . . . .”

“Without using 『Total Assimilation』, one cannot defeat Damocles.”

“It’s the same for both Ridelle and Kid. Even if the opponent is Venus, you can’t win without using 『Total Assimilation』.”

“However, both Damocles and Venus seem satisfied.”

“S-Class Summoner. Honestly, I didn’t expect much at first. . . . . .But seeing such strength, I have to admit. Truly Garnet’s pupil.”

“Hmm! Ah, it’s been a while since the last mock battle, and it was truly enjoyable!”

“That’s true. Hmm. . . . . .it looks like they’re done over there as well.”

Looking towards Arjan, you could see Ashe and the others crouching in exhaustion.

Arjan, on the other hand, didn’t have a drop of sweat and was smiling brightly.

He slowly approached Damocles and the others, speaking with a laugh.

“Ho ho ho. The next generation is shaping up well.”

“Oh, do you think so too?”

“Hmm. Quite good. . . . . .What do you say, Damocles? Let’s enjoy the night.”

“Sounds good! Venus, you should come too!”

“Sure thing. Let’s drink just like the old times. Well. . . . . .that’s enough for today, everyone. Have a good rest.”

With that said, the three teachers left, laughing.

They praised them a lot, but Albero and the others were too exhausted to move.

“Phew, I’m tired. . . . . .I mean, it’s been a while since the last mock battle, but we might have been a bit too enthusiastic, right Kid?”

“I agree. . . . . .Those monsters.”

“Ah, I’m. . . . . .hungry. . . . . .”

“Lapis, are you okay. . . . . .?”

“S, Somewhat…”

“Phew. . . . . .we’re really out of shape, huh. But it feels good to be this tired.”

Yorha stands up and speaks to everyone.

“Alright! Everyone, we’re going to the public bathhouse today. After that, we’ll dine at a restaurant I recommend!”

No one objected to Yorha’s suggestion.


Albero and the others changed into casual clothes and, using Yorha’s authority, headed to the town below the castle.

They rented the public bathhouse run by Yorha’s private soldiers. After warming up, they headed to Yorha’s recommended restaurant.

They proceeded through the back alleys of the town and entered a brick building.

Inside the building, it looked like a spacious bar. It seemed there were private rooms on the second floor.

Yorha spoke to Albero.

“This is one of the places that funds me. Although it’s located in a back alley, it’s quite popular.”

“A restaurant? More like a diner. . . . . .No, it’s a bar.”

“Doesn’t matter. Wait here for a moment.”

Yorha spoke to a man who seemed to be the owner, and they were then guided upstairs.

They were taken to a private room, spacious enough for a banquet of more than ten people.

Albero, Kid, Ashe, Lapis, Yorha, Ridelle, Leivinia, and Nisrok. The room was just right for the eight of them.

Chairs and tables were arranged, and everyone took their seats.

“Today, everything is on me. Please eat as much as you like.”

A delightful dinner began.

Dish after dish was brought in, filling the hungry stomachs of Albero and the others.

Albero and Ashe ate meat, Lapis had salad, Leivinia and Nisrok munched on cake, while Ridelle and Kid enjoyed fish.

Yorha sipped wine while eating cheese.

“Ah, this is so good. . . . . .Yorha, are you really treating us?”

“Yes. Don’t underestimate a princess’s wallet.”

Albero took another bite of the meat.

It seems Kid was satisfied, as he ordered whiskey and took out a pipe from his pocket.

He then lit it up and savored the tobacco.

“Phew. . . . . .It’s been a while since I’ve felt this kind of atmosphere.”

“Indeed. . . . . .munch.”

Ridelle was eating smoked fish.

Leivinia and Nisrok had finished their cake and were gulping down juice.

“Delicious! Man, humans are amazing to make something this tasty!”

“So good. . . . . .dozing off.”

“Idiot Nisrok! Don’t fall asleep!”

Everyone was laughing.

Fun everyday life, school life. Time like this was passing.

Albero and the others were having a good time.

This was the last fun time Albero and the others spent together.

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