The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 159

𝐅𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐡 𝐏𝐢𝐞𝐜𝐞 𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐁𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐭

S-Class Summoner vs Demons of 『Lust』 and 『Gluttony』.

Florentia leaped on the spot, jumping to a tree near the mansion.

“Phew. . . . . .If I make too much noise, troublesome folks might show up. . . . . .I’ll just watch for a while and then escape~♪ Typhon, come back once you’ve had your fill~.”

“Alright. I got it.”

Typhon produced tentacles from her entire body, the tips of which transformed into large 『mouths』. She then snapped them menacingly towards Albero and the others.

Then, with a slight tilt of the head. . . . . .she grinned as if she had an idea.

“Ah, I’ve got a great idea!. . . . . .Wait a sec.”

Suddenly, Typhon’s back bulged explosively.

It looked like a massive 『tumor』, pulsating and swelling.

And then━━to the astonishment of Albero and the others, the massive tumor burst open.

“To eat a lot, I need a big mouth! I want my mouth to be full!”

“Wha. . . . . .”

Albero saw the scattered flesh transform into giant demon beasts.

Ashe and Lapis said, looking frightened.

“N, No… Gryphon?”

“Wait, Marcosias. . . . . .”

Looking over, the flesh had taken on the forms of Marcosias and Gryphon. However, they were hairless, resembling lumps of meat molded into shape, their grotesque appearance making Ashe and Lapis almost turn away.

Before they knew it, they were surrounded by the Flesh Piece Demon Beasts.

“Come on!”

At Typhon’s command, the Flesh Piece Demon Beasts broke through the walls of the Rushout mansion and charged out. Those that could fly flapped their wings and took to the sky.

The remaining demon beasts. . . . . .stared at Albero and the others, panting heavily.

Typhon also aimed her tentacles and the mouths on her hands at Albero and the others.

“Dinner, dinner.”

Seeing this situation, Yorha took a moment to think━━and then shouted.

“By the princess’s order! Ashe and Lapis, chase the demon beasts that fled outside. Albero, Kid, Ridelle, deal with the demon in front of you! Ashe, Lapis, move as I instruct!”

Yorha mounted Marcosias.

She shouted to Albero and the others.

“Got it? Reinforcements will come. Make sure you hold them off without overdoing it!”


“. . . . . .”

“Kid, respond!”

“Yeah. . . . . .I got it.”

What Kid was looking at was Florentia, who seemed to be enjoying the situation.

He took a deep breath and transformed his left arm into a 『pistol』, pointing it at Typhon.

Albero and Ridelle looked at Kid.

“Don’t worry. I won’t go berserk. . . . . .probably.”

“. . . . . .Kid, cover us.”

“It’s tough without you.”

“Hmph. . . . . .”

Albero and Ridelle got ready and charged at Typhon, who was aiming her tentacles at them.


Marcosias was chasing after the Flesh Piece Demon Beasts that were flying across the rooftops of the mansions in the noble district.

On the ground and in the sky. The numbers were considerable. . . . . .honestly, it was a bit too much for just Marcosias and Gryphon.

Moreover, the noble district was in a panic due to the sudden appearance of the demon beast.

“Marcosias, 『Ice Needle』!”

Numerous ice pillars formed around Marcosias.

He jumped off the mansion’s rooftop and aimed at the worm-like Flesh Piece Demon Beast crawling on the ground.

『Gyupiiii. . . . . .』

The worm melted away with a sizzling sound.

However, there was no time to rest.

“What is this thing?! What are the escorts doing?!”

“A demon beast?! Get it, get it!! Kill it quickly!!”

A Flesh Piece Demon Beast shaped like lizard and frog attacked a noble’s horse carriage.

Escort soldiers were battling them using summoned beasts. But, they were outnumbered and struggling.

“Marcosias, 『Crystal Spear』!”

Lapis shouted. Then, thirteen magnificent ice-sculpture-like spears formed around Marcosias. Lapis grabbed one of them and twirled it around while still mounted on Marcosias.

Yorha couldn’t help but mutter, “Amazing. . . . . .”

“It’s a new technique! Let’s go!”

Marcosias began to run.

Instead of throwing the ice spear, he controlled it.

The ice spear controlled by Marcosias’s will started to scatter the demon beasts.

“Yah! Dah! Sei!”

Lapis wasn’t to be outdone.

She swung the ice spear, mowing down the approaching Flesh Piece Demon Beasts.

Yorha commented.

“Lapis, you’ve become stronger! Truly an S-Class Summoner!”

“I’ve been working hard every day!”

Then, a voice came from the sky.

“I’m also an S-Class Summoner! Gryphon, 『Cyclone Nova』!”

Thirteen small tornadoes were formed, dancing around Gryphon.

Following Ashe’s hand movements, the tornadoes moved freely. They would defend against the Flesh Piece Demon Beasts approaching the nobles and residents by trapping them inside and tearing them to shreds.

“Ashe is also doing great!”

“Of course! After all, I’m an S-Class Summoner!”

Ashe and Lapis both possess combat abilities on par with A-Class Summoners.

Yorha accompanied them out of concern but felt that there was no need for her to give instructions or fight. The Flesh Piece Demon Beasts in the noble district wouldn’t be a problem with these two around.

Besides. . . . . .it wasn’t just S-Class Summoners who were fighting.


A shout echoed from somewhere.

Looking in that direction, Damocles was seen punching a Flesh Piece Demon Beast with his bare hands, turning it into mere flesh in an instant.

“”Teacher Damocles!””

“I was a bit late. Now, let’s clean them all up!”

Just one sentence. But, it was a very powerful statement.

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