The Villainess Who Died with a Grudge Against Everything Seems to Have Regressed, and Now She Will Live to Make the Butler Who Saved Her Happy – Chapter 7

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Following that, we continued to browse the stores.

When I suggested going into a men’s clothing store and a general store, Sylas entered but left after a short time without saying what he wanted.

As a result, he only took me to stores that I liked.

“I told you, I’m not here to shop on my own.”

“I’m sorry.”

Sylas apologized but refused to look at the stores that were more appropriate for him.

On top of that, Sylas was carrying a lot of weight in his arms. They were all things he had purchased for me.

I told him I could at least carry my own luggage, but he refused, so I was disappointed that I couldn’t return the favor in any way.

Despite the fact that Sylas is not accompanying me as a butler today .

“Thank you very much, Ojo-sama. Today is the most wonderful day of my life.”

Despite this, Sylas is cheerfully carrying an armful of luggage.

“Are you having fun?”

“Yes, I’ve always envied Ojo-sama and Prince Jared’s outings together. My wish was granted thanks to Ojo-sama.”

He sounded so happy, I’m not sure if that’s okay.

I still can’t believe Sylas wanted to go out with me. It’s kind of endearing. In my previous life, I should have taken him for a walk around town.

“I’m available to go out with you at any time.”

“Is…Is that all right? No, I can’t have Ojo-sama spending so much time with me!”

Sylas looked at me with wide eyes and a happy voice, then shook his head sideways as if in panic. You don’t have to be so reserved.

“Hey, by any chance…”

“Is that not Duchess Evelina-sama? Why is she dressed in the garb of a commoner on the street?”

“Who’s the man she’s with? He doesn’t appear to be a nobleman.”

I was surprised to hear voices behind me.

When I turned around, a group of ladies in dresses and parasols were staring at me and whispering. A carriage was parked nearby.

They must be the daughters of a noble family who have arrived in the town. When I looked at them, they immediately looked away.

“Is something wrong, Ojo-sama?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

With a smile, I say. It doesn’t seem to reach Silas’ ears, and I’m not about to expose him to anything boring. At his urging, I walked through the store door.

“I think Evelina-sama has gone insane since Prince Jared called off their engagement.”

Such words came from behind me. I entered the store without looking back.


“Thank you so much for today, Ojo-sama. It’s something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

Silas said with a big smile as the sun began to set. I’m glad he enjoyed it, but I wasn’t convinced.

“Wait a second. I was supposed to buy you presents today, but all you did was go shopping for me.”

“I didn’t have anything specific in mind, so I was content to shop with Ojo-sama.”

“I’m dissatisfied! Wait a second. I’ll summon a carriage right now.”

With that, I activated the pendant’s communications machine and summoned the duke’s carriage.

“Where are we going, Ojo-sama?”

“I can’t finish it this way. I’ll still take you out on a date.”

Sylas was perplexed, but I didn’t explain and pushed him into the carriage when it arrived.

We arrived at a clothing store that catered to nobility. I push Sylas, who is still standing at the door, his face perplexed by the situation.

“Let’s go inside and get some clothes for Sylas. I’ll assist you in selecting something that is appropriate for you.”

“…Ojo-sama, I’m afraid shopping in such an upscale store is a little too expensive for me…”

“Of course I’m going to pay for it! Come on, let’s go!”

I drag a perplexed Sylas into the store. I select a few outfits that look good on him and hand them to the salesperson.

I ask the salesperson to assist Sylas in getting dressed, and she readily agrees.

“Well, Sylas! It looks great on you!”

When I saw Sylas return from the fitting room, I exclaimed cheerfully.

To match Sylas’ red eyes, I chose a burgundy vest, a long black coat with red embroidery, and black pants, and it looks better on him than I expected.

Sylas has a handsome face and is tall, so even in a slightly more ornate outfit, he didn’t look out of place.

“…Ojo-sama—these clothes are a little too good for me.”

Sylas appears uneasy, despite the fact that he looks good in it.

“No it’s not. Let’s buy you these clothes.”

“I can’t accept something like this…”

“No, because you can’t go to the place we’re going to next in your former clothes.”

“Which store are we going to?”

Sylas is perplexed, but I’m not going to explain it to him. I don’t want him to hesitate when he realizes where we are going.

“I’m also going to change my clothes as well, so please be patient for a moment.”


Silas held me back from behind, but I began running anyway.

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