The Villainess Who Died with a Grudge Against Everything Seems to Have Regressed, and Now She Will Live to Make the Butler Who Saved Her Happy – Chapter 6

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The next day, Sylas and I arrived in town.

Instead of his usual butler’s uniform, Sylas was dressed simply in a shirt and vest.

I, for one, had decided to wear a one-piece dress with a shawl over it instead of my usual sparkling gown, believing that it would look out of place in the town.

“Thank you, Ojo-sama, for putting up with my selfishness.”

“No, this isn’t at all selfish. Is there anywhere you’d like to go?”

“I don’t have a specific location in mind, but I’d like to browse the stores.”

“Okay, so Then let me know if there’s any particular store you’d like to visit. I’ll buy you whatever you want.”

“I appreciate it very much.”

I was a little disappointed by how simple the request was, but after giving it some thought, I think a walk around the town might be a good idea.

This allowed me to visit Sylas’ favorite stores and buy him numerous souvenirs. It would be much better than forcing him to take what I want to give him.

“Ojo-sama! Let’s get in here!”

Sylas yelled in front of one of the stores.

“Okay, fine. Shall we come in?”

“Yes! Let’s get going, Ojo-sama.”

Silas smiles and waves. The store in question was clearly a women’s accessories store.

Perhaps he has something he’d like to give to someone. A sister, or perhaps a lover? I wanted to give Sylas something useful, but I persuaded myself that it was fine.

“What do you think of this hair ornament? Ojo-sama looks good in it.”

“Well, it’s lovely, but it’s not for me! Why don’t you look for what you’re looking for?”

“Hahaha, they don’t sell anything I’d need.”

“Eh? Then why did we come here?”

Sylas only laughed and didn’t respond to my question.

He forced me to try them all one after the other, saying, “How about this one?” “This one also looks good on you…”

The accessories in the store were all reasonably priced and of a different quality than what I normally wear, but that’s what drew me in.

They were bright and colorful, a little cheap, and extremely adorable.

To be honest, I had always admired ordinary girls who wore such hair ornaments and bracelets. I couldn’t say anything because my father would scold me.

I was completely absorbed in looking at the accessories by the time I entered the store.

“Oh, that was a lot of fun!”

After seeing so many adorable accessories, I leave the store completely satisfied. Sylas was happily smiling next to me, mumbling something excitedly.

“Ojo-sama always wanted to go into a store like this.”

“Eh? Have you noticed?”

“Ojo-sama is simple to grasp.”

Sylas burst out laughing. I was a little embarrassed that he knew I was interested in them, despite my best efforts to keep it hidden from him.

I’ll have to be more cautious not to show it. No, but since I’m no longer the prince’s fiancée, perhaps I don’t need to hide my feelings? Sylas approached me with a small paper bag as I was contemplating this.

“Please excuse me, Ojo-sama. Please accept this—if you don’t mind.”

“Eh? What exactly is this?”

When I took it and opened it, I discovered a hair ornament with a red rose and a purple ribbon inside. It was the one that piqued my interest the most when I saw it at the store earlier. I’m curious when he bought it.

“It is…”

“It’s not something Ojo-sama would wear, but since you were staring at it so intently—well, you don’t have to wear it.”

Sylas appears flustered.

I’m also getting a little flustered.

“No, I’m very happy. Thank you very much.”

In a good mood, I took out my hair ornament and put it on my hair right away.

“Do you think it looks good on me?”

I inquired. Syla’s eyes widen in surprise, and he appears to be about to cry.

Then, in a calm voice, he says,

“Yes, it suits you very well.”

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