The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 53

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 53

Chapter 53: The villainess princess takes the reins

“I have taken the place of the horse!”



Maximilian, who had momentarily lost consciousness and was breathing bubbles, finally came to.

When Miliaria looked at the Golden Lion carriage, or rather, her private carriage, she was impressed by its sturdy design and gorgeous appearance.

“This is a treat… rewarding oneself is a must.”

However, when faced with the real thing, Miliaria couldn’t resist the urge to try it out.

“Mary… let’s go for a ride.”


“I made it…”

“Absolutely not.”

It was a total failure when even begging didn’t work.

But Miliaria was determined to plan her outing and execute it secretly.

While Miliaria was secretly scheming, Mary looked at her with suspicion.

“Are you thinking of something strange?… you have a guest today, so don’t forget.”

“What? I didn’t hear about it?”

When Mary made a face as if to say “a guest coming out of nowhere,” she was shrugged off by Miliaria.

“Maybe because were you looking for this lion somewhere? Ojo-sama has been using teleport too much lately.”

“It’s a wasteful spell to let it go to waste. Of course, I’ll use it to the fullest!”

Miliaria declared confidently, but her statement was met with a rolled eye.

Still, who could be visiting me?

Miliaria, who had no idea, shrugged her head, but when she met the visitor, she was taken aback because she didn’t recognize him.

With fluffy golden hair and blue eyes, the visitor was cute, like an angel, and appeared to be a boy.

“This is a pretty strong cute aura… who could it be?”

Miliaria was seriously wondering when Mary, flustered, whispered in her ear, “It’s Edward-sama! The heir of the duke’s family!”


That’s right, she remembered.

In an instant, Miliaria felt like all the blood had drained from her face.

Ah, isn’t that the Chick-kun from the grilled chicken incident!

Oh… why is the target of the main route’s conquest here?

In Miliaria’s life, the second deadliest flag after the heroine was disgustingly cute.

Miliaria was entranced by the boy’s happy, smiling face and was in danger of ruining herself.

It was a devilish smile that would lure you in if you let your guard down.

“…This is Edward-sama. You seem to be in a good mood. How was your day today?”

But Miliaria also greeted him with a perfect smile, like a final boss.

As Miliaria prepared herself for what was to come, Chick-kun shyly turned his body and asked modestly,

“Uh… Miliaria-sama, can you not make “that” anymore?”

“That? What is that?”

“Yes… that is, yakitori.”

“Ah! Grilled chicken!”

That was certainly delicious.

And Chick-kun seemed filled with expectation.

“…Did you like it?”


When Miliaria asked, Chick-kun nodded sincerely.

Ugh! He’s so honest! My dirty heart is being washed away!

However, Miliaria had a secret plan in preparation for the arrival of the characters.

As she was about to be defeated by his dignified aura, she activated a new trump card.

In an instant, Miliaria was 600,000 meters above the sky.

“…Dignified! Damn you!”

She used the secret ritual, launch-style emergency evasion! It was so cold!

This technique involved rapidly freezing her raised head, then releasing a roar to vent.

Screaming in a place where no one could hear her.

And when the extremely cold wind of high altitude had completely cooled her frostbitten head, the two-stage approach that made her back cold as she descended was the selling point.

By the way, it was not a romantic feeling, just a deep taste.

She repeated short teleports, slowed down, and finally killed her momentum by changing her vector sideways.

Everyone’s eyes were dots as they watched Miliaria land while sliding sideways. Unfortunately.


If she said it playfully, would the dots turn back to normal?

Miliaria had expected a big boil, but it seems that’s not going to happen.

Hiding her face behind her fan and coughing in the still cold air, Miliaria cleared her throat.

“Oh, excuse me. It’s just a light warm-up! … Speaking of getting my head cool, was it grilled chicken? I’m sorry, but we don’t have fresh ingredients today.”

But upon hearing that there was no grilled chicken, Chick-kun’s shoulders drooped in disappointment.

“Is that so…”

“So I’ll catch it now!”

Miliaria quickly added.

No matter how much she vented, her basic impression was always high.

When she saw such a sad face, she felt like an older sister who wanted to do her best.

“What? Is that okay?”


“Don’t stop Mary! It’s a customer’s request! That’s right! There’s no choice!”

“You’re using customers as decoys too often lately! It only causes trouble in many ways, so please stop!”

“That’s not what I mean!”

Oops, she was caught. Mary was sharp despite her habits.

But Miliaria wasn’t going to stop because of that.

The taste of the other world standard was said to captivate the little duke’s heart and was greatly appreciated.

If a cute boy was moved by her cooking with sparkling eyes, there was no reason to hesitate to show off her skills.

And it was also very convenient for a bit of a forceful outing.

Miliaria grabbed Chick-kun’s hand and teleported him to the new carriage.


Mary’s voice could be heard mixed with a scream.

“Eh? Where are we?!”

Chick-kun, who was surprised beside her, was pushed into the carriage and made to be quiet.

“I said the warm-up is over! Next is the real performance in practice! I’m going out for a bit! I’ll be back soon!”

She deliberately got on the golden lion carriage and held the reins.

The destination was the monster’s spawn point that she had found through the adventurer’s announcement.

“Let’s go!”


The speed was so powerful that even the horses in the area gave way in fear.

The people in the capital cleared the way from a distance and looked at it, wondering what was going on, even from afar.

The Golden Lion Rampage incident.

People who watched tried to explain it somehow, but no one could give a realistic explanation, and it became a legend.

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