The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 54

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 54

Chapter 54: The villainess princess gets excited


The rush of wielding power that exceeded expectations opened Miliaria’s eyes to a new world.

Even in the carriage, with its reduced vibrations due to advanced countermeasures, the sensation of speed was enough to stir her soul.

As she pulled up at her destination, Miliaria felt invigorated, wiping the sweat from her brow after executing a stylish jump.

“Phew… I feel like I’ve shrunk the world… this might become a new addiction.”

Edward, or Chick-kun, was also thrilled, revealing a hidden potential.

“Awesome! Miliaria-sama!”

“Yes, I’m glad that Edward-sama enjoyed it too!”

Although she might face some reprimands later, there was no point in worrying about future troubles when something so enjoyable was happening.

“Miliaria-sama, where are we?”

Miliaria proudly shared her limited knowledge with the timid Edward.

“This is the Nantoka Plains outside the capital! I can’t recall the official name right now.”

“I see!”

Edward had a wide grin on his face, unaffected by the small details.

As Edward grew more excited, Miliaria suddenly became aware of the presence of numerous monsters gathering in the plain. She braced herself.

“Did you sense this too… It seems that reports of a massive outbreak were accurate.”


“Yes, there are some with delicious meat. But there don’t seem to be any birds.”

“No birds?”

As Miliaria scanned the monsters that had converged, she saw pink, pig-like creatures known as “piggies” and cow-like creatures referred to as “beefies”.

In the game, they were depicted as plump, glossy mascots, but the plump bodies of the two-legged pigs and cows in front of her were vastly different from their virtual counterparts.

“…Why are they so plump?”

She shouldn’t say it, but the reality was somewhat unsettling.

The plumpness was still cute, but the sleek plumpness of the two-legged pigs and cows felt… excessive to Miliaria.

But Miliaria remembered what the monsters dropped in the game.

“Delicious meat pork. Delicious meat beef…. I wonder how delicious they’ll taste.”

“Uh, the monsters are getting closer…”

Edward was clearly frightened as the creatures closed in on the carriage, tightening their encirclement.

Miliaria couldn’t help but feel irked.

“Yes… It seems so…”

These monsters were openly licking their chops, taunting them.

Miliaria wondered what made these creatures think they could win, sticking out their tongues and brazenly challenging her.

The cute gaze of these mascots was no different from the look of a thug eyeing weak prey.

Did they think they could win with sheer numbers? Miliaria worried that even the powerful Gold Leo pulling the carriage could be quickly defeated.

It was incredibly annoying that every time they lifted their weapons and moved forward, their large buttocks jiggled loudly.

A breath escaped their noses with a hum, carrying a slightly herbal scent that made Miliaria feel both annoyed and hungry.

Gently stroking Edward’s head, Miliaria whispered, “Is that okay? Can you hide in the carriage until I say it’s safe?”

“Huh? Uh, yes!”

“You’re a good boy. In return, you’ll get lunch, okay?”

“Really? But you said you can’t make grilled chicken, Miliaria-sama.”

Even at this moment, Edward couldn’t resist the temptation of grilled chicken. He truly was a top conquest character.

Miliaria, realizing this strange fact, aimed the iron balls she always kept in her mind at the monsters.

With preparations complete, Miliaria licked her lips lightly.

“You can relax… tonight’s side dish is hamburgers!”

Edward retreated into the carriage.

It was time to K.I.L.L.

The barrage of gunfire became a tempest, chasing away the taunting monsters.

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