The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 50

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 50

Chapter 50: The villainess princess fulfills one of her dreams

Despite the belief that spirits are the source of all things, Miliaria couldn’t help but feel that it was disrespectful to use them solely for attacking purposes. Driven by her curiosity, she began experimenting with unconventional uses of spirits.

She found that the dark attribute, in particular, had a wide range of applications. It was so versatile that it could be used for almost anything if one put their mind to it.

Today, she had created another wonderful technique and was eager to show it off.

In front of her stood five round tanks with faucets, which looked like water dispensers. Mary was looking at them with interest.

“Miliaria-sama? What is this?” she asked.

“Hmph. This was created by a craftsman. It’s a combination of the design of the faucet and the charm of a beautiful girl!”

Miliaria explained with pride.

She believed that the creation of this unknown technology was only possible because the craftsman was a beautiful girl like herself.

“So, that’s what I wanted to show you today. Mary, I’ve created a powerful spirit art. Do you want to see it?”

“Congratulations. So, what is it?”

“Just watch.”

Miliaria had a mischievous expression on her face as she recited, “Dark liquid.”

She placed her hand on the water dispenser and recited a new spell, and the five dispensers were filled with pure black liquid.

When she placed a cup under one of them and turned the tap, a fragrant aroma filled the room.

“What do you think?”

“…It’s annoying that it has a good smell despite its terrible appearance.”

Mary responded.


Miliaria was taken aback by her unexpected evaluation. Despite her pride in her creation, which had been supporting her recent nighttime adventures, Mary’s words were a blow to her confidence.

She took a sip of the black liquid, which was actually a well-made cup of black coffee.

“Yeah. It’s well done! How about you, Mary, would you like some… what’s wrong?”

“Well, that… is that liquid safe to drink?”

Mary asked hesitantly.

But Miliaria was confident in her creation and assured her, “It’s fine! It’s a great thing that not only won’t harm your body, but it will also help you in various ways! The water made with the spell is drinkable. It’s safe even for those with dark attributes.”

“Well… doesn’t that reasoning seem a bit flawed? What if magma were to come out with a fire attribute?” Mary asked, concerned.

“You worry too much, Mary. I even tested it with a suitable monster. I drank it myself and it was the go-ahead, wasn’t it?”

“Does that prove anything?”

“Don’t I tell you I’ve tried it too? If you drink it, you’ll shake off your drowsiness and get an energy boost! And a mild stimulant effect? The downside is that you have to go to the toilet a lot.”

“Uh… that explanation sounds dangerous, doesn’t it?”

“Does it? If you’re worried, come over here.”

Miliaria took a sip of her dark coffee and urged Mary to drink the other black liquid.

This other black liquid was filled with bubbles that rose from the bottom to the top.

“…Is it safe?”

“It’s sweet and delicious. Drink it.”

“Miliaria-sama… okay.”

Mary reluctantly picked up the cup and drank the bubbly liquid in one gulp.

Of course, it was replicated cola. Miliaria had prepared three or so different types to cater to personal preferences.

The last one was oolong tea, which Mary could use as a palate cleanser.

Miliaria watched with a sly smile as Mary stared fearfully at the bubbly liquid.

She was eager to see Mary’s reaction.

Mary drank the liquid, but it exploded in her mouth.

“Ngghhh… gobble, cough!”

“What happened, Mary!”

As Mary rolled around, spilling black liquid from her mouth and nose, she finally managed to speak.

“It exploded in my mouth! Is it poison?! My nose hurts so much… Ah, but it’s sweet.”

“Fufufu… it’s carbonated, so it’s obvious. There’s no harm. Because it’s sweet and delicious, try drinking it slowly this time.”


When Mary drank it more slowly, taking into account the carbonation stimulation, she was able to enjoy it even though she made a strange face.

Carbonation needs to be taken into account, but it seems that other than Miliaria anyone can also drink it safely.

“Well, the taste test was a success. They’re all excellent. Should we install a tap in the castle so we can drink it anytime?”

“That’s… No, please, not with the fountain going up all over the castle.

“Oh really? It’s a dream for some children in certain places. Well, I’ll keep it in front of my room for a while. Try recommending it to your friends. It’s a Miliaria-exclusive drink.”

“…Miliaria juice. No, never mind. By the way, I have one question for you.”

“What is it?”

“Why is everything black?”

“Well… because it’s of the dark attribute, of course.”

If the aura is black, the resulting substance will also be black.

Miliaria didn’t understand why this was the case, but that was just how it was.

“But isn’t that strange? The dark attribute. Of course, liquids, solids, and even gaseous substances like mist can also become like unknown energies. According to my research, it seems that it can even brainwash people.”

“Brainwash?! Is this liquid capable of that too?”

“Oh, come on. I’m not doing that. Just enjoy its fatigue-relieving effects. Constantly complaining that the dark attribute is ominous and sulking won’t get you anywhere, right? If you can’t change it, use it to your advantage.”

“…Miliaria-sama, you’ve become so impressive.”

Miliaria nodded confidently at Mary, who was overcome with emotion.

“Of course. And I found that it’s incredibly useful and convenient when I use it. I’m still looking for more interesting applications.”

Even with drinks, the taste wasn’t great at first, but now it’s fragrant, and if desired, you can even add the flavor of milk.

Later, Miliaria decided to put it in a barrel and give it to Mary as a gift.

The dark attribute has a wide range of applications, but there are few people who possess it, so most of the discovery process is through trial and error.

And because of the deeply ingrained belief that the dark attribute is taboo, there are very few books on the subject, which is frustrating for Miliaria.

“…It would be nice if there were a role model. It’s hard to find someone who is honest… no, there’s no one.”


Miliaria suddenly had a thought.

It was something that should have been obvious, but perhaps she had been avoiding it deliberately.

Miliaria remembered the person who was most skilled in dark spiritual arts in the Concerto of the Light Princess.

However, the memory was not a positive one.

Miliaria, who had been feeling good just moments before, reconsidered and shifted her thoughts, realizing that verifying the memory might be her best bet as she had few leads to go off of.

With a renewed energy after drinking dark coffee, she decided to take action.

She gestured with her fan towards Mary, who was looking confused.

“Mary! Call the merchant right away! I want something!”

“Yes, I’ll get in touch with them immediately.”

“Oh, you’re not objecting this time, Mary?”

Miliaria asked, surprised by the quick response.

Mary simply nodded, saying it was natural.

“Because of the white powder incident. The carry bag that Ojo-sama proposed last time is selling well, so Her Majesty has ordered us to let you do as you please to some extent.”

“What? They’re selling it? I haven’t heard about this before?”

“Is that so?”

“That Maximilian… He’s taking advantage of me. I haven’t complained about the defective product yet! …Shall I be more selfish this time?”

Miliaria, feeling both relieved and unsatisfied, tapped her palm with her fan in frustration.

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