The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 49

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 49

Chapter 49: The villainess princess grinds down

“It’s time… for Revenge.”

Miliaria adorned herself with her optimal gems and donned a dress that complemented her dark spirit magic.

Her appearance was flawless and her makeup was impeccable.

Her skills were sharper than ever, and she quickly arrived at her destination.

In other words, she was at her peak.

The massive Golem that stood in her way was both an obstacle and a master, becoming stronger the more she strikes.

“… Then I’ll let you teach me. I think I can finally grasp it today.”

As she stepped into the Golem’s territory, it marked the beginning of a life-or-death lesson.

Miliaria opened her fan and regulated her breathing.

She set out to grind down the Golem’s hard exterior and turn her breakthrough into a certainty.

Miliaria dodged as the Golem swung its palm down and ran up its arm, aiming for its face.

“By wrapping the spirit art around my fan…”

She spoke, consciously using an unfamiliar technique.

The spirit steel fan absorbed and amplified Miliaria’s power, creating a black flash.

“!Here it comes! Now! It’s time for revenge!”

Miliaria swung the fan, imagining the motion.

The black blade that emerged flowed around the Golem with fluid movements.

The sharp, dark-attribute blade carved deep wounds into the Golem’s body.

“The fan technique, Shadow Bird (Kagedori)… it’s amazing! It’s fast and has low energy consumption!”

In the game, techniques were limited by the number of uses.

Now that the number of effective attacks has increased, the task remains the same.

“Let’s go! Utsubeshi ! Utsubeshi ! Utsubeshi ! Utsubeshi !”

The storm of shadow birds was unleashed mercilessly.

The Titan Golem’s armor was shredded and scattered all around.

Miliaria saw the Golem staggering, unable to keep up with the wave attack that exceeded its recovery speed.

But she couldn’t let her guard down.

She had learned from her past defeat that the real challenge came after removing the armor, when the backbone was exposed.

“Go… gogogo.”

Armor and rocks were nothing more than a patchwork of dirt.

It’s the skeleton and core inside that are the hardest and the last to recover.

“I already know that!”

Miliaria burned with determination.

She poured all her remaining energy into completely shattering the Golem’s core.

“Take this— Ankh Barrage!”

She threw the fan into the sky and focused the darkness through all ten of her fingers.

The dark attribute bullets that were released from each finger crushed the Titan Golem, preventing any recovery.

It wasn’t as fast as the Shadow Bird, but the Ankh barrage dealt significant damage.

If she reached the core before it recovered, she would have succeeded.


Miliaria thought only of performing the spirit art quickly and accurately.

Fall, fall, fall, ooooh!

She didn’t actually scream, but the spirit art she concentrated on with blood-filled eyes definitely broke the speed record.

Finally, the Golem crumbled to its knees.

As she watched it turn to sand and fall to the ground, Miliaria sweated profusely and her knees nearly gave out, but she held on with her willpower.

The moment of victory was a testament to her willpower as a beautiful maiden!

She grabbed the fallen fan, spun it, and snapped it shut.

“Yes! Victory! Seriously.”

Half crying, she was so overjoyed by her narrow victory. Miliaria elegantly hid her mouth behind the fan, then opened it wide and laughed heartily.


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