The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 45

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 45

Chapter 45: The villainess princess enjoys herself


Miliaria chuckles heartily, determined to remain true to herself, even if a monstrous foe attacks.

She expertly sickle on her neck, avoiding the enemy’s strikes and counterattacking with powerful shots.

She takes a step back, twirling her weapon gracefully, keeping her distance.

After repeating this pattern several times, Miliaria has a sudden realization.

She has mastered the technique of using her fan simply by repeatedly battling her opponent.

The “Flower Snowstorm” is a technique that confuses the enemy with a barrage of mid-damage attacks, like scattered petals.

“The secret technique of the fan… just kidding… huh.”

She doesn’t want anyone to hear her thoughts, but she makes a mental note to show off her skills later.

And now, she has already learned a new technique.

Miliaria tightly grips her fist, feeling her newfound strength.

“This is… delicious!”

The giant centipede is a boss-level enemy in the Concerto of the Light Princess, renowned for its efficiency in earning skill points.

It has many hit points and a simple attack pattern, and its high defense power and life force, along with automatic recovery, make it an ideal target for training.

Its status as a boss monster only makes it more delicious, allowing for even faster skill acquisition.

It’s often referred to as “Centipede-sensei’s Skill School on the site”.

Miliaria was aware of its reputation, but she had her doubts about its effectiveness.

However, after trying it out, she was pleasantly surprised by how much she was able to learn and how enjoyable the experience was.

Centipede-sensei truly is the best.

Excited by the prospect of how many skills she could learn by the end of the day, Miliaria made a slight adjustment to her strategy, for the better.

“Hmm? What happened?”

Upon closer inspection, smoke was rising from Centipede-sensei’s body, the result of being hit by a fire spirit technique.

And then, a voice echoed in Miliaria’s memory, a child’s voice.

“Hey! Over here!”

It was the red-haired boy, shouting while brandishing his sword.

Miliaria suddenly remembered, this was a game (battle)!

The red-haired boy had taken advantage of the situation, feigning a loss of fighting spirit and snatching the target while Miliaria was distracted.

“You, red-haired boy! I won’t lose!”

Miliaria kicked off the ground and leaped into the air, twisting her body and delivering a powerful blow with a high-speed rotation.

Her special equipment added extra force to her attack, slamming the giant centipede into the ground.

Miliaria stamped on its hard shell with a loud BANG.

But as she tried to inflict more damage, the shell suddenly cracked and popped off with a loud bang.


The shell, which seemed to have a mechanism that bounced back attacks like a tank’s reactive armor, sent Miliaria flying with the shock.

Miliaria, who had been hit, furrowed her brows as she landed.

“Oh no! I didn’t expect this kind of mechanism… as expected from a boss monster, it’s truly a mysterious creature!”

The red-haired boy shouted at Miliaria, who was tilting her head in confusion.

“What are you doing? Run away now!”

But Miliaria was not ready to give up.

“What is the red-haired boy talking about? I can’t stop now that it’s getting interesting. I have to beat this centipede before the day is over, or I’ll be scolded harshly later.”

The target has been regained.

As Miliaria prepared for the next round, the red-haired boy made a comment.

“Your clothes are so tattered… you’ll die!”

“Hmm? My clothes are tattered?”

Miliaria looked down and paled.

Oh no. I had forgotten to cast a spell on my dress today!

The surprise attack earlier had saved her from harm, but it also caused a fatal injury to Miliaria’s dress.

And it was dirty.

Had it become mixed with bodily fluids from the shattered shell? Unfortunately, the dress was no longer fit for the party.

It was a terrible misfortune, as she had worn her favorite dress today because she was going to the knight’s training ground this morning.


Miliaria, who was growing impatient, used her instant teleportation ability to retrieve the red-haired boy and then teleported to a high rock with a good view.

“Wh? What?”

The red-haired boy asked in confusion.

“We’re done for the day… Well, let’s be happy that we learned a new technique with the fan.”

Below them, the rampaging giant centipede was nowhere to vent it anger.

“Fu, fufu… Well, let’s begin.”

Miliaria declared, raising her right hand high and fixing her gaze on her target.

Darkness burst forth from her entire body and power overflowed, converging in her right hand and becoming compressed darkness.

“How dare you… You ruined my favorite dress!”

The red-haired boy trembles as he grips the hem of Miliaria’s dress. The black darkness, which grows in proportion to the amount of power poured in.

“Take this! The darkness that devours the night! Ankokou!”

Miliaria released the finished clump of darkness without hesitation.

Ankokuu, who had landed on the giant centipede, rapidly grew and consumed everything surrounding the giant centipede in that instant.

With teary eyes, Miliaria grabbed onto the red-haired boy’s neck and retreated to a safe distance.

The next view revealed a dome-shaped depression, jagged and as wide as Ankokuu, marking a bittersweet victory.

“Alright! I’ve defeated it… the game is mine!”

Despite the importance of the moment, Miliaria declared her victory, brushing back her black hair that was disheveled by the blast.

Although she returned before sunset, she was scolded severely.

Her torn dress was thrown away, and with a bee sting on her face, she cried.

She was shocked to learn that the red-haired boy she had walked with was Arthur, the knight captain’s son, who was the heroine’s target for conquest. Despite this, Miliaria was still scolded a lot.

“…Ugh. I may have dirtied the dress, but I sent you home properly.”

At their farewell, Miliaria, who was battered and bruised, spoke with the red-haired boy.

He appeared disheartened, but when he looked at Miliaria’s face, he apologized.

“I… I apologize. Speaking such harsh words was unbecoming of a knight and, um… thank you for keeping me safe from the monster.”

Well, everyone has their own circumstances.

Even for Miliaria, there are moments when she can’t help but become frustrated over small matters.

If her previous self was here, she might have immediately called for the death penalty, but now her heart isn’t as narrow.

If they apologize, she can accept it sincerely.

Miliaria nodded and opened her fan.

If it’s the old Milliaria, she might have called for the death penalty, but she’s not so narrow-minded now.

“Good! Protecting the weak is also the duty of the strong!”

However, as soon as he heard those words, the red-haired boy’s expression became tense.

And with teary eyes, the red-haired boy ran away.

“I’m not… I’m not weak or anything!”

He was running as fast as he could.

Oh no, I didn’t mean to hurt him, but I might have done something wrong.

Anyway, the red-haired boy’s teary eyes were quite popular among her maids.

She felt a nagging voice in her head teasing her for that remark.

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