The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 46

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 46

Chapter 46: The villainess princess realizes her immaturity

Miliaria starts her day with a special drink.

“Er, add some fruit, komatsuna (mustard spinach), and a dash of secret medicine from the dungeon, then mix it all with magic… And voila! It’s done!”

She pours the mixture, now a color that’s hard to describe, into her favorite glass and downs it all in one go.


The sound that escapes from the depths of her stomach, far too innocent for a villainess, was Miliaria’s secret that she couldn’t share with anyone.

“Uff… I can’t drink it all in one gulp….”

And then, the second glass.

As she took a sip, Mary, the maid, entered the room and saw Miliaria with her mouth full, and let out a deep sigh.

“…Miliaria-sama, what are you doing? The kidnapping incident involving Arthur-sama yesterday is still a topic of conversation in the castle, you know?”

Oh no, I don’t want to be caught doing something I don’t want seen and receive a negative reaction.

But who is Arthur?

The mention of his name jogged Miliaria’s memory of the red-haired boy from yesterday, and her mind rang the alarm bells loudly.


“Miliaria-sama?! What on earth! It smells, Miliaria-sama?!”

As Mary ran to grab something to clean it up, Miliaria was struck with a cold shiver as if her brain had frozen over.

There was only one person, Arthur with red hair, who was of the same age.

Remembering the handsome knight, one of the main characters, Miliaria trembled violently.

“Oh my God… that was really Arthur. I was lucky to win, but I almost got Flare Zambered!”

It was a good thing there wasn’t a serious one-on-one battle.

But even then, she didn’t feel half the excitement she had imagined, and there was nothing to be done.

“Oh, but before the main story starts, it’s really dull. We haven’t fought yet…”

But even that was understandable, and Miliaria reevaluated the situation.

The average level in this world was very low.

Killing monsters with the vague goal of leveling up was a foolish endeavor.

Miliaria wiped the sweat from her unexpected encounter, took a deep breath, and wondered what to do next.

“If I could see others’ parameters more clearly, I could determine their abilities right away.”

Although Miliaria should have been able to see them in the game, she still couldn’t fully replicate it with her spirit art.

She could only see her own ability values to a certain extent, like in an RPG, but she couldn’t see others’.

The heroine of the game could see not only their name, but also their likability. Perhaps this was because the heroine belonged to the light attribute, which was a specialty of the light attribute.

However, the light attribute was a rare attribute, and it was rarely seen, let alone verified.

“Should I ask Okaa-sama? Now that I think about it, quantifying the level and skills that would be perfect for a Queen… I know my own level, so I should be able to do more than just light, right?”

Miliaria wasn’t sure.

She studied spirit art every day, but that was what was frustrating, as there was no mention of such a thing.

As Miliaria was lost in thought, Mary, who had returned with something that smelled of secret medicine, asked in a hurry, “Miliaria-sama! Are you okay?!”

“I’m fine, don’t worry… well, it’s weird to look normal, isn’t it?”


“Never mind. I just realized I need to train more.”

“…Eh? More than this?”

“What do you mean? Of course!”

Even Mary, who was taken aback, didn’t understand Miliaria’s thoughts, but she accepted it as a matter of course and would work hard to improve.

Miliaria just laughed and patted Mary on the shoulder.

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