The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 19

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The villainess princess makes what she wants to eat

Kara kara kara kara…

The sound of the breadcrumbs sizzling was satisfying and comforting.

Miliaria had taken over the kitchen with great enthusiasm and was now fully immersed in cooking.

Her occupation of the kitchen, theft of ingredients, and display of power had left the cooks in distress.

Mary was the only one watching Miliaria.

“Ojo-sama… you’re using too much oil. You shouldn’t play with your food like that.”

“No, I have to. I need to eat some fried food today, or I’ll die.”

“Please don’t say such things. Why are you cooking? The cook will cry again.”

“Unfortunately, I took the pork, and the cook is crying. Let’s eat tonkatsu (pork cutlets) later.”

“But… is it safe? It’s making a lot of noise.”

“That’s good. The oil is made from special pork fat. There’s no reason it wouldn’t taste delicious.”

Ignoring Mary’s concerns, Miliaria patiently waited for the perfect moment.

And now, it’s time to eat!

Miliaria expertly cut and plated the tonkatsu (pork cutlet).

The beautifully golden-brown cutlet was served on a plate with an impressive aura.

She added shredded cabbage, a squeeze of lemon, and a generous helping of sesame-based tonkatsu (pork cutlet) sauce to complete the dish.

“Fuh… I’ve created another masterpiece in this world. Let’s eat!”

“This looks… delicious. What a shame.”

“I know right?”

In order to keep her position as Mary’s master, she must start eating before drooling starts to appear.

It would be a waste to let such a perfect creation go to waste simply because it had cooled down.

When Miliaria took a bite of the thick cutlet, the rich pork oil flooded her mouth with flavor.

The overwhelming happiness made Miliaria’s body tremble.

As Miliaria ate with joy, Mary also licked her lips.

“Uh… may I eat too?”

“Oh? I thought you were worried that my cooking was just for fun?”

“Come on, Miliaria-sama, you’re being mean.”

After all, Miliaria was frying something, and of course, Mary’s portion was also made.

Mary eagerly accepted the plate and squeezed lemon on it, mimicking Miliaria.

As she took a bite, a crisp crunch echoed and her eyes widened in delight.

“——Th-This is delicious.”

“Of course it is!”

Miliaria was filled with pride in her accomplishment as a self-proclaimed otherworldly culinary expert.

However, Mary, who was trying to offer constructive criticism, tilted her head and said,

“Er… I think the sour juice is a bit much. And the decorative leaves will make the crisp skin go soft, won’t they?”



“I’m sorry, I got a bit carried away… I just let off a little spark.”

Oh no, Miliaria thought, she let out a little thunder.

Mary, if this continues, a war could break out in the kitchen.

Despite the minor setback, Miliaria took the finished cutlet to Tom, the cook, and he was moved to tears again, but strangely, he wasn’t sad.

What on earth made Tom cry over the cutlet? Miliaria thought it might have been the mustard that was too overpowering.

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