The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 18

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The villainess princess develops a new technique

Sixth floor

Miliaria encountered a challenge.

“This is a tough walk…”

For some reason, the soil-covered path was poorly maintained, making it difficult for Miliaria to traverse in her shoes.

Issues that seemed trivial in the game became a harsh reality when experienced in person.

“Were there many areas like this? This is a problem…”

The wide path was overgrown with vines and moss, and there were numerous bumps that appeared to be tree roots.

It was not a place suitable for wearing shoes like walking around the castle.

If it were the usual Ojo-sama, they would have given up, but Miliaria’s thought process was different.

“This is…Let’s think of a spiritual art that can level the ground!”

Recently, Miliaria had been focusing on spiritual art and it was a natural thought for her.

It may seem a silly idea, but Miliaria’s talent was quickly surpassing human limitations.

Miliaria found a large tree root and sat down, craning her neck.

“To begin with, I don’t fully understand what spiritual art is. Is it just a way of performing long-range attacks? No, no, despite that, the basics can be used for various things, right?”

Levitation is one example, and teleportation can also be considered a form of spiritual art. It’s hard to believe that the magic bag is not related to spiritual art.

“Why is spiritual art limited to just attacking? It’s too mediocre.”

Most attributed spiritual arts are divided into three categories based on their power.

For example, Miliaria’s thunder attribute.

The three spells of GoroaGorondGoroadon.

The dark attribute is Ancrasia of AnkuAnkokuu.

Although the methods of destruction may differ, they are all spells used to defeat the opponent, and many spiritual art users measure their power by exploiting their strengths and weaknesses.

“I want spiritual art to be more mysterious and useful. If it can be used for things like levitation, it seems like it could be applied even more with the attribute added, right?”

Although it’s just a game, Miliaria’s idea was not confined by the game system and was her greatest weapon.

With this in mind, Miliaria was eager to try it out.

“…Since it’s a rare opportunity, let’s give it a try!”

Miliaria immediately put her skills in dark spiritual art to the test.

What she envisioned was a smooth, flat road that would be easy to walk on in her shoes.

It was like laying out a carpet over the rough terrain.

She remembered the Wight-Emperor, whose body was covered in what appeared to be the result of dark spiritual art.

That could be a good starting point to use as reference.

Miliaria visualized the path to her destination and imagined laying out a carpet.

“I’ll call it… the Black Carpet!”

With a burst of magic power, a roll-like black energy appeared, transforming the rough terrain into a black road.

“Wow! This is so easy! This is amazing!”

Spiritual art can be arranged so easily!

Miliaria was unaware that this was a result of her exceptional talent and the ability to produce sudden, unexpected techniques, which was characteristic of the final boss.

She tried walking on the newly created black road.

“…It has just the right amount of elasticity. I was worried about being crushed, but it’s soft.”

The road was like walking on a carpet, making it incredibly easy to traverse.

A voice in her head reminded her that this was too much in a dungeon, but the ease of travel was the most important thing.

“I made a great spell… yes! I’ll be able to travel smoothly!”

The smooth road was a great advantage.

With this, she could conquer the dungeon even in high heels.

With the easier travel, she would reach her destination in no time.

The staircase led to a large room, where monsters acted as guards.

In this format, she couldn’t proceed unless she defeated the boss.

A huge pig, which seemed to be too jammed in the previous corridors to walk through, dominated the floor as the boss, taking advantage of the spaciousness of the room.


“This guy is round and fat…”

The round and fat pig’s main method of attack was through powerful rushing attacks.

With high HP and endurance, it wasn’t a dangerous enemy unless a mistake was made, as its attack pattern was monotonous.

Miliaria, who was skilled in using technical spiritual art, chuckled confidently.

“Let’s go steady and strong! I’ll show you my magnificent skills! You can attack from any angle…”

Feeling self-assured, she was caught off guard by a surprising ground attack.

The ground shook violently and Miliaria was thrown off balance.


Oh, Miliaria remembered that the pig had that attack pattern too… but more than that, what filled her mind was intense anger.

“You’ve soiled my dress…Goroadon!”

With merciless thunder, she burned the pig to a crisp.

Yes, she realized that the attribute magic that can be fired without thinking is the best.

Miliaria, who saw the pig rise in smoke and retract its iron fan, realized she had become too relaxed.

At that moment, Miliaria remembered she had forgotten to bring dinner.

“…Tomorrow’s side dish will be pork cutlets!”

Miliaria shot bullets into the three floating iron balls.

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