The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 16

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The villainess princess has her food taken away


Miliaria hummed a cheerful tune as she ran around her palace before lunch.

In the courtyard, she stumbled upon a perfect hiding spot and, using a skewer and a net, she stole a bird from the dining hall’s kitchen.

Today, she had no responsibilities or studies, and planned to enjoy a relaxed day.

“There are plenty of things to skewer if you look for them!”

Overwhelmed with joy, Miliaria couldn’t resist handling the bird and began preparing it.

As a genius, she was able to cook the internal organs with just a vague understanding from a mysterious memory, even though she had never cooked in this manner before.

Chicken looked delicious and the result seemed like it was from another world, making her mouth water.

“Oh, I have to be careful. I must not be sloppy… Salt is the key, it solves everything.”

And now, all she needed to do was roast it over the charcoal… it was going to be fantastic.

As she waited for the charcoal to settle down, Miliaria finished her preparations.

She lined up the chickens neatly on the net and placed them over the fire.

The adjustment of the fire here would determine the flavor of the dish.

She gazed at the flames and the chicken skewers.

However, Miliaria was so focused that she didn’t notice the little one who had sat down next to her until it was too late.



The little one, with prince-like features and fluffy blonde hair, was sitting with his fingers clasped together, gazing at Miliaria’s skewers.

“…What is it?”

Where did he come from?

The adorable little one is surprised and fixates on Miliaria as she initiates a conversation.

No, this was different.

To test it, Miliaria tried to pick up a skewer, and the little one’s gaze followed it without fail.

This little one was a foodie. What was she going to do now?

The skewers were a secret mission, known only to the kitchen group who had obtained the ingredients. She couldn’t let this stranger slip any information.

However, Miliaria couldn’t be certain that she wouldn’t give in. The little one in front of her had a gaze that was too innocent and sincere.


Miliaria sighed, defeated.

“…Well, it doesn’t feel right to deny you.”

Reluctantly, Miliaria offered the skewer to the little one, who eagerly took it.

“Oh! Be careful! The skewer is hot! Don’t eat the skewer!”

Ignoring Miliaria’s warnings, the little one expertly removed the meat from the skewer and stuffed it into their mouth, swallowing it with a big gulp.

“H-How is it?”

Miliaria asked, and the little one smiled brightly, swallowing the meat before returning a little gaze to the skewer.

Apparently, the grilled chicken was to the little one’s liking.

Miliaria looked up at the sky.

Well, she had found someone to share it with, so there was no going back now.

“Would you… like to eat some grilled chicken together?”

The child nodded happily and took another skewer, gulping it down.

Miliaria picked up a piece of skin and tried it. It was delicious, tasting like the best she had ever had.

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