The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 15

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The villainess princess stabs

“As expected of Princess Miliaria, you are remarkable.”

“It was my pleasure, it was a valuable learning experience.”

The etiquette teacher, Miss Samantha, seemed pleased with Miliaria’s performance during their tea party lesson.

Miliaria, who had developed an interest in etiquette lessons, found them to be quite fascinating.

It was a matter of refinement.

The attention to detail and the numerous delicate manners were captivating.

In her pursuit of beauty, even in the smallest of details, Miliaria discovered the knowledge of what humanity considered to be beautiful.

Only recently, she had thought, “What’s the point of this pointless, full course meal? It ruins the taste of the food!” It was a shallow thought from a girl who sought beauty, but she now regretted it.

She wanted to be as dedicated as her newfound level of knowledge allowed.

Miliaria aimed to reach new heights, beyond simply wanting to be beautiful for its own sake.

With her daily intense level-ups, she was determined to achieve this goal.

Miliaria returned to her room with enthusiasm and opened the door with eagerness.

Although it was far from beautiful, she needed to maintain her momentum.

“Mary! Prepare my dress!”

“A dress?…Was there a tea party invitation?”

Mary looked confused, as she had not heard of any invitation, but Miliaria laughed confidently.

“It’s not a tea party, it’s a celebration! It’s a special training, but I won’t show off.”

It was like a celebration in hell, and she couldn’t explain it, but she was determined to give it her all.


“Ho ho ho ho ho ho! Ho ho ho ho ho!”

Miliaria let out a high-pitched laugh as she walked through the dungeon.

She was proud and confident as she walked down the hallway in her red dress and iron fan, using the walking style she had learned in the etiquette lesson.

However, for Miliaria, there was still room for improvement.

She wanted to wear high heels and improve the levitation iron ball.

“No more sneaking around the side of the road! Time to earn some experience points! You’ll be my next meal!”

Miliaria’s body was overflowing with newfound power after leveling up.

She could now easily lift three iron balls.

As for the boss, she wouldn’t be late for the encounter with the lesser monsters.

The sound of numerous footsteps could be heard from a distance.

As soon as Miliaria spotted the monster, Basilisk, with its massive chicken body and snake tail, she aimed and attacked.

The battle was about to begin.

“Activating teleport continuously——Fire!”

A line of iron balls quickly formed in front of Miliaria, and with a flash, she cut down the Basilisk.

What was left behind was a large chunk of meat, surrounded by sparkling magic stones.

“Hmm… I don’t know if I should be happy that I don’t have to dismantle it in this dungeon, or if I should be surprised at this unnaturalness I just realized. But it’s convenient, so it’s good… if I sell these scattered magic stones, I’ll make some money… this is suspicious!”

Regardless, it was a victory.

Miliaria was about to dance with joy at how easily her tactics were working.

The passages on this floor were narrow, forcing close encounters with the monsters, but with Miliaria’s combat style, she could defeat them before they got too close.

Even for monsters with close-range abilities, her iron ball was a fatal blow that worked wonders.

Miliaria’s continuous attack with fixed damage was lethal, regardless of her attack power, and the monsters had no escape route, so they couldn’t dodge.

As a result, her bag was soon overflowing with loot.

“Ho ho ho ho! I can’t stop laughing! The teleport technique is the best!”

Miliaria stroked her cheek and praised her iron ball.

She was already in love with her teleport gun (temporary).

This fighting style was like a secret technique, and she was determined to continue developing her tricks.

What was Miliaria’s original fighting style?

Apart from the Dark Arts, she thinks she used to float and throw many knives, but this achievement has already surpassed her old ways. She was proud of her newfound coolness and elegance.

“In other words, this weapon is a cool, round object that floats around the character, like in many fantasy stories! Although, it’s just an iron ball now, so it’s not very refined.”

The floating round object was somehow cool, and would be perfect if there was an elegant master to wield it.

“Well, let’s keep going!”

Miliaria wanted to conquer the dungeon as quickly as possible.

It was more efficient to delve deeper and level up, instead of staying at the same level in the beginning.

The Wight-Emperor was just the starting point.

There were still many delicious hunting grounds waiting to be explored.

But she didn’t want to be too hasty, as there were events she couldn’t miss, even in shallow depths.

The first encounter on the small path was a small treasure chest.

“Huff huff huff… This is the essence of it.”

She aimed for the shortest path, but if she didn’t take what she could get, her play efficiency would actually be worse.

Since her goal was to become stronger, it was urgent to improve her equipment.

Miliaria opened the treasure chest and three glass bottles filled with liquid emerged.

“This is… medicine? Oh, this is a good thing, isn’t it? What was the color again?”

She carelessly threw a slightly white, strange liquid into her bag.

Her adventure had just begun.

That day, she spent about two hours exploring and had a substantial harvest.

By the way, there was a transfer point for each floor, and it was a relatively relaxed specification that allowed her to freely go to a conquered floor because it was the end content.

“Despite everything, it’s a helpful specification. And there’s also a lot of prey… as expected of an unexplored dungeon. Well, I guess I should say an explored dungeon? There’s a lot of amazing treasure.”

Miliaria returned to her room, drank a gulp, and fell asleep.

That day, she dreamed of making grilled chicken from the Basilisk, and got really craving grilled chicken.

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