The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 83

Chapter 83

Emilia was standing at the entrance to the great hall, clinging to the wall. She was wearing a light, bright yellow dress and was being held and supported by Gadd from behind. The two of them had just arrived at the scene.

When her shaking eyes and gaze intersected, she finally realized.

Sajad had thought he had used time magic recklessly. But in the end, he had called Emilia’s name.

He knew that only a healer who used magic could use time magic with confidence.

——Even if he failed and died, he chose the way to take Emilia with him.

“Rebecca, Your Highness Llewayne, please step back!”

Cectiara-sama shouted as if she was tearing silk. Returning my gaze to the distortion of time, I took a breath.

It’s growing too fast.

What was once the size of a fist is now growing to the size of a private house.

If it continues to grow like this, will it spread indefinitely? If so, then it’s already a disaster. Not only us but also the Academy and the Royal Capital are in danger.

While thinking, the hole like a black hole is spreading.

Making Emilia a sacrifice is out of the question. But there is no other way. If no one stops it here, how many people will be affected?

How many hundreds, how many thousands, if not careful, how many tens of thousands——.

My head was stained with thoughts that made me want to vomit, at that time.

“Don’t be hasty!!”

There was a person who roared with a voice so loud it seemed like his throat was going to break.

It was my older brother.

I opened my eyes wide. I felt like my older brother was directing that desperate appearance towards me.

————but it was different.


Desperately and with all his might, for some reason my older brother called the name of His Highness, who was right behind me.

When I finally realized it, when his arm that was supporting me had a noticeably strong power, I finally remembered.

————His Highness’s [fall] in Part 1.

He is the only person who has made healing magic, which was said to be impossible without natural talent, possible through research.


In the moment when the blood drained from my face, a gentle voice whispered in my ear. When I turned around, his lips overlapped mine.

“Your Highness——.”

“I’ll be gone for a bit. I’ll definitely come back, so wait for me. Please make progress with the preparations for the wedding ceremony.”

My head became blank. Like he was telling me about a trip, he whispered nonchalantly and kissed me again.

The roots of the magic tree that were only wrapped around my legs intertwined with my whole body.

His Highness left me without letting go of my hand.

“Your Highness!”

My desperately stretched hand cut through the air.

Before I knew it, the roots of the tree that were deeply spread out on the floor of the large room were pulling me. Pulling me away from His Highness.

“Your Highness, Your Highness! Please, wait!”

Even though I run as if I will break, crush and fall, I am once again pinned to the ground by what is pursuing me.

“Your Highness…”

Whenever I called his name, he would always look back and give me a kind look.

If I had cried, he would have wiped my tears closest to me.

But His Highness did not turn around when I cried out with a distorted face.

His back headed straight into the darkness without hesitation. At the same time he disappeared, the sphere began to ripple on its surface and then started to change shape painfully.

I sat down on the ground with a thud. There was no longer anyone to wipe away the tears that overflowed endlessly.


Emilia realized what Llewayne was trying to do when Vanderlei barked at that moment.

Because of her procrastination, Llewayne was going to take her place.

Emilia tried to run out, but her lover’s arm from behind hugged her tightly and he never let go.

As a result, Emilia was unable to move a single step and saw Llewayne walking straight towards the black hole.

————That’s just an excuse.

Emilia couldn’t make a decision. She should have been able to forcibly strip her lover, but her hands were shaking and she couldn’t put any strength into them.

She couldn’t even make the decision to throw away her own life. She was just scared. She was afraid of death that was approaching her unjustly.

As a result, now Emilia’s best friend is crying and has lost her beloved.

————What am I doing?

Emilia took a breath. In the calm air, she hit her cheek with all her might.

Even if she couldn’t hear their conversation, Emilia knew. Llewayne entered the time distortion with the determination to live and come back, not with the determination to die.

Then the greatest repayment Emilia could make and the atonement was to raise the probability a little.

If Llewayne doesn’t come back, Emilia’s best friend will never be able to smile again.

Emilia will spend her life remembering Llewayne, whom Rebecca loved like burning her life, and carefully protecting the remaining fire.

Emilia thought. What can she do now? Who can help them? What does she have?

Her Phantom Beast Kyuubi is next to her. Her lover and their Phantom Beast are also here.

What kind of person is capable of making a stand against time magic?

Who better than the Principal and the mage higher than Llewayne Huaverdon?

————It was then that the name of a certain man brought a tiny glimmer of hope to Emilia.

“Lend me your Phantom Beast, Gadd!”

Grabbing her lover’s chest.

Emilia knew about the ability of Gadd’s Phantom Beast, the Sloth.

Once a month, during the full moon, she could use a certain magic.

“[Teleportation magic] can’t be used against time magic——.”

“Don’t use that for that! Hurry up!”

Taking the sloth away from Gadd. The capacity is one person only. A purple magic circle spreads on the ground, and Emilia closes her eyes with a floating feeling.

When she opened her eyes, she was in front of a mansion she had never seen before, but Emilia ran out leaving the sloth behind.

Enter from the back door so as not to be found by the security knights. Passing through the well-maintained backyard and looking for a door along the outer wall.

Lift up the one she found with all her strength and open it, then descend the stairs as if flying.

The person she was after was in the middle of the basement.

As she reached out to touch her hand, Emilia activated a full-body healing magic.

Pouring all of her magic and energy into it, it’s still not enough to fill the vessel. The more she pours, the more magic is taken away as if it’s saying “I won’t settle for anything less than perfect.”

It seems like even Emilia’s body is being pulled into it.

Not enough magic————But still.

“Please wake up right now.”

Stopping the shaking of her legs with determination. She cling to the consciousness that’s about to fly away, and pour all her strength into her hands that touch.

“Please help me… I beg of you.”

Even if all of her magic is devoured, even if she can never use magic again because of it, it doesn’t matter.

If only one thing, the smile of the girl she loves so much, returns safely.

“Please wake up————


The name that Rebecca mentioned after summer vacation.

She didn’t ask Rebecca about the details, but she said, “He’s the one who helped me,” and “He’s an amazing magician.”

“Please help Rebecca-sama.”

The man with deep red eyes who was in a deep sleep, opened his eyelids slightly the moment he heard that name.

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