The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 82

Chapter 82

At that moment, it seemed as though Sajad had forgotten not only to breathe but also time, and even the movement of his heart.

It must be true that he dislikes commoners. That’s why he was the least to notice. He didn’t try to notice.

————Never in his wildest dreams did he think, “I would fall in love with someone as low class as a commoner.”

A soft breath escaped from Sajad’s throat. He had a despairing look on his muddy-colored face.

“…What are you saying?”

“Attacks on myself, His Highness, and Melinda can all be explained with one word: harassment toward those close to Emilia.”

Even though Sajad is smart, he can never control his emotions when it comes to Emilia.

He thought that was because she was a commoner.

But it was different. The first time I thought it was strange was when I saw him being friendly to a commoner customer in [Summer].

Emilia was [special] to Sajad.

When I thought that it was not a special [dislike] but the opposite, I realized that many things made sense.

He forgot himself and raged when he was condemned in the scenario because the capture target, meaning the man, was close to Emilia.

The reason he dropped the line he was supposed to say at the ball in the summer was because it was similar to the ball in that Emilia was being sheltered by a man named Gadd.

The change in Phantom Beast’s ability is probably due to me, an irregular.

In the scenario, Sajad had a noble reason to approach Emilia, which was an order from his father.

[Commoners are dirty, but if it’s an order from my father, there’s no choice.]

On the pretext of this, he got Emilia and fulfilled his desire without realizing it.

But the reality was different. There was no reason for him to approach Emilia, who was a top student.

However, he wanted to approach her, to be in her sight, to exchange words. At the same time, he also thought that commoners are dirty, lowly, and inferior.

Love and hatred. Despite being opposite vectors, both emotions were as intense, and Sajad’s heart was twisted.

This stress became the trigger for the sudden mutation.

In other words, the discrepancy between the scenario in the second part and reality was due to the fact that Emilia did not become one of the top three, but I became one of the top three.

Sajad scratched his head. “That’s wrong.” or “That’s impossible.” he muttered. Eventually, he hunched over with his head in his hands.

The figure of him, who was once the object of admiration for many students as a top student, is now nowhere to be seen.

In that posture, a low voice that moans asks me.

“Have you told anyone?”

“No, I just talked to you for the first time.”

In an instant, his eyes filled with hatred looked up at me.

“————Then I can kill you now.”

As he muttered, his powerful magic fueled by his despair swallowed not only me, but also the great hall.

Breathless. I can clearly see that he’s trying to crush and obliterate me, with a fierce weight and density.

I knew it was going to be like this.

While resisting the oppressive feeling that makes my skin tingle, I look Sajad straight in the eye.

“I said that I just talked to you for the first time——.”

The magic thorns, which he created from his shadow, and which were as big as a person’s arm, reached for me.

I didn’t avoid them.

“——I didn’t say no one else was listening.”

In a blink, five people appeared in the place.

Two of them stand to protect me. Two of them restrain Sajad’s arms and thrust a sword at his neck.

And another one descends in the middle of me and Sajad, with deep sadness on his face.

“Sajad Mahajanjiga.”

Called by his name, Sajad opens his eyes as wide as they will go. He trembles with fear, gazing at the man.


The Royal Academy’s Principal was in this great hall from the beginning, listening to everything I had to say.

“You tried to harm Rebecca! You deserve to die!”

The man with flaming hair riding a horse, who is holding a sword to Sajad, is like the sun.

“Don’t get too wild. I don’t want to break anyone’s arms either.”

The woman riding a cheetah who is restraining the arms is a female hero.

“Vanderlei-sama, please don’t get hurt before the wedding.”

And one of the two people who are standing to protect me is a talented woman who is accompanied by countless butterflies.

Vanderlei Slutarch, Olivier Marc, and Cectiara Zoff, the three powerful graduates, have gathered in this place.

And finally, the other of the two people who are standing to protect me, the blond man who has sliced Sajad’s attack with an unblinking speed————.

“Rebecca, are you hurt?”

Llewayne Huaverdon.

After he turned around to check on my safety, he focused on Sajad again.

This series of events was a conspiracy between me and His Highness.

If I can’t prove Sajad’s wrongdoing so far, I’ll make it happen now. I don’t need evidence if it’s a current offender in front of the Principal.

With three strong graduates, Sajad won’t have any time to go on a rampage, so he won’t fall into a coma.

It was I who suggested that we avoid condemnation at the ball. I was scared of exposing Sajad’s love to the public.

Most of all, I couldn’t bring myself to reveal the thing I hated most about Rebecca in part 1.

Anyway, this is finally settled————.

“——Ah, it’s over.”

Neither I nor His Highness raised that voice.

It was Sajad.

He lowered his head while being restrained and raised his voice as if he were relieved, as if he had given up on everything.

His appearance made me feel uneasy.

“… Yes, your plot is [over], but in terms of your life, you will be rehabilitated…”

“You don’t understand. My Gwen ‘s ability will never change.”

Sajad called the name of his Phantom Beast, who is not present here now.

“If it’s deemed too dangerous——then we’ll get rid of it.”

I held my breath. This was because his eyes, voice, and sigh showed that he cherished his Phantom Beast.

For the first time, I saw Sajad, who seemed to be hostile to everything around him, look at something with affection.

Surely His Highness and the Principal felt the same way.

“That’s why I couldn’t stop.”

Sajad looked at me with bloodshot eyes.

“In that case, let’s bet. A・chance・to・make・it・as・if・it・never・happened.”

At that moment, suddenly, a black hole the size of a marble appeared in front of Sajad.

It appeared too fast, and began to suck in air and dust while swirling.

Nii-sama and Olivier couldn’t help but retreat. Everyone who saw it felt an unusual sense of crisis.

That black sphere meant something that would make even the two with renowned combat abilities instinctively choose to flee.

A sound of the air being sucked in, my body was being pulled with tremendous force. My feet moved sluggishly and my body was floated, but His Highness hugged me from behind and held me back.

“Your Highness, what is that!”

“It’s time magic! They’re trying to distort the flow of time and turn it back! If you get caught up in it, you’ll die!”

My hair and dress were pulled and swayed. My feet couldn’t touch the ground, and my heart beat fast.

His Highness turned his arms around my stomach and shoulder from behind so that I wouldn’t be taken away. And then, slowly, he retreated.

When I somehow managed to lift my head and look around, Nii-sama, Olivier, and Cectiara-sama were also heading towards the entrance of the grand hall.

The only one who was different was the Principal.

“Stop it! That’s forbidden! Nobody has ever succeeded!”

The principal was shouting frantically, unlike his usual calm demeanor. He was trying to stop the student’s violent behavior without considering his own danger.

“If you fail, you’ll be swallowed by the current of time! It’s lucky to die! You might be sent to a distant time axis or wander forever, or you may suffer the shattering of your body, but you will not die!”

“I know!”

But Sajad didn’t listen. He laughed horribly and screamed back, and began to pour his magic into the black hole——the seed of the distortion of time.

“Success or failure——. Duke Slutarch’s daughter, you have to bring that woman, Emilia quickly.”

I didn’t have time to think why her name came up now.

At Sajad’s hand, the sphere writhed violently like a cell dividing, swelling.

The moment the magic finally activated when the sphere grew to the size of a fist.

The wind that pulls in became so intense that it became a storm, compared to before.

The moment Sajad’s body twisted and was drawn into the hole like a mirage, I screamed in a voice that couldn’t be a voice.

“It’s a failure!”

Olivier can be heard yelling.

The magic doesn’t stop even though the human who activated it is gone.

His Highness has used magic to stretch roots of a tree onto the floor, managing to endure by sewing his feet to the ground. But he can no longer move another step.

“What’s the way to stop it?!”

He cried out, half in despair, unable to open his eyes anymore.

The one who knew the answer was the Principal.

“There’s only one record of a healing mage who managed to jump into that and come out unharmed! The distortion is a wound of time, but their whereabouts are still unknown!”

“Such a——.”

It was when we sank into despair.

At the edge of my vision, I caught a glimpse of silver hair.

“[Healing Mage]…?”

Murmured in confusion, it was my best friend, the healing mage, who was shocked with wide open eyes.”

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