The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 73

Chapter 73

“Watch me, I’m going to…hmph…!”

The classroom is filled with a sense of liberation after school. Looking out the window, it’s a crisp autumn day. In my dorm room, I have a novel that’s half-read.

This is a perfect day to go out, with everything in perfect harmony.

But why am I now looking at a girl with a bright red face trying to squeeze an apple with her bare hands?

By the way, this girl is not Emilia.

“Guh…Gahhh! See, it broke! Did you see?!”

“Yes… congratulations…”

Judith Ceden wipes the sweat off her forehead with a smile, as if she has accomplished something.

“Do you remember what I said in April? Now that I can break apples with my bare hands, please teach me how to cook again!”

I respond with a tired smile. This kind of event is not in the strategy guide.

The version 2 of the cooking event from hell. This time it’s held in the Academy’s cooking room. The number of people has increased.

The four girls, Emilia, Melinda, Judith, and I are still the same, but three boyfriends, His Highness, Gadd, and Fried, have joined us.

I whisper to Melinda, who is wearing a white lace apron.

“If His Highness is watching, I’ll cook normally.”

“Me too. If Fried-sama is here.”

I don’t want him to think I’m cooking using the Emilia method or anything like that.

It was successful to consult with Melinda, who feels the same way. We smoothly split into two groups, Melinda and I, and Judith and Emilia.

The men are sitting at one table nearby. I could hear the conversation between Gadd and His Highness.”

“Emilia is cute today too, isn’t she?”

“Well, specifically what parts?”

“Overall… she looks sparkling.”

“To me, the whole place looks like it’s all muscled up.”

It’s a conversation that seems like only two people are talking, but there are three people. Fried is sitting there silently.

Leaving the men deciding whether Emilia is sparkling or muscly, I began to consult with Melinda face to face.

“Melinda, what are we going to make?”

“Something that can grab the men’s stomachs.”

“Agreed. Meat then.”

I grabbed the onions, Melinda grabbed the carrots and potatoes.

Normally, meals in the Academy are done in the cafeteria, so it is common for noble daughters not to be able to cook, but I can cook because of my mother’s influence, and Melinda is influenced by me.



As we were each washing, peeling and slicing vegetables, Melinda muttered without taking her eyes off the knife.

“What I did to you while I was brainwashed…”

“Don’t apologize.”

I stopped slicing the vegetables and spoke ahead of her.

“That was Sajad Mahajanjiga’s fault, not Melinda’s. Don’t apologize for something like that.”


When she didn’t reply, I looked over to her. My best friend’s honey-colored eyes were watery and she was holding back a rising lump in her throat.

“Don’t cry…”

“I’m not crying… it’s the onions…”

“It’s me slicing the onions, not Melinda.”

I washed my hands lightly before embracing her.

I looked at Fried to see if he should take my place, but he gestured “go ahead” so I didn’t hesitate.

After Melinda had cried for a bit, she suddenly let out a small stomach growl.

“I’m hungry from crying… Let’s hurry and make this.”


Melinda began sautéing the onions. I started seasoning the ground beef while boiling potatoes and carrots.

Once the sautéed onions were ready, we added them to the meat, along with bread crumbs and milk, and mixed everything together. We shaped them into patties, cooked them until they were crispy and made the sauce quickly.

The meat is piled on the plate and served with vegetables on the side, and then generously topped with sauce, completing the king of meat dishes, hamburger.

“Yes, it’s well done.”

Melinda and I laughed and carried the number of servings to the table for the masters. It’s narrow but just about seven people can sit.

I would like to eat, but Emilia and Judith are not ready yet.

I looked back at their cooking stations and was speechless. They were now at the peak of their cooking.

Emilia was spreading a huge dough made from wheat flour thinly while spinning it above her head. Judith was pounding the same dough placed on the cooking station with a wooden stick-like thing.

“What, what kind of ceremony is this …?”

“They’re making sweets.”

His Highness replied to me who muttered in amazement. I confirmed again, pointing my finger.

“Is that it?”

“Yes. Gadd seems to think that Emilia is [unsurpassable in loveliness]. It’s the final stage.”

His Highness looked at Gadd Maysen with eyes that could not understand. I also sent the same gaze. Even if you see that, is love truly blind?

Gadd countered with a raised eyebrow.

“If he’s going to say that, then it’s Llewayne. He said something like, [Rebecca wouldn’t be offended if I used the stalking magic I developed during the fall to her]. I don’t think there’s anyone like that.”

I closed my mouth. I don’t know if it’s actually being used, but I thought it would be okay, that it wouldn’t be a problem if my location was known. Maybe I can’t speak for others.

Then, the black robe who hadn’t spoken once today suddenly joined the conversation.

“Melinda is beautiful.”

That was all he said, and it was over. There was no point or punchline. Without paying attention to my, His Highness’, and Gadd’s confused gazes, Melinda clung to Fried’s arm.

“Oh my, Fried-sama.”

With a heart mark at the end, it sounded like it was coming from her. I didn’t want to see my normally sharp friend like this.

“Everyone’s just a couple of idiots…”

I turned around. The one who grumbled in a low voice and spit out her resentment was Judith. She held freshly made sweets in her hand, and her usual lively eyes were now dead.

“I’m sorry…”

Feeling unbearable, I apologized sincerely and set the plate that Judith and Emilia had brought on the table.

“Let’s eat!”

We all joined hands. First, we all took our forks and knives and began to attack the hamburger steak.

Delicate seasoning is not necessary to satisfy a man’s stomach and it would certainly be a prejudice to say that it can be done with just big pieces of meat, but it does have an effect.

If you make a cut with a knife, the juice from the meat will overflow, making a freshly made hamburger.

I watched with satisfaction as the prince carried it to his mouth and chewed it with satisfaction.

“It’s delicious, Rebecca.”

“Please eat a lot and grow big.”

Because of the maternal feeling that had come out in the words that I had said, Melinda responded with “More?” and His Highness nodded obediently.

The hamburgers disappeared from everyone’s plates in no time and, because Judith wanted the recipe, I wrote it down and then it was time for dessert.


What Emilia proudly presented were three types of bread. A doughnut with orange peel and chocolate mixed in, the same apple pie as before, and croissants.

Each one was small and could be eaten without getting tired of it.

I immediately put it in my mouth and my face lit up.

“It’s delicious…!”

Emilia, who must have been the one who made these, is truly a woman of great skill. No, the ability to make croissants is no longer just a woman’s skill, it feels more like the skill of a bread master, but in any case, she is amazing.

However, only about half of the people in the room were impressed by the deliciousness.


His Highness muttered this, and I understood what had happened. Surely he had gone through the baptism of muscle-bound. In this regard, it would be best to make it one of the seven mysteries of the Academy.

Even if we try to understand the supernatural phenomenon, it is useless, so I will ask Judith what I have been thinking about for a long time.

“What made Judith want to learn to cook?”

Judith, who was tilting her head with all her might in front of the bread, blushed as if her heart was jumping.

“No, that… Onii-chan said…”

“Oswald-sama said?”

I tilted my head to the suddenly appeared Oswald Ceden. The more Judith hesitated to continue, the more everyone’s gaze focused on Judith.

“He said that if I could make it taste good, he would eat it…”

Judith covered her face with her apple-like face and said while shrinking her body to the limit.

I thought she was brave and at the same time, I thought that when I go home, I will write in the strategy guide for the first time in a while.

“Judith Ceden——Five High, second year, green hair and eyes, Phantom Beast is an earthworm, Oswald Ceden’s sister,

Note: Cooking is lethal, Brocon.”

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