The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 52

Chapter 52

When I firmly grasped His Highness’s hand, his wind magic began to push us forward. We can move as if we can float in the air with a small leap.

It was when we saw the door of classroom 501 running through the corridor as if we were flying.


Just after being spoken to briefly, a female student appeared from around the corner on the other side of the door.

With fluffy deep green hair swaying, she runs towards the door while saying something to her back.

“Onii-chan, the goal is ———— Uwa?!”

She screamed and made a sudden brake.

The female student who came out, or rather Judith Ceden, had been worn away by His Highness’s acceleration with a force that trampled the floor.

At the same time as he raises his arm with a speed that can’t be caught by the eye, a blade of magic is formed in his hand.

As the sharp cutting edge is completed, it will reach Judith’s neck.


A big hand stretched out. He grasped Judith’s back, pulled her back narrowly.

Gakin. The man who came out instead of Judith, took His Highness’s first blow as if it were normal.

His Highness does not change his expression, and as usual, adds the second and third attacks.

“Llewayne, don’t hurt my little sister.”

He who showed a smile even while being attacked fiercely, is one of the Three Strongs, Oswald Ceden.

“The expression “fearless” fits perfectly, and he’s one of the targets of the otome game this year too. He has the same peaceful forest-like eyes and hair as his sister.

The gap between his childlike face and his well-trained body is popular among women, especially older ladies.

“He must have defensive magic.”

“Your attack seems like it would nullify defensive magic, it’s frightening…”

He skillfully handles the attacks of His Highness with ease. It’s a beautiful sword technique. He’s become even sharper than last year.

But His Highness doesn’t let up on his attacks. He continues to rain down mixed attacks with magic, and they become even sharper.

“Hey, Llewayne, are you angry about something?”

“I just ran into a man who I didn’t take kindly to. Oswald, you’re going to take out that frustration.”

“Don’t take it out on me, huh?!”

His Highness unleashes a powerful kick, and Oswald barely dodges it. His Highness’ foot makes a terrible and fierce sound as it digs into the wall, creating a large hole.


At the sound and shock, someone finally came to their senses. She had just been saved by her older brother, and after that, she had been sitting there with her mouth agape, watching their exchange. It was Judith.

She stands up and takes up her sword, and runs out all at once.

But, it was my turn to be ready.

Even if he’s His Highness, if he’s attacked by the three strongs and five highs siblings working together, it’ll be bad for him. But His Highness isn’t alone.”

I have always been preparing. A shot that would round up the siblings, at least fatally wound one of them, with no way out.

I converted all of the abnormal amount of magic I received from Christina into flames inside my body.

As a result, I am a lady-type super powerful flame thrower named myself.

“Your Highness!”


I shout short. His gaze turns to me for an instant. Oswald is also distracted.

Taking advantage of that moment, His Highness clapped his hands together. As soon as they let go, the huge net created between his hands spread out and attacked the siblings.

His Highness himself immediately opens the window next to him and escapes to the outside.

So there is no need to be polite.

I took a quick breath and blew out the flames that had been rising to the edge of my throat in one gulp.



A mass of heat that melts walls fills the hallway. Judith’s screams that were heard for a moment were also drowned out by the roar.

After blowing out everything, I catch my breath with my shoulders. I fixed my eyes on the smoke that was standing up, searching for the siblings’ shadows. The smell of something burning fills the surrounding area.

His Highness, who came back by opening the window with a bang, lined up beside me. He swept away the smoke with magic.

I was surprised.

――――No one is there.

Instead, there is a big hole where they were.

I couldn’t help but raise the corner of my mouth. ――I got caught.

“Phantom Beast mole!”

“Oh, I thought about where he was. He dug through the floor and ran downstairs.”

Looking into the hole, only the floor of the lower floor can be seen. There is no sign of the two of them.

I knew that Oswald’s Phantom Beast could make holes in the ground, but I never thought it could break through a reinforced concrete floor.

“There’s no point in chasing them. Let’s just go to the goal now.”

The two of us, His Highness and I, face the door. The completely blackened thing is a courtesy. [Event] what broke is fixed by the teachers so it’s not a problem.

Knock-knock-knock. When we knock in unison, we were in the main school hall. This is where we arrived last year after the goal.

After looking around the room, I widened my eyes.

No one was there yet.

His Highness breathed out next to me. He turned his right palm to me,

“Rebecca, that was a good attack.”

He smiled contentedly. He snapped his hand with mine. He hugged me with even more force.

My first battle with His Highness was, without a doubt, a perfect score.


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The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide

The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide

Villainess Carries a Strategy Book, その悪役令嬢は攻略本を携えている
Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
The daughter of a Duke, Rebecca, is a “villainess” of a certain “maiden game” according to her late mother who was a “reincarnated person”. Moreover, if the scenario goes according to plan, it seems that Rebecca will ruin the duke family…… Is it possible to lose to the “compulsion of the scenario” that took away my beloved mother!? Rebecca, who entered the school where the game is set, struggles using the “strategy book” left behind by her mother!


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