The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 51

Chapter 51

My body, which had collapsed, was supported by a powerful body. When I looked back, I saw that a group of blue with anger was glaring straight at my opponent.

“Your Highness!”

How did you get here?

The tense atmosphere around him suddenly softened. His anger dissipated and he looked at me with a concerned gaze.

At that moment, the man facing us spoke.

“Well, well. This is a bit unpleasant. Isn’t it two against one?”

He had a thoughtful look on his face.

He was Sajad Mahajanjiga——he was elected to the Five Highs last year and is now in his third year of school. (TL:サジャッド・マハジャンジガ I’m not sure what the author was thinking. The name is completely out of place.)

He had long, flowing hair pulled back in a ponytail and a tall, well-built figure. “He’s excellent and kind,” I knew he was popular with both men and women.

————But, as I had thought before,

“Well, at least … shouldn’t we resist a little before we’re defeated?”

This man always has a smile on his face.

My spine tingled and I unconsciously took a step back.

The contrast between his good-natured smile and his pitch-black eyes was terrifying, and it made me feel uncomfortable.



When His Highness stepped forward with anger, Sajad blew out the window next to him with magic and then flew out of the window, flapping(waving) his hands, and disappeared.

His Highness confirmed this before turning to me.

Rebecca, are you okay?

“Yes, because Your Highness helped me… Thank you very much.”

Trying to make a relieved smile, my heart is still beating fast.

Sajad is the second part’s black curtain(mastermind). According to the strategy book, his Phantom Beast is called a four-legged creature called “Tapir”(バク).

He can intervene in other people’s [dreams] with that power.

[What kind of dream I saw yesterday, what did I do in that place]. It seems that this information corresponds to the [address] of the dream. If this is known, that human’s dream will be in Sajad’s hands from the next night.

What’s scary is that human’s dream has a deep connection with the subconscious.

Sajad can hide, destroy, or implant new thoughts in a person’s dream. Moreover, there is no trace and it is difficult to prove.

He entered the Academy by pretending to have the ability to [show other people the dream they want to see], I think he won the prize last [summer].

——In the second part’s scenario, the protagonist Emilia is made into Sajad’s puppet with this power.

He wants the power and privileges of the [Three Strongs]. His house is the Viscount house, and the current Viscount particularly wants that power.

Sajad felt a limit to his power and came up with the idea of ​​making the Three Strong, the protagonist, his own.

[Emilia! I approached you because you are one of the Strongs! If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t even look at someone like you, a lowly commoner!]

At the second part of the dance party, when the protagonist exposes his wrongdoing, he apparently screamed like this while revealing his true nature.

A young man wearing the mask of a good person——that is the true form of Sajad Mahajanjiga.

In reality, Emilia is not one of the strongest, so if we think logically, I should be the one targeted.

However, now it is [spring].

Even if Sajad harms me, there is no problem.

When I thanked His Highness, I remembered the [spring] of the first part. It was a déjà vu.

“Your Highness, could it be that you were looking for me again…?”

“No, it’s just a coincidence.”



I looked at his smiling face with suspicion. He is good at [putting on an innocent face]. Nine out of ten people would believe him, but unfortunately, I am the one left.

When I tried to pursue him, His Highness suddenly looked up.

“Now, it seems that two people have entered the school building… This magic is Oswald’s. The person with him is his sister.”

I heard the name and gasped.

Oswald Ceden——a third-year student and one of the Strongs, a man with a burning sense of justice. Was the Phantom Beast a mole?

It seems that he has arrived at this place with Judith Ceden, who is his sister and also one of the 5 Highs.

“Hey, Rebecca.”


I couldn’t help but blink. His Highness was looking at me with a mischievous expression, as if he had thought of something fun. His blue eyes were sparkling.

“Since we’re here, don’t you want to compete and see who comes out on top?”


“Alright, let’s go.”

His Highness extended his hand to me. I smiled and took it. My chest was filled with a mix of tension and excitement that exceeded it.

What was about to begin was the first time, since I met His Highness, that we would be fighting together.


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The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide

The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide

Villainess Carries a Strategy Book, その悪役令嬢は攻略本を携えている
Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
The daughter of a Duke, Rebecca, is a “villainess” of a certain “maiden game” according to her late mother who was a “reincarnated person”. Moreover, if the scenario goes according to plan, it seems that Rebecca will ruin the duke family…… Is it possible to lose to the “compulsion of the scenario” that took away my beloved mother!? Rebecca, who entered the school where the game is set, struggles using the “strategy book” left behind by her mother!


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