The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 32

Chapter 32

The preparations for [winter] have already begun. Right after [fall] ended, we received an explanation from the Principal and started moving forward towards the upcoming battle.

However, there is one more thing that needs to be done by the end of November. In half a month, before the winter vacation, there is an exam that we need to prepare for and start studying again. I plan to teach Emilia how to study this time. I will be careful not to be left behind.

“This time, I will also aim for the top 3,” said Melinda. When I wondered about the change in her attitude, she said,

“If you guys get chosen as the top 3, it would look bad if I were not there.”

I see, Melinda did mention that her ranking in the [spring] was 20th and in the [summer] it was 12th. Even though her name didn’t come up in the game, that must be because of the recent attack by Ouka, where she ranked 9th in the [fall].

So, after school we studied as a group of three. One day, Lancelot came to join us. He seemed like he was going to skip, but maybe he had something good in mind. He is the son of the Prime Minister and is known to help his father a lot lately.

He approached me hesitantly and took my hand, kneeling down with a beaming smile.

“Miss Rebecca! Can you teach me too?”

And then he started acting weird again. I brushed him off as he seemed like he was going to kiss my hand.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but where does his energy come from? Melinda is sighing too. Emilia’s threats are not being taken seriously. Maybe he’s just used to it. Then Emilia called out to Kyuubi, who was playing far away. Is this her final move? Will it affect Lancelot’s life?

At that moment, his highness walked over.

I was happy and naturally smiled, but the only thing he conveyed with his lips were these words.

Punishment (Oshioki).

———Confinement and Punishment.

Ufufu, I should hurry and get away from Lancelot as soon as possible.

I don’t have to worry because Lancelot noticed his highness and quickly ran away, so I was saved. His highness sat down next to me.

“Rebecca, do you want to make a bet?”

He doesn’t seem to care about Lancelot, and he pats himself on the chest.

“A bet, sir?”

“Yeah. Whether or not I become the top student of the second grade in this exam, I bet on the latter. If I win, I want you to listen to one thing I say.”

… [One thing]?

I blink and twinkle. If there’s something you want me to do, just tell me normally. But——.

“What if His Highness loses?”

“I’ll listen to anything you say.”

“Got it!”

To be honest, I can’t imagine His Highness not taking first place, but it’s quite an attractive offer. I can’t help but agree. Not that I’m asking for anything in particular.

“That’s how it is.”

Without hesitation, I agreed and His Highness smiled happily.


When December was halfway over, the results of the recent exam were announced and His Highness as the second-year first place.

The results for the third(3) grades were as follows:

・First Year

3rd place: Gadd Maysen

3rd place: Emilia

2nd place: Melinda Cuey

1st place: Rebecca Slutarch

・Second Year

3rd place: Oswald Ceden

2nd place: Kyaran Goudes

1st place: Llewayne Huaverdon

・Third Year

3rd place: Ray Lowe

2nd place: Cectiara Zoff

1st place: Vanderlei Slutarch

At the moment, the three of us held hands and celebrated.


“Good job, us!”

“Yes, it’s wonderful.”

Many students had gathered in the courtyard to see the results posted. As we hugged and celebrated, the surrounding noise suddenly quieted.

“Oh, Rebecca-sama!”


The students’ gaze is drawn to one man alone. Approaching us as if breaking through the crowd is my most favorite person.

He stopped his feet a little away from us.

“Rebecca, do you remember the bet?”

Those around are swallowing their saliva and looking at us. I can tell that the Prince is trying to stand out (to be conspicuous), but I don’t understand the situation. I didn’t even notice that Emilia and Melinda had quietly left, I was just looking at him.

Finally nodding with a groan, His Highness slowly kneels down and smiled with a sweet mask. In his hand was a single rose.

——His Highness.

The obvious words came to mind.

“Come to the dance with me.”

The feeling that filled my chest at this moment is indescribable. If I had to put it in one word, it would be clear joy and an incredible relief.

After [winter], there will be a dance. Men give roses to invite someone, it is a way of expressing “I love you.” It is only allowed in school-approved and family-approved relationships. It’s like a public proposal.

And for me, it also means something else. The main character and target of the game will be decided at this dance. The game’s ending, the final goal.

It’s natural to go to the dance together as a fiancé. But now I was invited to the dance, like the main character, with a clear declaration of love.

The noise around me returned as the crowd became lively again. I must be crying tears of emotion. But it doesn’t matter about the surroundings. As long as my beloved is looking at me with loving eyes.

“Yes, I’d be happy to…”

He took my hand and put a rose in my hair. His Highness immediately led me away from the scene. When I looked back, Melinda and Emilia were waving at me and sending me off. I smiled and waved back.

Ah, what a happy day.


After escaping the noise in the courtyard, His Highness talked to me about something important. After listening to everything, I returned to my room and thought about it alone.

The conversation was about Ouka. The Academy and the royal family had finally uncovered his true identity.

[That man, Ouka, was a student at the Royal Academy 19 years ago. He was sealed by the Principal for attempting to commit a forbidden act with evil magic. He had been active as a spiritual body by distorting the seal, but recently the seal was fixed by a magician directly under the royal family. He will not appear again.]

He held my hand the whole time we talked. I guess he was worried about me because I had had a few close encounters that scared me.

Closing my eyes alone in the room, I remember the father-like gaze of Ouka, that person.

So that’s it, he was sealed back. It’s only natural, since the royal family and Academy have been chasing after him.

I don’t understand what Ouka wanted to do anymore. Wasn’t he supposed to revive(bring back) the scenario? He should have appeared in the [winter].

The winter break is about to start. The winter break is the only one where the students don’t go home. It’s to prepare for the [winter].

In the scenario, the [winter] is when Ouka intervenes and causes chaos to the extreme. It’s no longer an event, but a final battle with Ouka as the target and all the main characters participating.

But in reality, Ouka doesn’t appear and there are too many discrepancies with the scenario, so the strategy book is not useful. This winter will be a pure test of strength.

For me, the first and true battle since my enrollment in the Academy begins.

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  1. Why did the prince say he won the bet? He lost.

    “Whether or not” and “I bet on the latter”

    Latter: The second thing in a list of two things. So he bet that he is NOT in the top 3.

    If the prince IS in the top 3, then he loses the bet.

    1. I know right ~
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