The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 23

Chapter 23

The Marquis’ daughter didn’t try to wipe away the tears running down her cheek. She probably doesn’t want to admit that she’s crying. Without raising her voice or making any explanations, her dignified and composed appearance looked pleasing to my eyes.

I had always known that Kyaran had feelings for His Highness.

However, now that I know those feelings caused the Phantom Beast to go on a rampage, I realize that her love for His Highness was a weakness in her heart. In other words, she had negative feelings towards me.

She must have been suppressing those feelings, but Ouka took advantage of them. It must have been much easier to manipulate her into harassing and kidnapping us.

She bowed deeply to me and said “I’m sorry”, then left the scene with the teacher who came late. It’s hard to say that her chances of becoming one of the top three students this year have been hurt, as the Phantom Beast tried to hurt other students.

The incident showed signs of being resolved and the tense atmosphere finally began to move.

The situation became chaotic again because of His Highness, who came over after hearing the story. While His Highness was patting me all over, asking “Are you injured?”, I talked to Charlotte.

“Excuse me, could you tell me why a Dragon Phantom Beast has been born from someone like me?”

“Surely, you don’t seem to be very strong in magic. Could it be because you have a strong sense of humanity?”

Charles replied. I can’t accept that because I don’t think I’m that human.

When I shook my head, she laughed and said, “I’ve never seen a human who doesn’t get angry even after being almost killed.” Still, there must be many better-natured humans than me.

“The bond with Phantom Beast.”

This time, I heard Charlotte’s murmured words.


“Your Phantom Beast seems to be very fond of you. Did you say that before the egg hatched [become a dragon]? There is a possibility that the Phantom Beast is trying to fulfill its master’s command.”

“No, I don’t think so…”

“Oh.” The one who said that was the Prince.

“You said, [I don’t mind even if you become a flying snake], on Grue’s back.”


I checked my pocket without thinking. Christina, who had changed back into a small snake to eliminate the danger, was looking at me with sparkling eyes and said, “That’s right.” as if she was saying it.


“Congratulations, Rebecca-sama!”

Emilia had a smile on her face like spring had come from the [summer] results. I took it as a compliment for Christina and returned a full-faced smile.

It’s been a week since the [summer] results were announced. They were as follows:

10th place: Judith Ceden

9th place: N/A

8th place: Oswald Ceden

7th place: Cectiara Zoff

6th place: Sajad Mahajanjiga

5th place: Vanderlei Slutarch

4th place: Olivier Marc

3rd place: Llewayne Huaverdon

2nd place: Emilia

1st place: Rebecca Slutarch

At the end of the 3rd year, the top contenders were His Highness and Olivier and my brother Vanderlei. My brother had received high praise for his fierce horseback riding and blazing fire-red hair.

But in the 1st year, the situation changed. Since the school opened, there have been only a handful of cases in which a beast that only exists in the legends has appeared as a Phantom Beast. But this year, it was different. Two, the Kyuubi and the Dragon, appeared and even the teachers were amazed.

It was a rare thing for Christina to be given 1st place, but I was happy that many people recognized Christina.

The 9th place was probably Kyaran’s. That incident was dealt with internally and hasn’t really spread as a rumor. I hope that it doesn’t cause her reputation to fall.

Kyaran followers would bow their heads deeply and make way for me and Emilia when they saw us in the school. Some of those students even used to bully me and Emilia. I wonder if Kyaran talked to them about giving orders while they were being controlled. Every time I see those students, I think that if we had met under different circumstances, we could have become good friends.

After class, when I was talking to Emilia, a tall man with glasses came.

“Emilia! Congratulations on the 2nd place!”

“Thank you, Gadd.”

He was Gadd Maysen. He greeted me briefly with a bow. Normally he was just [a first-year classmate], but personally he was [a person who was in love with Emilia but is not taken seriously at all].

I’ve seen his face frequently these past few days. He’s been talking to Emilia a lot since the summer break began. Emilia said they met by chance at the Royal Capital’s library during the summer break and talked, but she didn’t seem to have become close friends with him. But he doesn’t seem to think that way.

But if only Emilia is okay with that, the two of them talking and laughing together look quite good together and are like a picture. He’s not a target for conquest, but he’s quite a good man and his personality seems kind too.

Seeing them like this, I remembered the scene in the strategy book where the prince and the main character get together.

——Traditionally, [winter] is to have a school-wide dance party after the [battle]. Students celebrate and share their stories of mutual success throughout the year.”

In that place, the villainess, who was his fiancée, was denounced and the prince, who was no longer holding a grudge, kissed the protagonist in a way that would sweep them off their feet during the middle of the dance.

“From now on, I’d like it if you were the one by my side.”

To convey it like this.

…dammit, my stomach ache, chest pain, headache, and all my physical symptoms have suddenly gotten worse. Let’s not remember any more.

Anyway, to avoid this future, I personally want Gadd-kun to do his best not to be a nuisance to Emilia.

Well, I told Emilia yesterday, “It’s also good to be with him,” and she said, “I am completely devoted to Rebecca-sama,” in a strangely proud way.

In the strategy book, Gadd Maysen, otherwise known as [support character] is written as a pitiful man who doesn’t have the destiny of being tied to the protagonist.

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