The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Charles Seagan was wandering around the venue as a member of the jury. And suddenly he noticed his twin sister wandering away from the group. Surprisingly, she had difficulty with group activities despite her sociable attitude. He called out to her as usual.

His sister was staring at a lone woman.

“Charlotte, what’s wrong with you? Are you that interested in her?”

“Yeah. Charles, what do you think of her?”

What do I think?

Charlotte’s gaze was directed at a black-haired young lady. Sitting in a chair, she occasionally responded to the man sitting next to her who was talking to her.

With her transparent white skin and shining black hair, she was a very attractive woman. She seemed to have relaxed a little bit now, and her gap-filled expression and the reddish cheeks due to the heat were attractive to men. She was quite eye-catching, especially for the general audience who had never seen such a beautiful woman before. Even now, a mesmerized young boy bumped into a chair while staring at her.

——That’s the rumored [Duke of Slutarch Jeweled Daughter]. Not only did she have rare black hair, but her elegance that could not be hidden in her every move easily reminded him of her name.

Charles wanted to say “To be honest, I quite like her.” but he didn’t. Because his sister’s eyes were very serious.

Finally, he focused his consciousness on the Phantom Beast sleeping on top of her leg. It looks so happy. That snake, snake is…

At that moment, he stiffened up.

——Snake? Wait. Is that really such a small existence?

“Oh… I see? Is that still an egg?”

“I think so too. Maybe it changed what it was going to be in the middle and came out in an unfinished state.”

The more he looked at the Phantom Beast, the more its outline became blurred. If he strained his eyes, he could at least tell that it had an enormous amount of magic hidden within its small body.

That was all Charles could understand. If the twins were together, it was always his sister’s role to think. Because Charlotte’s Phantom Beast was a being that could be called a symbol of wisdom.

“Hey, is something wrong?”

Charlotte’s words were not directed at Charles. They were directed at the Phantom Beast clinging to her back, hidden by her long hair.

Two turtles peeked out from both of her shoulders. The two turtles make up one, and that turtle’s intelligence is devoted to just one point. One is in charge of knowledge, the other in charge of wisdom. He/they can only communicate with their master, Charlotte, and freely gives her the knowledge and wisdom they have gained over 40,000 years.


When a 40,000-year-old Phantom Beast hatched from his sister’s egg three years ago, he was too confused and didn’t understand what it meant.

Charlotte, who was talking to a turtle, exclaimed “Wow!” Charles tried to ask what was going to be born, but his voice was drowned out by the surrounding noise.

A Phantom Beast belonging to a female student began to go wild. It was a cub, and it was clearly growling with hatred towards the young lady in question.

“… Should we not stop and watch?”

Charlotte nodded without hesitation to Charles’ proposal.

“I wonder if it will be born properly this time.”

Charlotte said this with an impatient feeling, and Charles also couldn’t calm his excitement. What they were about to see might be a historical moment.

The cub transformed into a giant bear and attacked the young lady. At that moment, the Phantom Beast that was sitting on her knees emitted a dazzling light that seemed to make its eyes burst.

The twins looked at each other’s identical faces and happily laughed.


He recognized the light. Christina emitted light in the same way when she was born by breaking the shell.

But the strange thing is, it’s dazzling but not dazzling. At first, I reflexively closed my eyes, but I don’t want to cover my eyes even though it’s pure white. Everyone seems to be in the same situation, and Lancelot and the people around him were all just opening their mouths and looking at it. The only one who groaned with the pain of burning the retina was the bear. He stumbled backward and fell on his butt.

When the light subsided, Christina, who should have been the light source, was not there. When I stood up without thinking, I noticed the existence that wraps around my body.

The glossy white body is still the same. Except for the fact that it has become much larger, thicker and longer than my body after 2-3 rounds.

Has Christina turned into a giant snake?

I tried to take it calmly, but my head made a noise and stopped thinking. It was because I found an impossible object attached to the middle of Christina’s slipping torso.

There are legs.

When I saw the head that appeared again with a sharp clawed foot, I finally managed to speak. The beard and eyebrows fluttering in the wind, and the eyes that have become more mysterious than before, all of them are white like before.

“Christina, you.”

It was a dragon.

She is more happy that I was able to be accepted for who she is, rather than just understanding what she had changed into. And it doesn’t seem like her happiness of being called by the same name is just my imagination.

After all, I am the only one and master of this child, so I should be able to understand that much.


The Phantom Beast, a dragon that has never appeared in the history of the world. People noticed its importance, or were overwhelmed by its divinity, and remained silent.

The sound of footsteps that broke the air and resounded. When I looked, the natural opening of the human wall revealed the Seagan siblings.

“Slutarch-sama, I am pleased to meet you.

“I saw something good. I never thought it would be a dragon’s child.”

“Ah, thank you very much.”

The Seagan siblings were just like normal and seemed to be just conducting an examination. I was very detached from the two of them who were very calm. The people around us, even the Lancelot next to us, were still not able to recover from the shock.

“You, restrain that child. It’s bad if someone gets hurt.”

As the older brother Charles said that, a big shadow swayed in the sky. The Phantom Beast siblings, who have become living legends. The sister is knowledge and the brother is power. The older brother’s Phantom Beast is a giant shark.

It is well known that not only can this shark swimming in the sky like it’s swimming in water, but it can also slip through all kinds of obstacles. I’ve heard that it was this Phantom Beast that troubled His Highness the most during last year’s [Winter] battle.

The shark confidently swam through the sky and swallowed the bear whole. Kyaran let out a short scream.

“Greetings, Marquis Goudes’ daughter. I’d like to know the reason for your Phantom Beast’s rampage.”

This time, the one who spoke was Charlotte. She calmly carried the embodiment of knowledge on her shoulders and began to speak.

“The Phantom Beast is a mirror of its master. I think that your Phantom Beast reflected your inner self and took the actions it did. Do you have any idea?”

Kyaran had a face that looked like she was being scolded.


That cheek was silently flowing with droplets of water. As I watched the overflowing droplets, I felt a certain emotion that made my chest ache.

“Rebecca-sama, it is I.”

This is a sense of guilt.

“I cannot help but hate you.”

I know.

I will only answer in my heart.

[Kyaran Goudes. Fifth year, talented in magic, red curly hair, Phantom Beast is a bear cub,

Note: Likes Llewayne (His Highness)]


TL: Perhaps Christina is an “Eastern dragon”

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