The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 20

Chapter 20

[Spring] is the first day of the first semester. [Summer] is also the same, and the day after the summer break is the Phantom Beast Festival.

[Summer] is a completely different event from school events. It’s a famous event in this country and many people from all over the country gather together.

Many people, including tourists from abroad, come to see the Phantom Beast, which is a pride of the Huaverdon kingdom’s nobles.

The second-year class is from 9 am, the third-year class is from noon, and the first-year class is from 3 pm. Students in the corresponding grade perform their own Phantom Beast appeal in their own place, and the audience, including other grades, can watch it as they like.

The evaluation and ranking are done by a judging panel consisting of teachers and famous graduates. The evaluation criteria are not clearly defined, but it is said to be mainly strength, beauty, rarity, intelligence, and the depth of the bond with the master.


A big curtain is hanging on the school building and the words [Phantom Beast Festival] are dancing in the wind.

The current time is 8:30 in the morning, 30 minutes before the second-year class begins. The academy is already overflowing with people and it’s difficult to move around.

Melinda and I are wandering around looking for where His Highness is. Since he is one of the three strongest and also popular among men, we thought that if we don’t find him early and wait for the event in that place, there will be a crowd.

The Phantom Beast Festival is held only in this courtyard, but it is so large that it takes three hours to finally be able to walk around.

“Hey Melinda.”

I looked at my friend, or rather the Phantom Beast perched on her shoulder. Is it because the heat and the many people are uncomfortable, Melinda has a deep wrinkle on her forehead and her Phantom Beast also has the same expression.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but your child… don’t eat snakes, does he?”


“Melinda, it’s a matter of life and death.”

“I’m sorry, I got excited. Yeah… please relax.”

“Really? That’s good——”

“I don’t think it’s useful as a stomach filler so I think it doesn’t eat.”


Melinda smiled with a smirk. She glared with squinted eyes. Even the Phantom Beast on her shoulder had a mischievous expression.

These kids are alike. They’re really alike!

Melinda’s Phantom Beast was an owl with a color that seemed to melt into the darkness of night. Only its golden eyes were as beautiful as a full moon. It was cute with the same colors as its master, but unfortunately it also had a quick wit and a sense of humor similar to its master. And also its facial expressions.

Even now, with the eyes of a predator, it looked at my pocket, so I couldn’t help but hold my pocket with my hand.

I peeked inside quietly. My little Christina was trembling pitifully. I feel like her white body has become even whiter.

Christina was born two weeks ago. I was worried when six weeks had passed since I got the egg and it hadn’t been born yet. But it was born safely after four or five days. I haven’t shown it to His Highness yet, so I’m looking forward to introducing the two of them today.

In the first grade, unlike the second and third grades, you don’t have to perform any tricks, you just have to show your natural appearance. This child, who is only two weeks old, can also do that. It’s a timid and kind child, and I love this child so much. The right pocket of my skirt is its fixed position.

“Oh, Rebecca, I found His Highness.”

“Oh! What, this…no way, already…Melinda, let’s give up and look for a cool place to sit.”

“I agree.”

From a distance, you can finally see a blonde man and a magnificent eagle. It seems like it would be better to give up on approaching him, who is already surrounded by a large crowd.

As we sat in the corner of the courtyard and rested, fireworks went off. They were like fireworks as bright as the morning sun. It was a sign that the Phantom Beast Festival was about to begin in five minutes.

Along with that, two people appeared on the circular stage set up in the center of the courtyard.

I know them. They are the two famous people in this academy. Their beautiful appearance made sighs of admiration escape from all around the venue.

“Today, we are honored to have the representative graduates take on the role of masters.”

The one who lowered her lapis lazuli-colored hair to her waist and made a proper bow was Charlotte Seagan, the twin sister.

“I’m happy to be able to breathe the air of this academy again. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s Phantom Beasts.”

Likewise, Charles Seagan, the twin brother, shook his lapis lazuli-colored hair and smiled.

They are the Seagan siblings. They are the graduates of the academy and two out of six who won the title of the top three in the last [winter].

The “Three Strong” and “Five High” are announced at the end of the year. The two of them, who were in the third grade a year ago, received the title of “Three Strong” and immediately graduated from the Academy.

It is said that graduating with this title is particularly honorable, and last year the third-year “Three Strong” were only the Seagan siblings. Furthermore, the Seagan siblings were the first twins to shine in the “Three Strong” in history.

With the presence of their idol in front of them, the students’ engines heated up.

“Now then, everyone.”

“Let’s start the Phantom Beast Festival!”

A burst of cheers that envelops the venue at the two’s signal.

I stand up from my chair with my chest pounding, Melinda complains “I’m already tired” seeing me, Christina says “Shii!” and the owl says “Hoo.”

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