The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 19

Chapter 19


“Why did you come?” sounded like “Why did you know this place?” to his highness.

“Goudes has been under surveillance for a while. I’ll explain the details later. More importantly, Rebecca, answer me. Are you injured?”

His Highness looked at [Hal] with sharp eyes and protected me, who had slumped down, with his back. His voice was firm, but it was clear that he was worried about me.


“I didn’t want you to come,” my voice trembled. It must have sounded like “I’m glad you came” to His Highness.

His Highness also glanced at Emilia and must have seen the Kyuubi, but he didn’t seem to react.

[Hal] had returned to his normal mode and was looking at me with a suggestive face.

Now I understand. From my perspective as someone who broke the scenario, you were also breaking the scenario, and in this way you were restoring this world to its proper form.

“Alright, I’m leaving now.”

[Hal] looked satisfied. The purpose of this event had been achieved, and therefore, his purpose had also been achieved.

“Alright then, all three of you. Miss Kyaran, please remove the ring and release the magic.”

As he said this, his body became blurry and faint. However, he let out a big “Ah!” in the middle. Is there something else?

“That’s right. My name is Ouka, nice to meet you.”

Well, I already know that.

Ouka, who was almost gone, suddenly appeared right in front of me and whispered only a few last words before disappearing completely this time.

I was so surprised that my back stood on end. Why do I know that! That man, who threw a bomb in the end.

His Highness turned around as if he had been shot and wiped my ear that had been whispered to by Ouka with his sleeve. Wipe, wipe, wipe… He looked angry. His lips were closed in a single character and he didn’t smile gently like usual.

I calmed down a little. Certainly, His Highness had come. It’s clear that he came to save me. What is this situation where I’m being swung around by the scenario that I’m trying to resist?

Besides, now there are other things to do.

I put my hand on His Highness’ hand, who seemed to want to wipe Ouka off my ear no matter what. And I looked into his eyes. His actions were a little strange and I wanted to reassure the surprisingly worrying him, so I smiled from the bottom of my heart.

“Thank you very much for coming to help me, Lord. That was cool.”

Maybe the last word was unnecessary. But now I just want to express gratitude for being his fiancée. I decided not to worry until something really happens.


His Highness easily tore off Emilia’s rope, peeled off the Kyuubi’s seal, and removed the ring from Kyaran’s finger, breaking the spell.

The ring must have been put on by Ouka to control her. I don’t know specifically what kind of flower it was, but it was a cute motif with pink flowers.

Kyaran lit up her eyes and had a look of confusion. While watching her expression carefully, I hugged Emilia and comforted her. Emilia was full of apologies for breaking my rules and thanking me.

I took Emilia and the knights who were waiting outside back home. His highness said he would come over after taking care of everything.

I was really tired. It didn’t feel like it was just a two-hour event.

Emilia sat on a chair and repeatedly stroked the Kyuubi, who had shrunk to the size of her knee. It was a motion to comfort herself. And then she started talking bit by bit.

“Goudes-sama came into the room and I tried to turn her away because Rebecca-sama had told not to see anyone, but then I saw the flower on her ring, which was a familiar and nostalgic thing from the past. When She showed it to me and agreed to talk to her, I was magically transferred away. After that, she just kept repeating things like [don’t take it], [it’s sad], [I hate it] and we couldn’t have a conversation. And then suddenly I felt like she was going to smash my egg.”

His Highness, who arrived late, said.

“Marquis Goudes’ daughter is the person who was giving instructions to cause trouble for you all. I still have a feeling that something is going on and I am keeping an eye on it. I was informed that Goudes moved while I was on my way to Duke Slutarch’s territory, so I rushed over using transfer magic.”

His Highness had learned the transfer magic. It was not information in the strategy book. He said it was limited to once a day and that he didn’t want to use it unless it was an emergency, but it was still amazing.

“Goudes apparently has no memory of this incident. In fact, her memory has been vague for several months. There is also no evidence. If she was manipulated, she will not be held responsible for any crime.”

Kyaran has magical talent and power in her family, and also has loyal bodyguards (cronies/followers) who follow her orders, so she may have been a convenient person to manipulate. If that’s the only reason she was chosen, then Kyaran was unfortunate.

However, more importantly, the problem is that Ouka knows that I know the scenario.

At this stage, it should not have been confirmed that he is the man who was sealed a long time ago. I will probably see him again soon.

I have an uneasy feeling. But Emilia has returned safely like this. I decided to be satisfied with just that.

The anxiety that Emilia may have entered the route of the palace, I pushed to the corner of my head and locked it away.

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