The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 15

Chapter 15

It has been 6 days since I started being taken care of by the Cuey family. Today is finally the day of my appointment with His Highness.

Melinda caught me in the clothes that we had previously decided on. I was made to sit in front of the mirror and my hair was tied. My hair was loosely braided on both sides and gathered at a low position on the back of my head. I can say that the perfect amount of hair left out in the back tells the story of her dexterity and skill in hair styling.

“Oh my, you look cute. His Highness will be pleased.

“Thank you, Melinda. But the tone of your voice.”

“You look lovely, Rebecca-sama. It’s wonderful. His Highness will be delighted.”

After correcting her tone, Melinda’s speech started talking in a weird way. I stopped being preachy and hugged her to express my gratitude. Melinda hugged me back and said “enjoy yourself.”

His Highness should have come to pick me up from the Viscount’s territory. I couldn’t help but wait anxiously in front of the mansion, but as the appointed time approached, the carriage was nowhere to be seen.

I was just starting to think something was off when I noticed a large shadow cast over me. I looked up and understood. If I had a companion like this, I would never think of using a carriage.

“Rebecca. I kept you waiting.”

“No, you’re on time.”

He rode on the back of a big eagle and looked unchanged, which made me feel relieved. I was also happy to have such a lover-like interaction.

His Highness helped me onto the back of the eagle.

“His name is Grue.”

As I thought, Phantom Beasts also have names! I couldn’t help but smile. Grue, who looked like he could carry people, calmly rose to a high altitude and began a peaceful flight.

The Viscount Cuey’s mansion is now so small. The view from below is beautiful and the air is delicious. I never knew the sky could feel this good. As my mother taught me, should I use the phrase “people are like ants” when I’m at a high place.

“Not just being together, but also giving you many experiences.”

His Highness said as he turned to look at me clinging to his back. It’s probably about the egg. That’s good to hear!

I took out a palm-sized egg from my handbag. So that it can also enjoy a pleasant breeze.

“…I don’t mind even if you become a flying snake, Christina.”

I intended to say it in a small voice, but I wonder if His Highness heard it. He didn’t say anything, so I’ll assume it’s okay.

Before I knew it, the Royal Capital came into view. Today seems like it will be a fun day.


We went to watch a play, went for a walk while eating, walked around a variety of shops and had a sweet treat at a tea house. It is no exaggeration to say that we have done everything that a date at the Royal Capital could possibly do.

I never left His Highness’ side, laughed from the heart and became tired from playing. I noticed that the day was getting dark and I became sad.

“Rebecca, let’s go see the sunset. I have a favorite place.”

I nod with a smile. I was happy because I wanted to stay together for a little longer.

I take the prince’s arm that was offered. Even the fact that this action has become normal today made me incredibly happy.

But when I saw the place we arrived at after riding Grue’s back this morning, I was speechless.

“Y-Your Highness, is this place?”

“Yes, it’s on the roof of the palace.”

“That’s right!”

Is that not some kind of crime? At least it is a crime of disrespect.

His Highness sat down with an air of familiarity.

“Don’t worry about it. I often come here to see the sunset and the night sky.”

No wonder the guards did not pay attention to the huge eagle perched on the roof of the palace. Grue left me and the prince on the roof, while enjoying the sky.

I give up and sit next to the prince. It is true that from here we can enjoy the sky without any obstacles because it is higher than any other building.

I was looking at the endless sunset when I heard someone call my name, Rebecca. I looked at His Highness and was startled. A deep blue (eyes) was staring at me. The gaze was serious. Behind it was a sunset. His Highness’s golden hair was translucent in the red color, and it was shining while mixed together.

In fact, I have a certain goal today. His Highness said to me that I should consult with him about anything. Then I should talk to His Highness about strategy books and the Otome game. The information written in the strategy book has great value. His Highness will surely be able to make good use of them.

However, by confessing this, I will also be confessing that I am a villainess in the scenario.

I know that His Highness values me. But is that because I am [me], or because I am [the future queen]?

I have never heard the words of love or like from His Highness in a proper way.

What I fear is the existence of [game coercion]. The ranking of [spring] was as the scenario described, except for what happened around me as an irregular. The same goes for the examination. Besides, even if Rebecca did not bully Emilia, other people would harass her(them) instead.

It seems that no matter what, many things go through different processes and converge in the same place. Though things may not always go as planned in the scenario, it can be said that the game is progressing while neatly arranging the minimum elements.

In that case, I no longer think of myself as a villainess, but can I win as just myself against the protagonist?

In the scenario, it was more beneficial for the country for His Highness to choose Emilia as his queen, rather than me as the daughter of the Slutarch family. And if the game’s coercion (compulsion) was really existent and could push His Highness’ back just a little, would His Highness still choose me, both as the king and as Llewayne, I still couldn’t come to a conclusion.

So, if His Highness were to clearly say to me today that he likes me, I would trust him and reveal everything. That’s what I decided and faced today.

His Highness must have known my nervousness and turned his arm around to support my waist. To prevent me from slipping and falling.

As we leaned on each other, we must have looked like lovers to others.

I immediately regretted thinking such a thing.

“Rebecca, I have something to tell you.”

My heart, which should have been fluttering, starts to calm down. The Crown Prince looking at me is not just [a man], but unmistakably [the Crown Prince of this country].

“I can be a king with you by my side. Protect this country with me.”

These are words that could be taken as a proposal. But there is no sweetness there.

I feel like my whole being is seen through his deep blue eyes. He wants love from me, who is selfish and carries the burden of the country.

I smiled thinly. It was unconscious. It must be a defense mechanism of my heart to keep my feelings from being known.


I answer with as much firmness as possible, not as [a woman], but as [the fiance of the Crown Prince]. The Crown Prince’s face relaxes and he looks at me with affection.

Looking at that, my throat trembled. “What do you think of me, your Highness?” If I ask this, it will be over. Even though I know that, I’m scared. I’m scared of what expression he will have. I’m scared of hearing the answer. I’m scared of telling everything.

I closed my mouth and looked down. Not a single word came out. I couldn’t trust His Highness.

“You look even more beautiful today,”

His Highness’ left hand, detached from his waist, enveloped and gently grasped my right hand. I softly returned the grasp so as not to let go.

Ah, me. I don’t want to forget this moment.

I sincerely thought that.

The beauty of the burning setting sun, His Highness’ gentle voice, the temperature of this hand. I want to engrave all of them in my brain and remember them no matter what happens from now on.

I hope that at that time, I will still be next to His Highness, just like this moment.

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