The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 14

Chapter 14

The results of the June exam were announced the other day. The exam is by grade level, so unlike [event], only the top 3 of each grade are publicly released. Looking at the posted results, I doubted my eyes for a while.

I was first place in the first grade. Below me were the names of Gadd Maysen, and then Emilia. Emilia’s ranking was the same as the scenario. Melinda was said to be in twelfth place. As a result of the last-minute cramming, it was certainly worth praising.

In the second grade, the first place was the name of His Highness, followed by Oswald Ceden, and then Fried Neher.

In the third grade, the first place was Cectiara Zoff, followed by Vanderlei Slutarch, and then tied for third place were Diego Niesch, and Ray Lowe.

While embraced by Emilia, who had come to express the highest expression of joy, I secretly decided to strive not to be surpassed.


It may not be that important, but I am currently practicing something called the “tsun-tsun period” towards His Highness. It was named and proposed by Emilia.

There is one reason for this. His Highness withholds the identity of the person who directed the harassment against me and Emilia.

I remembered that His Highness had said something like that three days after the incident, two weeks ago. I asked him to tell me but he didn’t and I became sullen the next day.

The way to do “tsun-tsun” is simple. When we meet, I puff out my cheeks and turn my face away. Even if I’m facing him, if he talks to me, I’ll just answer, so it feels like that’s why it’s effective, but as Emilia said, it’s quite effective.

His Highness is trying to put me in a good mood. The gift of sweet things is pleasant. I like it even more when he strokes my head.

But the truth is, both His Highness and I understand. I understand that there are secrets in His Highness’s work. That’s why I don’t really get sulky and this is just a pose. In other words, we’ve become this kind of playfully-related, it’s a bit embarrassing to say it out loud.


Starting tomorrow is the summer vacation. And today is the day that the first-year students will be given Phantom Beast eggs. The day I’ve been looking forward to. Of course, I couldn’t sleep yesterday.

Emilia smiled warmly at me as I held the egg I received carefully, while Melinda looked at me in surprise.

“I’m looking forward to it, Rebecca-sama.”

“Are you in that kind of mood now?”

It takes two to six weeks for the egg to hatch. There’s no saying whether it’s better for it to hatch quickly or slowly, it just depends on the influence of the master. There’s no need to warm them or anything, but it’s said that it’s better to always act together.

My egg seemed smaller than the others around it. Out of all the eggs that look the same except for the size, which one is given to you is completely up to luck.

That’s also a part of the Phantom Beast Festival, but it’s natural that my egg is small. The one that will be born is a small and cute white snake.

Melinda was rolling her egg, which was bigger than her palm, on the desk as a comfort, but suddenly smiled and stood up. When I looked, Fried was standing in the distance and looking at us. I pulled my cheek and looked at the situation.

After the incident that began with the flying of the potted plant, His Highness pronounced a rule on me.

To report and consult about anything, and when we are both too busy to meet, to rely on Fried Neher and Melinda Cuey as intermediaries.

I couldn’t help but accept that rule. I understood that I was being worried about, and I had a feeling of guilt for not reporting the matter to His Highness.

His Highness was able to skillfully use this incident to enhance his own reputation, but if he were to do the same thing again, it would be nothing but a nuisance.

Thanks to that, Melinda and Fried were able to talk. Or rather, Melinda was able to talk to Fried one-sidedly. Because he’s a man who embodies silence.

That’s what I thought.

“That’s right, Rebecca. Fried-sama said [His Highness has become more human-like and is smiling, Miss Rebecca, I am grateful], you know.”

“Fried-sama? Which Fried-sama is that?”

“There’s only one Fried-sama in this Academy.”

“Oh, is it Bread-sama? Or is it Friend-sama, I wonder.”

(TL: Rebecca is in complete denial.)

“Don’t be persistent, Rebecca.”

When did he(Fried) become able to speak such a long sentence? And, I thought he recently stopped glaring at me for logical reasons.

Melinda rejected the reply that said he’d become much more human-like.


The fact that it’s summer vacation means that I am looking forward to going out with his highness in about a week.

What kind of clothes should I wear? I left the decision of where to go to his highness, so I want to look neutral and be able to adapt to any place.

I summoned [my friends] as my ace in the hole during times like this. Emilia and Melinda, who were still in the dormitory after the closing ceremony, dressed me up in a not-too-this, not-too-that manner. (made me their dress-up doll.)

“Yeah, this is good! Cute!”

Emilia gave her approval to the combination of an ice blue sleeveless top and a light white lace skirt that hid my calves. She matched it with a whitish handbag and low heels. It turned out to be quite a neat look.

“By the way, Emilia, do you acknowledge his highness?”

“When I see Rebecca-sama being deceived right in front of me, I think “that scoundrel” inside, but just the fact that he is the next highest leader of this country is redeemable.”

“Do you know how disrespectful that language is?”

I was so nervous in front of the mirror that I didn’t hear the uneasy conversation of my two friends.

The next day, I left the dormitory with Melinda. I will spend July at Melinda’s Viscount Cuey’s estate and August at my father’s house in the Royal Capital. I will not return to the Duke of Slutarch’s territory as it is too far.

My brother told me that he will spend July at my father’s house and August somewhere else, so I was slightly aware of it. [Spring] results and examination results are announced, and I still avoid my brother who I often see his name. I haven’t seen him at the Academy either, and I probably won’t for a while unless something happens.

However, my plans are not just focused on my brother. I am also thinking about the major event that will happen in the summer.

I boarded the carriage after being farewelled by Emilia who was in the dormitory until today and will return home tomorrow. I don’t feel much sadness in our parting. It’s not because I’m unfeeling, it’s because I promised to see her soon.

Viscount Cuey’s estate is relatively close to the Royal Capital, but it is a place full of nature. I have been there a few times.

While stroking the egg, I thought about giving this child an experience of horseback riding.

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