The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 75

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Who is the messenger 1

Ernesta stopped crushing the medicinal herbs and let out a deep sigh.

By now, Ivan had been here for three days, and according to his words, Engeberg was confined as soon as the substitute was revealed. As for Ermengard, she was busy with her duties as queen to avoid confusion.

Although he told her they did not do anything violent and obeyed solemnly, Ernesta couldn’t help but worry about them. She understood that it was the expected response, and she could even say that they were lucky not to lose their lives.

But what about herself? She hadn’t received any punishment. On the contrary, she was trying to return to Shenka as if nothing had happened.

After bottling the powdered herbs and placing them on the shelf, Ernesta went outside with a troubled expression.

——I have to get it together.

If she wished to be by Ivan’s side, she had to be prepared to shoulder her own sins. She even wanted to help him carry his burden. She hoped that thinking like this wasn’t just self-importance. 

Looking up at the sky with renewed determination, she saw the deep blue sky surrounding the border town.

Ivan had gone hunting in the mountains. He happily grabbed the rifle handed to him by Bruno, truly a hunter at heart.

Right now, Ernesta focused on what was in front of her. Mumbling to herself, she started gathering the laundry.

“If you don’t mind.”

As she grabbed the fluttering sheets, someone called out from behind her.

Turning around carefully as not to drop the white fabric, she saw a woman she didn’t recognize.

The woman appeared to be in her mid-thirties and was very beautiful.

Her brunette hair was well-groomed, and her simple dress was elegantly tailored. Behind her stood two men who seemed to be her guards, suggesting a high social status.


Ernesta smiled as she pushed the sheets into the basket. But the woman didn’t even crack a smile and gazed at her emotionlessly with her eyes.

“Are you looking for our shop? The entrance is on the opposite side.”

The blacksmith North Star had a good reputation, and even the local aristocrats favored them. Ernesta assumed that the person in front of her was related to the shop and began to guide them.

“Please come this way. It’s a small shop, but we have a good selection——”

“I came to see you, Ernesta.”

Completely caught off guard by the unexpected words, Ernesta stopped in surprise.

What did this woman just say? No, first of all, how did she know her name?

“You must leave this town. From now on, you will follow me.”

“What are you talking about…? Who are you?”

“I am Constanze, the Empress of the Bral Empire.”

Upon hearing the matter-of-fact introduction, Ernesta was shocked and couldn’t move.

——What a joke. There’s no way the Empress could be here.

Wait a minute. If she really is the Empress, then this person is…!

In her confusion, Ernesta stumbled. However, perhaps they saw this as an attempt to escape, the men behind her moved instantly and restrained her defenseless body from both sides.

“What are you doing?! Let go of me!”

She reflexively twisted her body to escape, but the men seemed accustomed to rough work and didn’t budge. Even though she didn’t know what was going on, a feeling of despair engulfed her.

But that time did not last long. One moment she heard men screaming in agony above her, and the next she was being pulled by the arms and sheltered by a familiar back.

“Don’t lay a finger on my wife.”

Ivan’s short, spat-out words were so low they seemed to crawl along the ground.

Ernesta looked up in shock at the rugged figure in front of her. The two men who had restrained her were crouching, clutching their throats and stomachs, but as soon as they saw the dignified figure of the king, their faces turned pale.

“Do you think I wont crush the likes of you in the blink of an eye? Empress…!”

It was a fiery anger that could flatten the surroundings just with his voice.

Ernesta even felt the illusion that the clothes hangers or store window frames were shaking, and her shoulders trembled while being shielded backwards.

It was always like this. When in trouble, when in despair, Ivan always came to help.

Ernesta was so relieved that she almost kneeled, but she held onto the shirt on Ivan’s broad back and managed to endure it. When Ivan noticed the touch, he faintly turned his head back and firmly nodded.

In the meantime, the men who had been struck by anger from the front seemed to be frozen and completely unable to move. However, the woman stood there resolutely, despite her face turning pale.

Ernesta finally realized it now.

This unwavering posture, the sharp nose, and the brunette hair. She looked just like Ermengard from any angle.

“…King Ivan. Why are you here?”

“That’s our line, Empress Constanze.”

Upon receiving proof that the woman’s name was not a lie, Ernesta looked at her dignified posture again. The sudden encounter with her birth mother made it hard for her emotions to catch up.

Realizing that it was futile to ask, Constanze let out a sigh and lowered her gaze.

“I have come at the behest of His Majesty, the Emperor.”

“The emperor’s orders?”

“Yes. To ensure that Ernesta is kept under surveillance and used as a substitute for Ermengard in the future.”

Ivan’s anger erupted upon hearing the quiet declaration of fact. His expression could not be seen, but the anger was transmitted unmistakably.

“…What a lowlife. And incredibly foolish as well. Is that how you treat your own daughter?”

Despite being verbally abused, Constanze showed no reaction other than narrowing her eyes.

However, just as she was about to say something in response, a third unexpected visitor arrived with a brisk pace.

The person who appeared was completely unexpected.

“Long time no see, you two! Wait, is that…?”


Theodor, in human form, moved his face from side to side, scratching his cheeks in the tense air. He didn’t seem to understand the situation, and eventually turned to Ivan with a questioning look.

“Did I come during your private time, by any chance?”

“No, it’s perfect timing, Theo. Hand me the letter.”

Not seeming to be offended by Ivan’s lack of joy at seeing him again, Theodor pulled a rolled up piece of parchment out of the baggage he was carrying.

Ernesta was so surprised that she couldn’t close her mouth. Theodor’s task was to deliver the letter.

“Here. The jailer was rough with me, man.”

Ivan effortlessly caught the tube that Theodor threw and passed it directly to Constanze.

“Read it here now.”

The guard, who finally regained his composure, staggered to his feet and received the letter. After receiving a nod from Constanze, the man spread out the parchment and began to read its contents.

“…This is a formal protest against your recent plot. Your country is no longer respected as an ally. You must express sincere repentance and apologize while accepting the following conditions:

First, all contact between Ermengard, Ernesta, and their families is prohibited. Second, do not dismiss Ambassador Count Engeberg. Third, do not terminate the alliance. Fourth, repeal the troop deployment clause in the text. These are the conditions. Furthermore, if any of these conditions are violated, be aware that we will publicize this plot to the world along with Princess Ermengard’s testimony.”

Ernesta couldn’t help but lift her face. Ivan, who faced forward, didn’t even glance at her, but his strong arm supported her shoulder.

The man read the letter aloud and slowly lifted his pale face.

Even without thinking, it was clear what would happen if this matter were to become known to the world.

Bral would lose diplomatic credibility. It was certain that the future of a country that turned its back on other countries would not be bright.

Ivan stared straight at Constanze with his sharp blue eyes, like a drawn sword.

“Let me add one more thing. If you can’t accept this condition, I’ll go alone to the palace and tear the Emperor’s head apart. Don’t think it’s impossible.”

Theodor casually said, “Then I’ll help too,” but it seemed to have a full effect, causing the two guards to further tense their already strained faces.

“You have chosen the wrong enemy to plot against. If you understand, take this and return to your husband.”

With those words, the conversation ended. Constanze remained silent for a while in response to Ivan’s tone of finality.

Eventually, the empress showed a faint smile. It was a gentle expression containing a sense of relief.

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