The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 74

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 74

Chapter 74: The King gets nailed

Ernesta was lining up the herbs she had gathered yesterday in the backyard of her house. She would dry them in the sun and then use them to make medicine by boiling or kneading them, depending on the herb.

After being satisfied with the neatly arranged herbs, she turned around and saw the ruler of the country working hard at splitting firewood.

Ernesta stopped moving for a while, smiling at the unbelievable reality she was witnessing.

Ivan was dressed in the clothes that Bruno had worn in his younger years today. He might just look like an ordinary citizen of Bral without wearing a chokha, but his outstanding beauty and presence denied that.

“Hey Ivan, that’s enough.”

He had already taken care of the stove in the morning, and it was beyond embarrassing. Isn’t their family too frank with His Majesty the King?

“No, I haven’t done enough yet.”

“I think it’s enough…”

A stack of firewood had already been made beside them. Even though he had undertaken an ultra-march on the journey until yesterday, what kind of physical strength was this?

“I’m staying here, so it’s only natural to do this much.”

Ivan turned around with movements that showed no sign of fatigue, wiping sweat from his neck with the cloth hanging around it.

Ernesta squinted her eyes at his smile, but her worry prevailed, and she immediately furrowed her eyebrows.

“You’ll leave as soon as the letter arrives, won’t you? At least take some time off while you still can.”

It must be a very dangerous trip to go boarding in the palace.

Ernesta really wanted to go with him, but she understood that voicing such selfishness was not appropriate. He needed to finish his business before the mountain roads were closed by snow and return to Shenka. Ernesta was slow and, moreover, it would be of no use to her if she went with him.

“Dad said so, but … if I speak only with my emotions, it doesn’t matter what the Emperor did.”

However, this was a problem involving Shenka’s position, which Ivan had risked his life to protect. Ernesta had no right to interfere.

“Just know that. I don’t expect you to worry about me, but just know that much.”

“Ellie, you’re misunderstanding.”

However, as she mustered all her courage to make a suggestion, she was interrupted by a gentle voice.

No, that’s not it. Ivan seems to be smiling, but his eyes are not at all.

“To be honest, I feel so angry at Emperor Bral that I would not be satisfied until I tear him apart. It’s not just because of Shenka’s rotten behavior, but also because of the atrocities committed against you.”


Ernesta was dumbfounded. Ivan, who believed in prioritizing work and not bringing emotions into politics, was angry about this matter.

“I have only a rudimentary understanding of Shenka’s position. No, it’s more accurate to say that we’ll use him as a stepping stone. After all he’s done, we have no obligation to enter into an alliance with him.”

“Um, Ivan?”

“It’s clear that he’s a scum who looks down on others. He must realize what will happen if he turns against me and the werewolf tribe. It must be imprinted on his bones.”

Ivan had a cheeky grin on his face. While Ernesta felt happy that he had gotten angry on her behalf, she couldn’t help but grimace at the pressure she felt on her skin.

Indeed, he was scary, and he didn’t seem likely to forgive the Emperor anytime soon. She could easily imagine why he was feared on the battlefield.

“A-Alright! I’ll be waiting, so be careful! And don’t overdo it!”

Ernesta cut off the conversation forcefully.

She realized her worry had been foolish. If anything, she should be worried about the people involved in this plan.

“Shall we have lunch soon? Wash your hands after a while and come to the dining room.”

Anyway, she wanted Ivan to relax and enjoy some delicious food. With that conclusion in mind, Ernesta left the scene with a smile in response to Ivan’s answer.


Ivan wonders if this is real.

Ernesta’s smile is always within reach, and she’s waiting for him too. If they weren’t outside, he would have hugged her by now.

“So cute…”

His sigh blends into a genuine impression.

Last night was really dangerous. Ivan was about to do something incredibly improper to Ernesta, who was so nervous and shaking. And even though this was her family home, he was just a lodger.

As Ivan let out another sigh and split the firewood, he realized late that someone was behind him.

“My daughter is beautiful, isn’t she?”

He was on the verge of throwing his axe, but he tightly gripped it and looked back.

Bruno was standing there with his arms crossed and an annoyed expression. When did he start monitoring their conversation?

“Do you know that my daughter is the most beautiful woman in town? She doesn’t seem to be aware of it herself, though.”

“Well, yes… that’s certainly true.”

It’s only natural for her to be so cute. Considering her age of eighteen, it can be said that it’s miraculous that she’s still unmarried.

“Since the year before last, when she reached marriageable age, there were no shortage of marriage proposals, but I carefully screened all of them and rejected them all so far. My wife was exasperated, but they were all worthless men.”

“I see.”

Ivan nodded with a straight face on the surface, but inside he thanked his father-in-law.

——Thank you so much, Father-in-law. Thanks to you, I was able to meet Ellie.

“She is a good girl, bright and obedient. After she returned from Shenka, she became quite depressed… but ever since you came, her expressions have become more lively than before.”

He couldn’t nod to those words right away.

He felt guilty for hurting her and his chest tightened as he remembered the various expressions she had shown him.

“…I cannot promise that I will never make her sad like that again, because I am the king of a country.”

There will be more wars to come. Difficulties will be waiting with open arms on the road ahead.

He cannot avoid making her sad each time.

“But I will definitely protect her until the end. Please believe in that.”

For a while, Bruno squinted his eyes and gazed at Ivan. Eventually, he let out a deep sigh and scratched the back of his head while averting his gaze.

“Well, it seems that you’re not a worthless man.”

“It’s an honor.”

“But you know, don’t you?”

However, just when Ivan felt relieved to be acknowledged, Bruno approached him with a piercing gaze.

“You’re not yet officially married to my daughter. You’re not allowed to touch her until you return to the country and make a pledge.”


Ivan uttered an unusual bewildered voice.

Could such a cruel thing happen? He tried to refute, but he was unable to speak due to what he saw in Bruno’s eyes.

“I know our country is entirely to blame for this. You’re legally married to another woman. I just want you to make a pledge before the werewolf god at least… It’s okay to give her that much.”

Bruno’s argument, strained and spun out, was convincing enough.

It also caused Ivan to consider offering his marriage vows again.

Above all, Ernesta has given him more than he can count. In order to repay her even a little bit, he should at least grant her family’s wish.

“…I understand. You are certainly right.”

To be honest, in the moment he nodded, he was hit with regret.

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