The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 41

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: What do you want?

Ivan was welcomed by the usual silence in the library, which he visited for the first time in a while.

This room, located in a corner on the second floor of the castle, is a public library that can be used by anyone working in the castle.

The massive collection housed in the shelves was illuminated by the midday sun pouring from the skylight, and the dust floating in the air cast impressionable shadows. Although a sufficient number of cushions embroidered with delicate patterns and amber-colored desks were provided, there seemed to be a sense of loneliness in the room with no one to use them at this moment.

Ivan walked with confident steps and stopped at one bookshelf. He picked up every book related to Bral from those written about surrounding countries and piled them up on the nearby desk.

It wasn’t a meaningful task. He had already done everything possible regarding Ermengard.

He came here because he wouldn’t be satisfied until he did something on his own, even though there was no answer he could find in the books.

He flipped through a book that recorded the history of the empire, but it only contained information he already knew, making him want to sigh.

The history of the Bral Empire is a history of learning. It boasts the highest level of knowledge and technology in the world, and as a result, it overwhelms other nations. However, politically, it has been stagnant during the 200-year reign of the current imperial Balzen family.

Unfortunately, the current emperor is not particularly capable. The alliance with Shenka is favorable for Ivan but, on the flip side, it is partly due to the weakness of the emperor’s diplomacy.

——Did that man actually value his daughter?

He can’t help feeling uneasy just thinking about it.

Despite having two imperial princes (sons), it is uncertain whether that selfish man would cherish his daughter.

The identity of Ermengarde is unknown. She is cheerful, intelligent, elegant in deportment, and always diligent. She seems like a princess, but she has too much courage for someone raised as a member of the imperial family.

Is she really Ermengard or just an eccentric princess who rebelled against her parents’ ways?

Ivan suddenly stopped his hand. He had somehow finished reading books about history and was now reading books about customs and traditions.

[In Bral, marriage is regarded as the most important connection between families. Therefore, love marriages are almost non-existent, and the same applies regardless of social status. When getting married, it is important for the woman to provide a lump sum of money to the other family. In other words, marriages with social class differences are difficult to establish.]

What a ridiculous custom.

Ivan’s eyes widened. How could such a thing maintain a couple’s bond? If Shenka proposed something like that, she would probably be soundly rejected.

[When you get married, prepare a wedding ring. The couple should each choose one that is not too flashy. After getting married, wear it on the left ring finger, and unless there’s a reason to take it off, never remove it. Many girls idolize this ring.]


Ivan exclaimed, but he was too struck by the shock brought on by the book to notice it.

He didn’t know there was such a tradition. Werewolves don’t exchange gifts when they get married, so he had never even thought about it.

——Maybe she was also longing for it… No, I didn’t know anything about it…

“Your Majesty! Something terrible has happened!”

His scattered thoughts were interrupted by Rougena, who rushed into the library with a look of panic.

It was unusual for her, a typically calm person, to be so upset. Ivan shoved all pending matters to the back of his mind and stood up with a severe expression.

“What is it?”

“My Queen…! My Queen is… missing!”

As soon as he heard the report, Ivan’s mind went blank for a moment. It was the first time in these past few years that he had been so caught off guard as the king.

“…Give me a status report.”

After a brief moment, he could finally focus again. Ivan and Rougena left the library to walk and talk.

“It seems she disappeared while the guards were looking away.”

“Why would they look away? I didn’t hire any incompetents.”

“She was being measured, Your Majesty. Apparently, the culprit disguised themselves as a tailor, and no one noticed.”

“When did this happen?”

“Just a moment ago. I happened to pass by and found out about it, so I immediately reported it to Your Majesty.”

Ivan walked with a rhythmless gait, his hand on his chin, lost in thought.

What happened? Did someone kidnap the queen? If there was a purpose behind it, could it be a rebellion by those dissatisfied with the alliance with Bral this time?

But the risk was too great. No one in this country was unaware of the strength of the Royal Army. Therefore, the highest possibility was…

“Did she leave on her own…?”

As Ivan muttered the words, he felt bitter, more than he had expected. He bit down on his molar.

It reminded him of an empty incident from his childhood involving human children. Enemy soldiers’ curse words. Contemptuous looks in the country he went to.

Yes, humans do not easily accept the werewolf tribe. Creatures with different appearances are nothing more than barbarians, and the fear of the unknown affects all decisions.

I wondered if she was the same. It was none other than myself who concluded that we could not understand each other from the beginning. That beautiful princess just returned to where she should be.

“Your Majesty thinks so?”

The voice from behind was icy cold. Ivan turned around slowly and found himself face to face with the head maid, who gave him a freezing glare.

“If you say so, it must be so.”

How many years had it been since he last angered Rougena like this? In her youth, she was said to have beauty that could overthrow a nation, and when she was extremely angry, she spoke less and gained a terrifying presence.

Ivan was not afraid, but he still thought about the cause of her anger.

“That will be all for my report.”

“Ah, if Rougena is worried about the queen, she should come to the office.”

Leaving the head maid behind, Ivan ran towards the office and pondered on various things along the way.

If she had been kidnapped, he must rescue her as soon as possible. That was unquestionable.

However, if she left here willingly, what should he do?

As a king, he must find and bring her back. But as an individual, he wondered if he should let her go.

A person whose identity and motives were unknown. Perhaps she was not supposed to be here. If she didn’t like it or was suffering, he should allow her to be free. That would suit her better.

——As a king, one should not make decisions based on ideals alone.

His father’s teaching weighed heavily on his mind, and the years of living in accordance with it made Ivan desperately try to erase his emotions.

But he knew that even his rational sweetness was being denied by something deep in his heart.

What was this? Something like not wanting to be separated from her.

Ivan ran while poking his temples with his wrist to clear his disordered thoughts. Finally, he arrived at his office and opened the door in silence.

Johan and Silvestor were already waiting there. Ivan recognized that the Prime Minister had a bundle of parchment in his hand and realized that this was not a simple matter.

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