The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 40

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Strain Exposure

Engeberg visited early in the morning, and when Ernesta invited him into her room, he sat in the usual manner on the rug, but with an unusual restlessness, he began to talk without any preamble.

“Please calm down and listen. We have received news that Isolte-sama’s condition has recovered.”


At the sudden good news, Ernesta let out a sigh-like voice. As she foolishly remained dazed, Engeberg piled on with joy.

“This morning, we received a report via messenger pigeon. According to the latest research, her illness has been diagnosed as curable, and the prescribed medicine is actually having a dramatic effect.”

“It’s really cured… She’s alright now…?”

“Yes. According to the dispatched pharmacist, there is no need to worry.”

Upon seeing the smile from her trusted accomplice’s heart, Ernesta’s eyes welled up with tears. She covered her face with both hands and let out a sob that made her tremble.

“I’m so glad… Thank you, Count. Thank you…!”

Beyond that, no more words were spoken, and she continued to cry, guided only by the feeling of relief. During that time, Engeberg stayed by her side.

After finishing morning lectures and lunch in that state, Ernesta wandered through the hallway with her mind somewhere else.

Something has gone too smoothly, and it scares her. With the biggest concern out of the way, all that was left was to fulfill her role.

There are less than three weeks left. When the deadline comes, even if Ermengard is not found, she will have to leave this place.

——I have to do my best.

She clenched her fist to give herself motivation. Yes, she shouldn’t be distracted by the hesitation she has been feeling recently.

She might have lost her motivation and started to slack off If Engeberg had told Ernesta about Isolte’s situation. And yet, Engeberg immediately informed her about it, so she has to respond to that trust.

She must work harder than ever before. Determined, she proceeded to the next lecture, and was called out from behind.

As she turned around, she saw a familiar face. The maid who was around the same age was named Veronica, and although they didn’t usually have much interaction, Ernesta remembered her working hard during the founding festival.

“What’s wrong, Veronica?”

When Ernesta called her name, Veronica looked momentarily surprised.

“Oh my, it’s an honor that My Queen remembers my name.”

“Well, I still haven’t remembered everyone’s name yet.”

Veronica smiled brightly and continued, “I have a message from Rougena-sama. The tailor has arrived, so she would like you to come and see her.”

It was true that the tailor was supposed to come today, but Ernesta remembered that the appointment was at three o’clock. When she mentioned this to Veronica, she lowered her head apologetically.

“I heard that Lindofski-sama, who was supposed to teach the lecture at one o’clock, fell ill, so they have arranged for the tailor to come earlier. I apologize for informing you late.”

“I see. I’ll go right away,” Ernesta nodded cheerfully.

Ivan had warned her to be careful about her safety. However, Ernesta was not used to conflicts enough to be wary. Veronica’s story seemed consistent, and her natural and confident attitude had also made it difficult for Ernesta to see through the surface.

Guided by Veronica, they arrived in front of a certain room where she then glanced behind Ernesta. There, a werewolf guard was present, and they were staring sharply at the maidservant.

“Warrior, could you please refrain from entering? We have various things to do, such as sizing and so on.”

“Understood. Then, we’ll check the room.”

As the guard opened the door, Ernesta was able to peek inside. There were mannequins and fabrics that she purchased. A kind woman was standing nearby with a smile.

However, he wasn’t satisfied with just that and carefully inspected the shelves that were set up. Finally, he returned outside the room. Ernesta was always impressed by his diligent work.

“There seems to be nothing suspicious. we will be here, so My Queen, please take your time.”

“Thank you. Please take it easy as well.”

“Don’t waste your kind words! Our job is to protect My Queen, so please do not worry!”

He smiled back at the young guard who stood erect and bowed to her, only to have him look away for some reason. Did she act too familiar?

And so, Ernesta finally entered the room. As she walked, a woman who was waiting inside approached her, and Ernesta was about to greet her.

It was at that very moment that something unexpected happened.

At that very moment, the sound of the door closing behind her signaled the woman to reach out her hand. In her palm was a handkerchief, which she cover Ernesta’s mouth instantly.

A sweet scent that she had never smelled before dominated her face. Unconsciously, her arm attempted to resist, and she tried to push the woman in front of her, but she was too slow.

Her thought process was invaded by the sweet scent. Ernesta couldn’t even understand what was happening as she lost consciousness in her hazy vision.

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