The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 15

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: National Foundation

When there is a need to accomplish something by a deadline, time feels faster.

Ernesta spent each day studying and practicing. She even practiced on her own at night, dancing tirelessly. The days, which could be described as stubborn and determined, passed in the blink of an eye, and before she knew it, the day of the founding festival had arrived.

On this day, Ernesta was extremely busy from morning till night. She welcomed the guests who came to the castle one after another, visited the venue, and expressed gratitude to the maids in between. In the meantime, she confirmed the final details of her sword dance, took a little food, and continued to prepare.

And now, Ernesta was finally changing into her sword dance costume. It was an extremely luxurious piece, with many layers of fabric compared to her usual Arkrig, and she couldn’t put it on alone, so she asked for help.

“My Queen, it looks great on you! You really look beautiful!”

Dasha’s eyes were shining brightly as she praised her master even more than usual.

Her hair was braided neatly to not obstruct her during the sword dance for the moon goddess, adorned with a blue flower hair ornament. The costume, made with navy silk and golden threads, was used to bring out the beauty of Ernesta’s slender figure.

“Thank you, Dasha.”

However, the person herself could only smile vaguely. The nervousness and frustration of doing something inappropriate were tormenting her heart.

“It’s alright, My Queen. You have Kudera’s approval. Please have confidence.”

Rougena noticed her master’s tension and quietly spoke to her. Dasha laughed as if it were funny that she was being unusually kind.

“Rougena-sama is so kind lately, isn’t she?”

“Dasha, instead of making useless remarks, please bring me water quickly.”

“Yes, right away!”

Ernesta narrowed her eyes, watching the back of the girl who ran off like a rabbit.

She must do her best. For their supportive sake, she must absolutely finish the job.

The grand hall had completely transformed into the style of the founding festival.

Decorations resembling the moon were hung everywhere, and the light from the lamps illuminated the dim evening.

Shenka cuisine was crowded on the carpet, and in the midst of the fragrant aroma, an enormous number of lords and ladies were chatting together, a spectacular sight.

Ernesta stiffened at the head seat. Although she knew that the more nervous she became, the closer she would get to failure, she couldn’t help it. Her throat was dry and burning, and her cheeks were flushed, leaving her with no escape.

Suddenly, Ernesta felt a gaze coming from nearby and looked to her side.

There was Ivan, sitting in a cross-legged posture. The only difference from earlier was that his blue eyes were looking directly at her.

“Um, Your Majesty? Is there something on my face?”

“No. I just thought you looked terrible.”

His remark struck Ernesta’s heart with a sharpness that was all too real.

It seemed that her nervousness was still evident on her face. Or perhaps, she wondered if he was criticizing her looks. As she put her hand on her face in embarrassment, the next words she heard were beyond belief.

“In Shenka, when you’re nervous, you pinch the finger pads from the little finger in order.”

Ernesta clearly showed her surprise.

Could it be…could it be that this person is now giving her advice?

“Um… like this? From the little finger to the ring finger, middle finger…”

As she pinched her fingers as instructed, Ivan remained cold and expressionless, but he nodded in agreement.

“When you reach the thumb, do the opposite hand. Repeat until you feel relaxed. It might be a small comfort while passing the time.”

True to Ivan’s words, by the fifth repetition, she had calmed down considerably. She felt like it was a simple thing to do, but above all, she was happy about his thoughtfulness.

“I really feel better now…! Thank you, Your Majesty.”

“I see.”

His gaze was already averted, no longer looking at her. The cold expression remained, but for Ernesta, that calm demeanor felt reassuring.

At the timing when everyone gathered, the king signaled for a toast, and the banquet began in earnest.

At the same time, a circle was forming around the king and queen by those who intended to greet them. Although she had experienced it at the wedding ceremony, being surrounded by dignitaries who were more than twice her age was not pleasant.

Ernesta tried her best to be lively. Ivan, on the other hand, was more talkative than when he talked to Ernesta, exchanging witty conversations with the lords.

It was not that this king disliked talking to others. Perhaps he just had no interest in conversing with humans like Ernesta or just had no interest in her.

Although two weeks had passed since she arrived here, the thing she knew the least about was this king. Her usual doubt weighed heavily on her chest, and Ernesta had to forcibly raise her spirits.

It’s no good to be depressed. Right now, it’s best to just focus on the upcoming sword dance.

“We have heard that you will be demonstrating the sword dance, My Queen. My my, how exciting.”

One person within the circle of attendees spoke up in a disgustingly fawning voice. Then, others chimed in and the atmosphere became somewhat insincere.

“The werewolf tribe’s dance is difficult, isn’t it? It’s admirable that you offered to perform it.”

“I heard that General Kudera endorsed your skills. With guidance from that hero, there will be no room for error.”

“That’s wonderful. However, with the beauty of the queen, even a slight mistake wouldn’t be noticed.”

Although it sounded like a normal conversation, those words clearly contained thorns. Engeberg told her that it’s best not to pay attention to these comments during such situations, so she chose to smile and let their words pass.

Ernesta quickly understood that they were nobles of the “anti-alliance.” Many werewolves disagreed with the alliance with humans, and the first to raise their voice in protest was Lord Kautsky.

It was natural that they did not like the human queen, but even though she knew it was inevitable to be the recipient of their malice, she felt as if she had swallowed lead.

“Don’t talk too much. If you all have high expectations, it will only make My Queen more nervous for no reason.”

Ernesta cast a sidelong glance at her side without thinking. Ivan was still calm, and he didn’t even glance her way.

So, she found it even more unbelievable that he taught her a magic spell to ease her tension moments ago.

——I can’t believe he’s the one protecting me.

The moment she realized that, Ernesta felt a warm fire ignite in her chest.

He is really an incomprehensible person. But surely, he is a kind person.

Perhaps there will be no more kindness directed towards her, but that’s fine.

Let’s do everything we can. Let’s change the bad impression that people have of the human queen, even if it’s just a little.

Ernesta left the place after declining and walked towards the stage set up in the center.

Inside the venue, guests were seated in rows, and dishes were placed in between. However, there was an empty space in the center. It was set up for the founding festival and was meant for various performances.

“My Queen, how are you feeling?”

Silvester was waiting by the stage. Ernesta returned his kindness with a smile and nodded vigorously.

“I’m feeling great.”

“Hahaha, that’s the spirit. Now, show us what you got.”

Though her bluff was easily seen through, Ernesta laughed it off and Silvester gave her a daring smile that matched hers.

The sword handed to her had its edge taken off, but it was made of iron and had a substantial weight to it. Ernesta respectfully received it with both arms, and finally took her first step onto the stage.

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