The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 14

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The werewolf tribe and the full moon

A surprising event happened to Ernesta one day, just a few days before the founding festival.

“Well then, My Queen, shall we call it a day?”

Ernesta sheathed her sword after receiving the signal from Silvestor. Lately, she felt that even this movement had become quite graceful.

“Thank you very much, General Kudera. Do you think we’re on track to make it?”

“Absolutely. My Queen is an excellent student. If we keep this up, we’ll make it even a day before the deadline.”

Silvestor nodded with a smile, but he couldn’t shake off her unease. Recently, Ernesta had been practicing even at night, but could she make up for the missing two weeks with just this much?

Ernesta looked troubled and lowered her head, missing the crucial moment.

When she looked up again, Silvestor had transformed into a werewolf in front of her, so suddenly that Ernesta was left gaping in surprise.

Silvestor was dressed in his usual black chokha, but his head was that of a wolf. His fur was the same white and gray as his hair, and his arms, which peeked out from his sleeves, were the same. He had sharp claws at the tips of his fingers, but he seemed to handle tools just like he did when he was human, and he also put his sword back into its sheath.

“Oops. Ah, it was a full moon tonight… My Queen?”


Without noticing the concerned General Kudera, Ernesta was overflowing with emotions.

“General Kudera, werewolf form looks cool! Like a seasoned hero. He looks extremely strong and cool!”

The greatest warrior was taken aback by the queen’s shining eyes.

Silvestor laughed loudly for a while after saying comfortably, without realizing that it was indecent:

“What are you saying…! My Queen’s bravery surpasses all the enemy generals we’ve fought so far!”

He opened his wolf-jawed mouth grandly and laughed with genuine amusement from the bottom of his heart. Ernesta blushed as if it was her first time and felt ashamed of showing a childish reaction.

“But it’s the truth. Did I say something weird?”

“No, no, it’s my honor. To be praised by a beautiful lady like My Queen is a great glory for the werewolf warriors.”

The wolf’s face was hard to read, but Ernesta was sure of one thing. Silvestor was clearly smiling mischievously.

“Oh, you’re so good at this.”

“Hahaha! I’m being sincere!”

Once again, Ernesta laughed along with Silvestor, who couldn’t stop laughing.

That’s exactly why she didn’t notice. Silvestor narrowed his eyes as if looking at a distant past and muttered softly.

“If there is anyone who can unravel His Majesty’s heart, it might be someone like you.”

Even on the way back to the room, everyone she passed in the stone corridor had transformed into werewolves.

Looking up at the window in the hallway, a golden full moon cut through the purple-blue night sky. It probably seemed larger than Ernesta was used to, because it was the country of the werewolf tribe.

They said that they transformed into werewolves on the night of the full moon, but seeing it in reality was such a fantastic sight, like wandering into a picture book.

Ernesta couldn’t resist her curiosity and walked down the hallway, looking around everywhere, taking more time than usual to reach her room.

When she opened the door, there was a werewolf in a maid outfit preparing the meal. The outfit was a hint, but she knew who it was at a glance.


“Eek! My Queen?!”

Ernesta clasped her hands, which were covered with copper-colored fur. Her small, girlish hand and rounded facial features reminded her of the usual Dasha.

“You know, today was the first time I saw everyone in their werewolf forms. It was so lovely, and I got a little excited.”

“My Queen isn’t really scared, huh…”

A dazed-looking maid muttered as if biting her tongue, and Ernesta tilted her head in confusion.

“Of course not. You’re Dasha, even though your appearance is different from mine.”

“Oh, My Queen~! I’m glad you’re here. I was a little worried.”

“It’s alright, Dasha. I’ve been causing you to worry.”

After patting her head, which was lower than hers, and feeling the smooth fur, Ernesta asked about something that had been on her mind.

“By the way, is His Majesty not joining us for dinner today either?”

Ernesta always ate meals alone. Ivan was probably busy, and anyway, she seemed to be disliked, so there was no way around it.

Despite knowing this, she could not completely give up her small expectations and occasionally asked Dasha like this. At that time, she always responded with a “He seems to be busy…” and her face would darken. But today was different.

“I heard that he wouldn’t come today. I don’t know the reason either, but it seems His Majesty won’t show himself to anyone other non-humans.”

“… Does that mean it’s because of me?”

Dasha gasped at the sharp remark.

What on earth did her temporary husband’s behavior mean? As the full moon night deepened, she couldn’t find the answer no matter how much she thought about it.


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The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen!

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen!

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Born as the daughter of the emperor and empress, Ernesta was abandoned due to the tradition of abhorring twins. She was raised in the common people’s area until one day, a messenger from the emperor came to visit her. “The emperor orders you to marry the Werewolf King Ivan in place of your runaway sister.” Initially, she refused the selfish imperial decree, but eventually accepted it on the condition that the illness of her foster mother would be cured. However, when she nervously became Ivan’s wife, her super handsome husband did not do anything particularly frightening, and the werewolves around her were all good people. Her brightness and resilience, cultivated in the common people’s area, came in handy, and she gradually became close to them despite the initial barrier. Eventually, she became the beloved queen by those around her, but Ernesta was aware of her temporary position as a substitute. Since her position would end if elder twin sister were to be brought back, she didn’t want to take advantage of their kindness. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but feel that the distance between her and the Werewolf King has been getting closer lately…?


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