The Twice-Exiled Adventurer, Using His Super Rare Skills To Train a Squad of Beautiful Girls! – Chapter 102


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎𝟐: 𝐃𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐥

“Heh. Nice. That anger. It’s quite delicious.”

The man laughs with a smirk.

“. . . . . .Are you, a devil?”

“Correct. I am called Fleuretti. Please remember.”

He bows in a manner more clownish than elegant.

“It’s okay. I’ll forget by morning. Your face and your name.”

The moment I said that, I flew backward.

Not because I launched an attack.

Because an attack had already been launched.

Passing by my side, the magic of Miliaria and Salieri.

It hits Fleuretti precisely, causing a massive explosion.

Flare Tick Explosion.

This sudden grand magic is, however, just a greeting.

There’s no way a devil can be destroyed with this level of magic.

These are the enemies of all humanity, no, the world itself.

They mock life, blaspheme the dead, and try to turn this world into nothingness.

Those who once destroyed the world and wiped out all civilizations.

They are completely different from the demon tribe of Ingral, and they are the ones to be destroyed by both humans and the demon tribe.

“The explosion is clearing!”

“Roger! Let’s go, Sali!”


Asuka and Salieri charge in.

The holy sword Oracion and the flame sword Efreet attack.

However, the devil Fleuretti effortlessly handles the attacks of the two.

It’s a bit unbelievable physical ability, but he’s not the kind of opponent bound by such common sense.

He’s more like the Asura god tribe, something like that.

“Eight-fold Ring!”

Miliaria’s magic is completed, and the rapidly rotating ring of ice approaches the devil.

Fleuretti, who apparently doesn’t intend to take this, jumps back to avoid it.

However, the moment he lands, he screams and flips over.

It was a dangerous area full of caltrops.

Of course, it’s Meg’s doing.

Rather, it’s Miliaria’s magic to drive him there.

And on the caltrops scattered on the ground, Meisha’s holy magic is applied.

The supreme divine work that is effective against devils.

“Argh! Who are you guys! What are you?!”

The more he rolls, the more the holy caltrops pierce him, and Fleuretti, who has thrown away his gentlemanly mask, screams.

“Holy Field!”

Without responding, Meisha’s magic becomes a pillar of light that envelops the devil.


This will weaken him all at once.

Then, it’s a push from here.

I also join the battle, and the three of us, Asuka and Salieri, attack.

Fleuretti, who still has unbelievable physical abilities, takes and dodges, but the damage accumulates little by little.

“What are you guys! Why are you fighting without anger or excitement! Are you abnormal?!”

How rude.

We’re just practicing the rules of fighting devils.

Fear, anger, sadness, despair, all these negative emotions become food for the demons and make them stronger.

On the contrary, emotions like joy, blessings, and hope cause damage.

But, normally, you can’t be happy while fighting.

So we suppress our emotions and fight mindlessly, like magical dolls.

“Everyone is prepared to fight devils someday.”

Flame Cut grazes Fleuretti’s torso.

“We learn it in the church too!”

The holy sword Oracion cuts off his left arm.

It regenerates immediately, but the clothes are not restored. The damage must be accumulating.

“We also hear it in bedtime stories.”

The flame spewing from the flame sword Efreet engulfs the devil’s body.

“Wha-?! How can a mere human?!”

“Exactly! Just because you don’t show it on your face or in your attitude doesn’t mean you’re not angry!”

Asuka, taking a firm step forward, swung Oracion as if this was the decisive moment.

Without even caring about the occasional counterattacks.

“We don’t know much about the relationship between mom and Luke! But!”

“We do know that mom killed him with a broken heart!”

With Miliaria’s lines taking over from Asuka’s words, the Eight-fold Ring that flew in cut off the devil’s right arm from the shoulder.

“Even now, I wonder how he felt when he defeated the ghost.”

Meisha uses the Holy Field again.

It’s a double layer.

Normally, such a thing wouldn’t activate, but it was forcibly activated with the power of an archbishop.

The devil’s body begins to turn into particles of light from the edge.

“You did something you shouldn’t have done.”

Suddenly appearing behind the devil, Meg stabs him with the knives in both hands and disappears immediately.

“By doing that, your loss was confirmed. Here you go, Nelnel, I’ll leave the finishing blow to you.”

The sword lifted by Salieri once again cut off the devil’s left arm.

And it won’t regenerate anymore.

“Thank you. Everyone.”

I expressed deep gratitude to my comrades and stepped forward with Flame Cut ready in my blue eyes.

“How dare you play with the death of my best friend. You devil bastard.”

I swing with a shout.

I cut the devil from the top of his head to his crotch in one go.

“A mere humannnn!”

Raising a death cry, the pitiful devil begins to disappear.

But still, everyone doesn’t let their guard down.

Because they know it’s not something that can be destroyed so easily.

They carefully search for signs around them.

After a while, I let out a sigh of relief and lowered my sword.

“We did it! We beat the devil! Us!”

“We’re devil slayers.”

Asuka and Salieri high-five each other with a pop.

Before I knew it, the eastern sky was beginning to lighten.

It’s dawn.

But at this time, I didn’t even realize that the night had just begun.

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