The Twice-Exiled Adventurer, Using His Super Rare Skills To Train a Squad of Beautiful Girls! – Chapter 103

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎𝟑: 𝐂𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐞

“We’ve defeated the devil Fleuretti.”

“Oh, come on. There’s no need to brag now, no one doubts the strength of [Hope].”

“Yeah, I expected that kind of reaction.”

At Jennifer’s words, I shrugged my shoulders.

It’s the day after the fierce battle.

We fought Fleuretti and reported to the Adventurer’s Guild that we had defeated him.

It’s not like we were asked to defeat him, but reducing the world’s enemies by one or two is something we should properly report.

“. . . . . .Really?”

“Yeah. He was accompanied by the ghost of Luke.”

“Huh? Please wait a moment.”

Jennifer, tilting her head, flips through a stack of documents.

Eventually, her white finger stopped at a request form.

“There was a request to do something about the ghost of an adventurer who appears in the city night after night causing trouble. There was information that among those ghosts, there was a figure that looked like Luke.”

This is the first I’ve heard of such a request.

There was no such talk when I stopped by the guild yesterday.

“I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

“I thought you were tired yesterday, so I didn’t say anything.”

“Oh? Really?”

I stare at Jennifer.

As if to surrender, the demon guild staff raised both hands.

“There was information about a ghost causing trouble that looked like Luke. I was thinking of bringing up the topic to someone other than the former member of the [Gold-lined Butterflies].”

She’s considerate.

Of course, she must have considered the possibility that it would be difficult and end in failure.

“It’s a ship we’ve already boarded. Pass that job to us.”

“If you’ve defeated the original devil, all that’s left is to exorcise the ghosts. I think it’ll be easy for [Hope].”

Jennifer smiles brightly.

Ghosts can only do so much harm, after all, they lack a physical body.

They can’t steal or hit people.

They can only intimidate.

However, we don’t know what kind of power they have been given by devil Fleuretti, so we must not let our guard down.

Our investigation begins with gathering eyewitness accounts in Gaillia City, based on information provided by the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Indeed, orphanages and boarding houses are being targeted.”

“Probably because there are many people who would be easily scared.”

This is a conversation with Salieri.

As we walk side by side down the street.

For this job, it doesn’t make sense for everyone to move in a group, so we’re divided into three teams.

My Alpha team with Salieri, Bravo team with Asuka and Miliaria, and Charlie team with Meg and Meisha.

Each team includes someone who can use magic, and we’re all capable of close combat.

Although Charlie team’s close combat ability is slightly weaker.

On the other hand, Meisha boasts unparalleled strength against ghosts.

And since Meg has connections in the underworld, she should be able to gather a wide range of information.

The popular hero Asuka and the great Sage Miliaria, who are loved by people of all ages, are in charge of gathering information from the general public.

“And especially the talentless me and Nelnel, we just have to work hard.”

“Don’t say the truth. It’s depressing.”

Salieri and I are doing a thorough investigation.

As a result, we found out that ghosts have been sighted in places with many children and young people, like orphanages and boarding houses.

Everyone is scared, but there’s no actual harm.

We’ll probably defeat the ghost tonight and that will be the end of it.

“It seems like it will be easy.”

“That’s what you say.”

When Salieri laughed at my words,

“Mom! It’s terrible!”

I saw Asuka running towards us with incredible speed.

Along with a loud voice.

“See, in any fortress, the moment you say it’s an easy night without enemy attacks, the alarm goes off.”

“. . . . . .I’ll keep that in mind.”

Indeed, the terrible situation Asuka brought up was that several townspeople had fallen ill with an unexplained fever.

It’s unclear how this is related to the ghost, but it’s a ghost disturbance involving a devil.

We headed to Mrs. Mary’s mansion immediately, guided by Asuka.

Asuka and Miliaria, who had visited to deliver a gift while investigating, were told that the lady was bedridden.

Furthermore, they were told by the servants that several prominent townspeople had the same symptoms.

Miliaria, suspicious of a fever that only targets the elite, cleverly asked Asuka to gather everyone at Mrs. Mary’s mansion.

Then she ran swiftly to the investigation areas of Alpha and Charlie teams.

In other words, Bravo team hit the jackpot.

“It’s a curse. It’s beyond the scope of a doctor.”

Upon joining and examining the patients, Meisha immediately concluded.

As she began to chant a holy verse, Mrs. Mary’s complexion rapidly improved.

“Meg. Run to the Supreme God Church and request the dispatch of monks immediately.”

“Got it.”

There are dozens of patients, too many for Meisha to handle alone.

“You’ve really grown strong, all of you.”

Mrs. Mary, stroking the heads of worried Asuka, Miliaria, and the healing Meisha, who were lined up by her pillow.

Her expression was filled with love.


This is what a mother is.

Not someone like me.

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