The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 8

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All of the invited guests gathered in the hall before the King and his family arrived.

She waited in the greeting line until it was her turn.

“My name is Lilliana, the eldest daughter of the Count of Villiers.”

She greeted him with courtesy that would have been praised as perfect by any manners teacher in the room, kept the first prince, who was emitting an aura of unhappiness, out of sight, and promptly returned to her wallflower.

Today’s potential matchmaker appears to be Prince William, the Ice Prince.

His Royal Highness, William, is a ferocious swordsman who, believing that he could not be protected by someone weaker than himself, joined the Knights of the Royal guards and began training its members himself.

It appears that Lilliana was uninterested in the princes and only half-heartedly listened to such stories.

Following the greetings, Mr. Austin and his fiancée, the marquese, went to the central space and began to dance.

Lilliana went to the buffet after a few people began to dance, hoping that she would finally be able to eat.

As expected of the royal party.

There were so many tempting dishes to choose from that it was difficult to decide where to begin.

There are several cooks in front of the food, so you can request that small portions of food be served neatly on your plate.

Lilliana sat on a chair against the wall and began to look at the delectable-looking food that was being served.

Today’s party has a slightly better view than usual because only people with the rank of Count or above are present.

Because this is only a meeting place for the first prince, the number of single men is close to zero, but it is small.

This is due to the fact that the majority of the young ladies are escorted by their fathers, with only a few being escorted by their older brothers, as in the Villiers family.

People who are already married are also invited to liven up the party.

The first prince, the day’s main attraction, hadn’t moved since his arrival.

You have a sullen demeanor or perhaps an aura of menace, as if preventing you from approach him.

Although the crown prince has not yet been determined, it is almost certain that the first prince, William, will be crowned crown prince if current events continue, and his fiancée will be the crown prince’s wife (the future queen).

To become the Dauphine, you have to go through seven troublesome educational processes.

So, best of luck to everyone.

I’m curious how many of your daughters will be able to overcome that menacing aura.

As I stood up to refill my plate, the names of several young ladies my age were called out one after the other.

I handed the plate to the servant, hesitant to get another, and hurried to the front, where the king and others were.

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