The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 7

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“That’s right, since we’ve come to such a place as a royal castle. I’ll enjoy many delicious foods on my way back.”

Liliana would refer to the Royal Castle as “such a place.”

She had forgotten everything Molly had told her, and her thoughts had turned to the sumptuous buffet.

Ian’s eyes narrowed with delight as he noticed Lilliana in a good mood.

Lilliana finally drew the carriage to the porch and stepped out with Ian.

She has changed 180 degrees from what she was before as a result of the public’s attention and is now a perfect young lady.

The corridor leading to the venue is just as you’d expect from a royal castle.

When you walk on the carpet with stiletto heels, it doesn’t make a sound, and the beautiful flowers you see here and there are arranged in expensive-looking vases.

They were greeted by a glittering scene that looked like something out of a storybook after passing through a long corridor and going under the venue’s door.

Many glittering chandeliers hung from the high ceilings, and beneath them were many people dressed in colorful dresses.

“Isn’t it a dreadful sight? “

Lilliana and Ian both muttered to themselves.

“My eyes are fluttering even more today.”

I agree.

Normally, all the ladies would rush to Ian, the handsome, promising young man. But today, the number was 30% less than usual.

After a few perfunctory greetings, Lilliana left Ian, who was still being held by some of the ladies, and took refuge against the wall.

The scent of the ladies who were in high spirits was stronger than usual, and while the individual scents were good, the combination of different scents was not.

“It’s pollution.”

This means that.

Because the lower ranks enter the hall first, the daughters of marquises and dukes are supposed to be relaxing in the waiting room, while the people in the hall are countesses like Liliana and their families.

Not only the daughters, but also the parents of the daughters are eager to become the in-laws of the prince.

In a sense, the ladies in this space are “rivals.” So, while they all have smiles on their faces, they can’t hide the fact that they are all keeping a close eye on the other ladies.

“I’m not aiming for the prince,” Lilliana said, as she had intended. Perhaps her appeal was effective, but she was quickly relieved of the piercing stare.

Therefore, today, she was going to enjoy the view from above while eating delicious food at the buffet as an outsider.

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