The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 38

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Liliana, Countess of Villiers, 18, and Prince William, Prince of Wales, 25, are getting married in the royal capital in a few days. People have been working hard to celebrate.

The engagement of the Crown Prince and Liliana was decided a little over a year ago.

His Royal Highness William wanted to get married as soon as possible, but Lilliana wanted to graduate from the school, so he arranged for the wedding to take place when she graduated from the school, just as she wanted.

Between the church wedding and the official dinner, there would be a wedding parade, and even though it was still early in the day, the streets were filled with people to see the couple’s entrance.

Meanwhile, in the anteroom of the cathedral…

“Lilliana, you’re welcome to come back anytime. If you want, you can quit the marriage… Ughhhh…”

Oliver, the head of the Villiers family and Lilliana’s father, was on the verge of tears.

Even the Siscon brothers were taken aback by this, but they looked on with a wry smile.

Lilliana stared at the two brothers and said, “Please stop!” But they just looked away.

Their mother, Gianna, watches from behind, carefully wiping her eyes with a handkerchief.

….There is no one to help.

Oliver was holding Lilliana’s hands, so she had to stay standing there, unable to move, until someone from the church came to call her.

” …The dress is heavy.”

The gorgeous dress was so heavy that she couldn’t help muttering to herself.

The high-necked dress was full of beautiful lace that made you sigh.

The bust and waist fit snugly, the mermaid line spread out from the waist, and the train was about three meters long.

The pearls sewn in many places looked pink in the light, and the dress suited the lovely Lilliana well.


Her mother, brother, Ian, and Aiden have already moved toward the cathedral.

Escorted by Oliver, Liliana is slowly making her way to the cathedral where the wedding will take place.

Oliver had been crying so hard that his family had been shocked.

He has finally stopped crying, but his eyes are red as he forces himself to stop crying.

The door to the cathedral is slowly approaching.

It is not a farewell, but why does it fill my heart with tears?

They stop in front of the door.

Liliana had intended to thank her family in the waiting room, but thanks to her father’s tears, she hadn’t been able to say anything yet.

She wanted to say many things, but she didn’t have time, so in the end, she only said this.

“Thank you, Father. I’m glad I’m your daughter.”

Oliver tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to flow again.

Then the time came and the doors to the cathedral were opened.

Step by step, they made their way to Prince William, Liliana’s husband, as the many people who had come to congratulate them looked on.

She and her father walked down the long aisle and finally arrived at His Royal Highness Prince William’s side.

Lilliana’s arms passed from Oliver to William, and Oliver moved to Gianna, feeling sad for the weightlessness of his arms.

“Husband: Do you swear to love, to cherish, to protect, to help, and to be faithful to her in health and in sickness until you are called out of this world?”.

“I swear it.”

“Wife:Do you swear to obey him in health and in sickness, to walk with him, to help him, and to keep him in check? …

“I swear it.”

“May God bless you both, who are now firmly united in the covenant of marriage.”

The priest’s words were met with a round of applause from all the people gathered in the cathedral.

Prince William, who was called the Ice Prince, had a big smile on his face, and no one would ever call him the Ice Prince again.

Lilliana, the lovely bride standing next to him, also had a happy smile on her face.

Blessed by everyone here, the couple headed for the six-horse open carriage that had been prepared for the parade.

As the carriage slowly began to move, the people along the street shouted and waved their hands in delight.

They were a little embarrassed, but they had come all this way for their own celebration.

Liliana smiled and waved as hard as she could.

William, who was sitting next to her, happily picked her up, placed her sideways on his lap, and kissed her on the cheek.

The people along the roadway cheered even louder when they saw this, and it was later rumored that His Royal Highness the Crown Prince doted on Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess.

“I told you not to do that in public.(cry)”

“Lili is too cute for her own good.”

Lilliana is overly loved.

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