The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Liliana, conscious of the prince Part 8│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

“It has to be Lilliana.”

It’s a very destructive line.

Who doesn’t fall down when you are hugged from behind and say these words in your ear?

And he’s the ice prince, who is said to be cold to women. That’s right.

How can you not be happy to be treated this special?

But it’s also frustrating to admit it honestly and forgive it easily, so I won’t trust him right away.

“… Are you sure it’s just me? Are you sure you didn’t tell anyone else?”

“Only Lilliana. I’d never tell anyone else.”

“Can you look me in the eye and say the same thing?”


William released his arms from the hug and slowly stood in front of Liliana.

Then he kneels down and takes Liliana’s hand.

“For me, there is only one Lilliana. It has to be Lilliana.

I want you to smile beside me forever and ever.”

He placed a kiss on the back of Liliana’s hand.

After all the cajoling he’d done, it was a proposal.

Although they were officially engaged, this was the first time he had ever said anything definite to her.

“Hey, Lilliana? You’re going to choose me, are you?”

Lilliana was too surprised to answer, and now William was asking her in a sultry tone.

She knew the answer, but her eyes, which she had been pouting about a moment ago and didn’t want to admit right away, were swimming.


Oh, my God.

Isn’t it enough to admit it?

It’s a little frustrating to admit it right away, but I’m sure the man in front of me will be happy to hear it.

He rarely smiles, but if he’s willing to laugh at my words, I’ll be happy to respond.

“The seat next to you is a special seat only for me. I won’t allow anyone else to sit there. Will you? “

I may be a bit naive, but that’s who I am.

William smiled happily.

“I don’t mind.”

He hugged Liliana.

Lilliana gently placed her hand on William’s back.

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