The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Liliana is wary of the prince Part 5│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

The door to the room is open, albeit slightly.

If you listen carefully, you can hear what is being said, and at any moment, a servant, or, as before, Daniel, may enter. There is also a knight a short distance away.

If someone saw her in this embarrassing position…

She put her hands on her cheeks, which were probably very red from embarrassment, and they were still very hot.

“Uh, well, yes, um, that’s right. I have to go to the crown princess’s education now…”

“Well, you’d better hurry, or someone might come for you.”

William seemed to be enjoying himself.

He’s not going to let Liliana down until she’s tied his hair.

He’s always beaten her in a contest of strength.

She knows from experience that the faster she ties and gets off his lap, the faster she can get out of this situation.

She has no choice but to resign herself to the situation and anxiously reaches for his hair in front of her.

His long, silky blonde hair was so soft to the touch.

But then she sees William’s face, staring right at her.

Too close…

This is very hard to do.

“Um, well, it’s hard to tie it from the front, so could you turn a little to the side?”

She is relieved to see that he has turned his head to the side.

She is not told to tie it neatly.

You can tie it any way you want.

Liliana thinks to herself, and ties the blonde hair in front of her in a neat bun, using the string she bought for William. and patted him on the head.

William then let her down, and soon after, the servant came to pick up Lilliana when she was relieved that the shame play was over.

It was a close call. If she had come a little later, she would have been seen in her shameful state.

The servant looked surprised for a moment at the happy ice prince, and then immediately returned to her normal expression, as if nothing had happened, and led Liliana to the room where the training of the crown princess would take place.

To be honest, today’s lesson was not really understood by Liliana.

She had to be reminded several times to focus.

That’s because His Royal Highness William’s shame game was too intense.

It’s all his fault! I prayed in my heart that he would stumble over nothing.

And the dinner time at the Royal Castle, which Liliana always looked forward to, was turned into a time of shame by a word from the astute third prince, Jose.

“Will, how do you have a hair tie like that?”

Everyone’s eyes, including the King’s, focused on William’s hair tie.

He must have felt uncomfortable because his hair, which was always tied tightly, was tied loosely and appropriately.

William makes a happy face, which he proudly displays.

“Lilliana bought it for me and tied it for me.”

As William says this, all eyes are on Liliana.

[Not quite; I tied it for him.]He forced me to tie it up.]

Lilliana’s face turns red, and she looks down, remembering the shameful play.

While everyone else, who had no idea that such a thing had happened, looked at her with a smile, Liliana alone was trembling with shame.

[Can I go home now? (crying).]

But I’ll be sure to have dessert.

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