The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Liliana is wary of the prince Part 6│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

“Aren’t we a little too far apart?”

William says, a little unhappily,

“No, I think it’s just your imagination.”

But Liliana interrupts him with a friendly smile.

It was about a month after the crown princess’s education that she began dining with the King’s family.

For a few days, William and Liliana sat next to each other, and the distance between them was obvious.

Lilliana had given him a hair ribbon that he wore every day since, much to the delight of the King and Queen.

But unlike a few days ago, Lilliana had an unnatural, pasted-on smile on her face, and her conversation with William was as casual as before.


“She’s wary of you.”

Daniel said, standing in front of him, tossing a stack of papers onto the desk.

“Wary? Why should she be wary?”

William’s eyebrow creases slightly, and he spits in disbelief.

“No, no, no, What’s with the rush? I can understand if you want to get closer, but… What’s with the lap thing? The last time you baited her, it was a bit out of character, if you ask me. Feeding her the first day you spoke to her…”

What is this prince really doing?

Instead of climbing the stairs one by one, it’s like he’s jumping five at a time.

If you look at him as if you were looking at something disappointing, William will make a frustrated face and click his tongue.

“Tsk. Danimacho would have laughed at that.”

“Yeah, when you see something that is funny in front of you… What Danimacho?”

“It’s the nickname Lilliana gave you.”

“Huh? Don’t suddenly give me a nickname.”

Daniel looks at the visibly annoyed William in front of him with disgust.

It’s a shame what he’s doing, because he looks like a classy guy.

That’s why rookies in love are so bad, Daniel sighs in his heart.

He’s really exhausting.

“So, does the prince want to make up with the princess?”

“No, we’re not fighting.”

“But she’s being cautious.”


The newcomer to love is deafeningly quiet.

This ice prince!

“Well, I guess you’ll just have to avoid being alone with her for a while and cheer her up with some delicious sweets.”

I’m going to give you some advice as a kind childhood friend to the slightly disappointing prince in front of me, saying that the quickest way to catch her would be to feed her with sweets.

“If it goes well, tell her not to use the nickname ‘Danimacho’.”

And don’t forget to nail it.

“Listen, when this is over, get to work.”

“I’m working.”

It sounds like he’s still not convinced, but he’ll never finish today’s work if he has to.

Your hands are working, but you’re slowing down!

Move your hands, not your mouth.

I’m not going to work overtime.

Even if you don’t finish, I will leave as soon as possible!!

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