The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 24

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It’s a crisp holiday morning. As usual, Molly comes to wake Lilliana.

Good morning, Miss.”

“Hmm~, one more hour…”

“What are you talking about? You need to get up as soon as you can.”

“No! I’m going to rest on my day off. I’m tired because of the crown princess’s training every day.”

She wrapped herself in the futon like a turtle in its shell.

Disgusted with her appearance, Molly pulled at the covers mercilessly, as usual.

“You’re going out with Sir Aiden today, so let’s get you ready.”

She pushed Liliana out of bed and started changing the sheets.

Lilliana puffed out her cheeks, crossed her arms in front of her chest, and did her best to look unhappy.

“Come on, Molly, don’t you think you’re being too hard on me? And who told you I was going out with Aiden?”

“You just did.”

She can’t bring herself to answer Molly, so she reluctantly heads to the bathroom to wash her face, mumbling to herself.

“It’s my day off…”


According to Molly, Lilliana (who is unfortunately with Aiden) is dressed in a cute [aristocrat’s daughter’s secret date style].

Molly always enjoys adding “fat style” to her outfits.

Molly pushed Lilliana into the carriage after she got ready.

Aiden is in a good mood, and Lilliana is in a bad mood with puffy cheeks.

She was going to sleep in today, but she was taken out of the house by force, so she can’t help being unhappy.

Lilliana asked Aiden, who hadn’t told her where they were going for the third time today, “So, where are we going?”

“Well, you’ll have to wait until we get there… Oh, are we there?”

Just in time, the carriage slowed down and came to a stop somewhere.

Aiden got out first with a happy face, and Lilliana got out second and looked around.

It seemed that this was not an area for the nobility, but a shopping area for the common people.

“It’s a supermarket that just opened. You like this kind of thing, don’t you, sister? “

Aiden’s words lit up her face, and she forgot her pout and immediately said, “I like it, I like it.” She hugged him, forgetting they were outside.

Aiden patted Liliana on the head with a satisfied look.

“Well, let’s go inside.”

She nodded her head and opened the door.

This was a paradise for Lilliana.

Lilliana loved all the little things that were so cute and small.

Molly had forbidden her to go to the supermarket for a while because there was too much stuff in her.

Lilliana was looking forward to going to the supermarket for the first time in a long time.

She forgot about Aiden and got absorbed in the cute little things. It was a happy time.

Moments later, Lilliana was all smiles after buying lots of trinkets.

In fact, Ian, Aiden, and Molly had planned today’s outing as a reward for Lilliana’s hard work in crown princess training as well as a change of scenery.

They all have a soft spot for Lilliana.

After shopping at the supermarket, they left their bags in the carriage and went to a café for lunch.

Lilliana and Aiden go to the same school, but since Lilliana is now in high school and Aiden is in middle school, they don’t see each other very often.

They talk a lot about what happened at each other’s school, complain about the Crown Princess’s training at the castle, and talk about the wonderful dinner at the castle.

Aiden is relieved that she is not being bullied at school, as Lilliana had feared.

There is still envy and jealousy.

But as long as she can enjoy her school life without any problems, there is nothing better.

They left the café after eating a delicious lunch and several desserts.

Perhaps they took their time a little too long, but the sun was already setting.

Lilliana had an unexpectedly productive day.

She rode home in her carriage back to the mansion, and while they were having tea after dinner, she gave Ian, Aiden, and Molly a souvenir with words of thanks.

Everyone was happy, but the words of her father and mother made her back sweat.

“Lilliana? Where’s our souvenir?

… I had completely forgotten about them. Can we not talk about souvenirs? (sobs)

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