The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Liliana struggles to avoid engagement PART 10│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

“Oh, don’t underestimate nose hair. When you smile, a little bit of hair sticks out. It’s frightening, and it can ruin a perfectly good look.”

His Royal Highness William, the Ice Prince, can’t help but laugh when Liliana insists that you shouldn’t underestimate nose hairs.

“Well. I’ll watch out for the nose hairs too. Kukuku.”

“Yes, by all means, sir.”

After this exchange, they finally returned to the reception hall where the King and Queen and her family were waiting.

The King and Queen were delighted at the apparent difference in distance between the two who had left a short while ago, while Liliana’s parents were all puzzled.

It’s no wonder that the girl who had hoped to avoid an engagement before she came here has somehow come back to be closer to the prince.

“To tell you the truth, Count Villiers has asked me to reconfirm the engagement when the two of you return, and to wait until then to make a decision. It is true that this matter was too urgent.”

The king looked at William.

“What do you think? Do you want to marry Miss Lilliana or another young lady?”

Where he said

“I want her, Lilliana, for my fiancée.”

His Royal Highness made that very clear.

Three days ago, he said, “This is fine.” Now, he said, he wanted Lilliana herself.

It’s a big step forward.

Before leaving this room, His Royal Highness William would have been happy with any other person who was close to him, even if it was not Liliana.

As a result of Count Villiers’ hard work, he managed to get a promise from the king that he would confirm the matter again before making a decision.

For some reason, Lilliana had returned with the Ice Prince in tow, and Count Villiers’ efforts to date had been for naught.

This was the moment when the chance to avoid an engagement disappeared…

Thus, on this day, the engagement between His Royal Highness William and Liliana was sealed.

Liliana and her parents returned home with the title of the first prince’s fiancée and an assortment of pastries that the prince had prepared for her.

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