The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 19

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Liliana was confused.

When she was being led to His Royal Highness William’s room, she must have had to walk very fast to get there because someone had not paid attention to her pace.

Now this prince is walking beside Liliana at her own pace.

No, that’s the way it should be.

What could have happened to him in such a short time?

Or was Liliana mistaken when she walked?

She looked up at William, who was walking beside her, and when he noticed her gaze, he said

“What is it? Didn’t you eat enough pastry?”

He patted Liliana on the head and instructed a nearby servant to pack some pastry and bring it to the parlor.

The servant’s eyes widened as if he was frightened by something, then he bowed and disappeared.

But I have eaten enough pastry, haven’t I?

But… If you want to give me a gift, I will accept it without reservation.

But in the end, she could not get the prince to say, “I will change my fiancée.” out of the prince’s mouth.

After feeding Liliana and being laughed at a lot by Daniel, a macho young man with a great sense of humor, a servant came to say, “The king wants to see you.”

They make their way to the parlor room where the king, queen, and her parents are staying, leaving Macho still laughing.

Even so, Macho laughs too much.

“That Danimacho, isn’t he laughing too much?”

When she remembered, she got angry and complained, but William clearly heard her clearly.

“Danimacho, do you mean Danny?”

Liliana nodded her head.

“It is impolite to laugh at a lady in this way. Therefore, in return, I will spread the embarrassing nickname [Danimacho]. Please help me spread it, Sir William. And I will pray every day for his nose hairs to grow back three times as fast.”

“Shouldn’t you be embarrassed to show your nose hair in front of your favorite woman?”

He clenched his fists in both hands and snorted, but the triple speed growth of the nose hair and the plain content of the curse made William laugh out loud, as if he couldn’t stand it.

“It’s quite a sweet curse to have your nose hairs grow three times as fast. Kukuku.”

The servants around her gasped.

The Prince of Ice, who never laughs, is laughing.

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