The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 46

Chapter 46: The black dragon doesn’t know

As Hiira fluttered into the back, the black dragon turned to his master.

His master, still wearing a mask, was silently staring at his tea.

“I don’t understand what Hiira-chan was saying at all. Weren’t the royal palace and Demon King-sama allies who wished for peace and prosperity in the Draco Cocoon Peninsula? Why does a saint and Demon King-sama being friends become a rebellion against the royal family? I don’t get it. . .”

“Perhaps the will of the royal palace has changed over the centuries. The meaning of the name ‘Demon King’ has probably changed as well.”

Synovidos, the master in his strange costume, muttered in a muffled voice behind his mask.

The black dragon raised an eyebrow and said, “Huh?”

“What do you mean by ‘changed’?”

“Just as it sounds. . .The current perception is that the Demon King is an enemy that threatens the royal palace.”

“Huh?? What happened, and why?”

“. . .That’s just how humans are. In the changing generations from child to grandchild, the will of the first generation disappears. I thought that protecting the country as a hated figure for the sake of a just cause was also one way to do it.”

He let out a sigh and moistened his mouth with the floating gold tea.

“It seems that my existence was more hated by the country than I had imagined. . .”

At his resigned attitude, the black dragon found himself speaking up.

“Demon King-sama. I like you.”

The black dragon’s feelings were sincere. He was a man who had initially been nothing more than a foolish human burdened with the name “Demon King.” 

However, as they spent many years together, they gradually began to feel an irreplaceable friendship.

“I like you, and I love Hiira-chan too. So, seriously, it’s time to put an end to this and find your happiness.”

“I made a promise when I made a contract with you. I cannot break the promise with the royal family.”

Despite his expression clouded by the treatment of the royal family, the Demon King stubbornly shook his head.

“Bitou Shinobu was a foolish lord who destroyed his homeland. When he washed up alone on this Draco Cocoon peninsula, he wished to become someone who could protect the people. . .Since he pledged to assist the royal family and devote himself, he cannot break that promise.”

It was a story of the Demon King’s past that the Black Dragon had heard many times over the centuries.

According to the Demon King, he was once the king of a small country, but the country was destroyed by war.

It was a naval battle against a powerful force that sought to rule the country. They were defeated in a hand-to-hand battle on the ship, and he was swallowed up by the waves along with the bodies of his vassals.

However, he was fortunate or unfortunate enough to survive and wash up on this Draco Cocoon peninsula alone.

The peninsula where the foolish king who could not protect his country and people arrived was a land of continued warfare, just like his homeland.

It was a land where small countries were in turmoil, fires broke out somewhere all the time, castles were burned down, and people fled in confusion.

The man who could not protect his country felt pain in his chest as he saw the state of the Draco Cocoon peninsula, which reminded him of his homeland. 

After wandering for a while, he was picked up by a young monarch for the sake of peace in the Draco Cocoon Peninsula, and decided to assist him. 

It was at that moment that the Black Dragon and the Demon King met. 

The Black Dragon had spent a long time with the Demon King since they met. 

The Black Dragon remembered the moment they met as if it were yesterday. 

[For the peace of the Draco Cocoon Peninsula, O spirit beast of the [Earth], please lend me your strength.]

[I’ll help you because it’s interesting. However, you have to hold my reins. I’m just a beast who doesn’t know what humans like. So, you can handle me and use me in a way that’s convenient for humans.]

[Is it okay to entrust [Earth] to a foolish monarch who survived even after his own country was destroyed?]

[It’s fine. I don’t know what humans will be happy with, whether it’s [Earth] or how to stop the war in the Draco Cocoon Peninsula. But if you’ve failed once, you should know how to stop it, right?]

The man who became a demon king by quitting being a human for the sake of the peace of the Draco Cocoon Peninsula in a foreign country, and the holy beast of [Earth]. 

It was a twisted relationship, but living with his master was fun for the Black Dragon. 

However, it was a different issue for the Black Dragon to enjoy it personally and to want to release this man from his role as a [Demon King]. 

“Although our goals are different, are you still going to continue being a demon king?”

Even after hearing the Black Dragon’s words, the demon king stubbornly shook his head. 

“Keeping my promise is my pride. The other party’s rudeness is not a reason.”

“You’re so stubborn~.” 



The Demon King let out a sigh under his mask.

“If I were to just become an ordinary man now. . .I wouldn’t want to let go of Hiira-dono.”

“Why don’t you just become her bodyguard?”

The black dragon couldn’t help but interject. What was he thinking saying that at a time like this?

However, the Demon King wearing the mask was deadly serious.

“The one who’s in trouble is Hiira-dono. To think that she would have feelings for someone like me. . .That’s why I will continue to protect her as the Demon King. And now that faith in [Earth] has weakened, if I were to resign as the Demon King, it would not be enough for the black dragon to handle.”

“You’re just like each other, always worrying about others.”

The black dragon clenched his fist in frustration.

It’s no use making fun of them anymore.

“Ah, I can’t watch this anymore. Why are you two so similar in the most important ways?”

“Black Dragon. . .?”

The Demon King looked up at the standing black dragon in surprise.

(This Demon King is a good person. Perhaps he is too trapped in the past of destroying his homeland, sacrificing himself too much. That self-sacrifice is hurting even those who like him, like me and Hiira-chan.)

“Hey, you know what? Hiira-chan said it too. ‘That it’s a waste for both of you to have someone like me who was abandoned by Kasdar.’ . .And probably.”

When the two of them talked while Hiira was riding on his back before.

She definitely said this while stroking her stomach.

――It’s a waste for both of you. I’m nothing special.

――I’ve always been told that I’m plain and not cute.

――And I’m a saint who was treated badly by Kasdar and abandoned, you know?

“She’s really concerned about her injured body, that girl.”

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