The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 45

Chapter 45: When the tide turns

“The number of customers has completely stopped.”

“I wonder if something happened.”

Lala-san and Synovidos were standing outside, arms linked, looking out. 

I remembered the words Vivian-san left behind during the Kasdar attack.

[Kasdar won’t give up yet.]

[Never underestimate the Count Streltsy family and his obsession. I’m looking forward to seeing your skills.]

Her words seemed to have become a reality.

“Probably Kasdar’s bribe money.”

“Most likely.”

The three of us had an early lunch together in the empty cafeteria. 

We had freshly baked bread with mayonnaise mixed with bacon and eggs from the chickens we raised in the garden, and a refreshing summer vegetable soup.

Around the time we finished eating, a regular female adventurer, Margarette-san, came to the cafeteria, sneaking in as if hiding from someone.

“Something terrible has happened, Saint-chan.”

Margarette-san handed me yesterday’s gossip newspaper.

[Saint Hiira Seamacy of the Saint Cafeteria is in collusion with the root of all evil, the Demon King. The church is considering a response to this act of rebellion against the royal palace?!]

[Is the saint, who operates in contaminated land, having problems with food safety?!]


“Since it’s only covered by a gossip newspaper, I don’t think the church or the royal palace has taken any action yet.”

“?! to make the information ambiguous is a common tactic in gossip articles.”

Lala-san nodded in agreement next to me. 

“But because of this article, the nobles who are concerned about their reputation have already issued a notice to the adventurer’s guild to [suspend transactions with adventurers related to the Saint’s Dining Hall]. . .”

“I see. So that’s why everyone stopped coming. . .”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be of any help. Everyone actually wants to meet Saint-chan, but our job is a credit business with the nobles.”

“It’s not your fault.”

I shook my head at Margarette-san, who looked apologetic.

“I’m glad you contacted me even if it’s just you. Margarette-san, please leave here quickly before anyone else finds you.”

“Saint-chan. . .”

“I’ll be fine. I hope the earth’s blessing will be with you too, Margarette-san.”

“Thank you. . .I’ll try to find something I can do to help too.”

I took a bite of bread, activated my protective ability as a saint, and smiled as I escorted her out the back door. At least her presence should be concealed until she returns to her companions.

After she left, Lala-san let out a sigh and spoke.

“Well, that’s to be expected if it’s revealed that the Saint is connected to the Demon King.”

“Demon King-sama is a target for subjugation, after all. . .”

“Ugh, which publishing company wrote such a terrible article. I’ll remember this.”

Lala-san frowned visibly as she looked through the gossip newspaper that was left behind. 

“Ugh, Kasdar is doing an interview?! And he’s blaming all his downfall on Hiira. . .I shouldn’t have watched it, he’s the worst.”

“. . .I was warned by Vivian-san. Actually, I’m sure Kasdar will try to interfere again.”

“Vivian, huh. . .that woman is also a bit concerning.”

“Concerning. . .in what way?”

“In various ways. I’m not sure yet.”

Lala-san was looking at the newspaper, lost in thought.

Synovidos was cleaning up the dishes and staring down at the sink.


“Oh, yes. . .Hiira-dono.”

“I’m sorry for worrying you. We have to come up with a plan, haha.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s just that. . .”

“Why is Synovidos apologizing?”

I smiled brightly and opened the cupboard where the tea was stored.

“Since it’s a time like this, let’s have some good tea. Oh, I have some imported high-quality tea leaves from across the sea that a customer gave me before. It has sparkling gold flakes in it, it’s amazing.”

As I behaved cheerfully, Synovidos remained frozen, staring at me.

I couldn’t see his expression behind the mask. But I felt like he had a terribly sad face.

At that moment, Black Dragon-san landed in the garden.

“Saint-chan, how are you doing~?”

“Hey!!!!!! Don’t come at a time like this, you idiot!!!”

Lala-san rushed out with a furious expression. 

“Ahaha. Looks like we’ll need a tea set for four people.”

“. . .Indeed.”

I smiled at Synovidos, but he only gave me an indifferent response.

While I was making tea, Lala-san said she had something she wanted to check and went to the back with a mug of tea.

I had tea with Synovidos and Black Dragon-san.

When I told him about the lack of customers and the news in the newspaper, Black Dragon-san’s eyes widened.

“Wow, I didn’t know that. That’s tough.”

“Yes. That’s why Lala-san hurriedly pulled Black Dragon-san to the back.”

“By the way, being friendly with the Demon King is a crime of rebellion against the royal family, right?”

While looking curiously at the tea with floating gold leaf, Black Dragon-san muttered as if he couldn’t understand.

“I don’t think the royal palace will condemn Hiira-chan for that, but. . .”

“Well, I’m not sure. If the nobles really did put pressure on the Adventurer’s Guild. . .”

“But Hiira-chan is the [Saint Beloved by the Earth], right? I don’t think they would put a child who is the country’s trump card in a difficult situation.”

“The human world is quite complicated.”

“I don’t understand humans at all.”

I shrugged my shoulders while laughing.

It seems that Black Dragon-san believes that the royal palace would not abandon me. 

It seems difficult to make him understand the subtleties of human society.

At that moment, Lala-san appeared from the back.

“Hey, Hiira, can you come here for a moment? I want you to confirm something.”


I stood up and looked at Synovidos and Black Dragon-san.

“I’ll be back in a bit. Please enjoy yourselves.”

“Good luck~.”

Black Dragon-san waved his hand cheerfully to see me off.

I’m glad Black Dragon-san came today. His words from the perspective of a dragon somehow make me feel relieved.

On the table, only Synovidos and Black Dragon-san remained.

Black Dragon-san was looking at Synovidos, who was staring silently at his tea, with a stern expression.

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