The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Hiira is Demon King’s favorite

I felt a throbbing pain from the scar that had already disappeared.

“It’s okay. I’m sorry for making you worry.”

The wound on my stomach that was once stabbed by Kasdar had already been healed by Demon King-sama, leaving no scars. 

I touched my stomach to show that I was okay and put on a smile.

“I want to worry about you a little.”

Even though I smiled at him, Demon King-sama didn’t change his sad expression. He stroked my cheek, and his eyes were gentle as always.

I’m sure both Demon King-sama and I are thinking that it’s just like that day.

ーーIt was the day when Kasdar injured Demon King-sama.

When Kasdar, Lala-san, and I reached the throne room of the Demon King’s castle.

Faced with the overwhelming difference in strength that prevented us from inflicting even a single scratch on Demon King-sama no matter how many times we tried, Kasdar came up with a plan.

He grabbed me by the nape of my neck as I tried to heal his wounds and used me as a shield against Demon King-sama.

Taking advantage of Demon King-sama’s momentary hesitation, he pierced me through to inflict a wound on Demon King-sama.

[What a surprise. . .]

When Demon King-sama saw me pierced by a sword from behind, he opened his beautiful golden eyes as if he had seen something unbelievable.

[. . .Using the saint who worries about yourself as a shield, are the nobles of this country like this?]

Behind me, Kasdar laughed through his nose.

[Since she’s a saint, she can’t heal herself anyway. It’s up to me how I use my fiancée.] 

The moment Kasdar said that, Demon King-sama blew Kasdar away with the wind.

Then, regardless of his own injuries, he held me, who was bleeding, and healed my wounds.

[Demon King. . .sama. . .?]

“I’m sorry. This childish game has gone on for too long in this country.”

Demon King-sama healed the holes in my clothes and gave Kasdar a magic mark before teleporting him out of the castle.

――Ah, just remembering it makes my stomach ache.

He looked at me with the same gaze that he had when he was worried about me. It’s nostalgic.

As I was lost in thought, Demon King-sama nodded slightly as if he had made up his mind.

“. . .It’s a good opportunity. Let’s show everyone my will as the Demon King.”

“Eh? Um, what do you mean by will. . .”

As I tilted my head, not understanding what he meant, Demon King-sama suddenly flipped his cape and knelt in front of me.


And just like a knight to a lady, he took my hand respectfully.

“Eh. . .”


I couldn’t even scream.

The adventurers and staff around us were stunned.

In the midst of their attention, Demon King-sama looked straight up at me. 

“Hiira-dono. I am always watching over you. . .I must not show myself in public, but if anyone tries to harm you, I swear to protect you even if it means making enemies of everyone.”

“W-Well, Demon King-sama. . .”

My bright red face was clearly reflected in Demon King-sama’s beautiful eyes like a full moon.

I had never been so close to him before because of our height difference, and I felt my heart pounding.

“Oh, um, it’s too much for you to make such a vow for me.”

“I’m just making a vow on my own. If you can live as you please, that’s all that matters.”

Demon King-sama smiled and kissed the back of my hand.

“D-Demon King-sama?!”

The surroundings murmured quietly.

My voice was trembling.

Demon King-sama leaned his cheek against the back of my hand and smiled faintly.

“. . .This is the first time I have given a vow like this. Please accept it.”

“W-Why me. . .”

“Don’t say lonely things like ‘why me.’ “

Demon King-sama looked a little sad and reluctantly moved away from me.

I was confused and my head was a mess.

Kasdar’s attack, Demon King-sama’s appearance, and Vivian-san’s situation. 

There’s so much information, so much information.

“Hiira-dono, may the blessings of the earth be with you.”

Demon King-sama flips his cloak and long black hair.

At that moment, something like sparkling smoke covers the area and he disappears along with the smoke,

Leaving a warm sensation on the back of my hand.

“. . .Did he leave?”

The adventurers who were watching with bated breath murmur.

“It’s over. Saint-chan won!!”

“Saint-chan!!! Amazing. . .!!!”

Then, a thunderous cheer erupts all at once.

“Wow!!!!! Saint-chan!!! You did it!!!!!”

“A saint loved by Demon King-sama is amazing!!!!”

“Demon King-sama is really Demon King-sama, right?! That’s amazing!!!!”

“Wow, Saint-chan is basically Demon King-sama’s. . .Right?!”

“What do you mean by ‘basically’?! Look up the meaning of ‘basically’ in the dictionary!!!!”

Amidst the cheers, Synovidos comes in from the back of the kitchen.


“I’m sorry for being late~.”

“No, I’m glad you protected my important kitchen. Thank you.”

As I look up to thank him, Synovidos scratches his masked cheek and shows a shy gesture. Then, he approaches the fallen bread with a rustling sound. 

“Ah, geez. What a waste of bread. Kasdar-dono is so cruel. . .”

“Oh? Were you watching?”

The kitchen was at the back of the dining room. I don’t think you could see it from outside the shop.

“Well, as a ninja, I can see everything with my clairvoyance.”

“I see!! You’re reliable!!”

“Indeed, indeed.”

Synovidos brushes off the dirt from the bread.

“It can’t be eaten anymore.”

Then, a certain adventurer spoke up.

“Oh, if that’s the case, can I have it? I want to use it as an eraser for my charcoal drawings.”

“Oh, that’s a good recipient. Hiira-dono, can I give it to him?”

“Of course!”

As we exchanged friendly conversation, I felt my mood calming down.

The adventurers were used to trouble and were all people who enjoyed unexpected events.

Kasdar’s intrusion and Demon King-sama’s appearance were just interesting and rare events for them.

“Well then, see you later, Saint-chan!”

“Thanks for the meal! Get a signature from Demon King-sama next time!”

The atmosphere in the room returned to normal, and they all went back to work with renewed vigor.

“Shall we clean up, Synovidos?”


As I watched Synovidos’s back walking ahead of me.

I suddenly remembered the incident where Kasdar hurt Demon King-sama.

It was really sad and one of the worst things that happened in my life, but after that, I met Synovidos. 

“Hey, do you remember? When Synovidos joined the Kasdar Party.”

“Of course. I remember it well.”

Whenever I asked, Synovidos would answer in his usual soft voice.

I couldn’t tell what expression he had behind his mask.

But. . .

“. . .Huh?”

I suddenly felt like Demon King-sama’s gentle gaze overlapped with Synovidos’ figure.

“What’s wrong? If there’s anything, please tell me right away.”

“No, it’s nothing. Thank you for your concern.”

Oh, how rude of me.

Even though Synovidos and Demon King-sama are different people, I’m overlapping their impressions just because they’re both kind to me.

Synovidos made a curious gesture as I shook my head in a hurry, but he didn’t pursue it and went to roll up his sleeves and head to the sink.

“Well then, I’ll quickly wash the dishes.”

“Thank you. I appreciate it.”

As he passed by me, a faint smell of beast orc bone soup wafted from Synovidos.

It seemed like the smell had permeated him from helping out in the magic kitchen.

The moment I smelled it, I suddenly understood the reason for my earlier feeling.

“Oh, I see. I thought they were similar because Demon King-sama also smelled like beast orc bone soup.”

Satisfied with my realization, I immediately rolled up my sleeves and started cleaning up.

The [Saint] ability’s barrier had trapped the smell of beast orc bone soup within the dining area.

So I didn’t realize that the smell was coming from the Demon King-sama. 

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