The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Defeating Kasdar, Premonition of a New Enemy

“It’s the same as before. . .”

――The same method as before.

The moment I heard those words.

My side suddenly hurt, as if I was reminded of the pain when I was stabbed before.

“Hiira-dono. . .I will definitely protect you today.”

Demon King-sama wrapped me in his cloak and glared at Kasdar.

“Kasdar Streltsy. Why did you think “that” incident was not recorded in the magic crest when you once injured me?”

Demon King-sama looked down on Kasdar again with a cold gaze.

Kasdar’s impudent face twisted instantly.

“What. . .?”

“For an ordinary priest, the magic crest would only seem to show their achievements. However, for those who can read the ancient magic crest secret techniques. . .”

At that moment, ancient characters shone in front of Kasdar in response to Demon King-sama’s hand movements.

Kasdar was stunned.

“That. . .I didn’t know about that?!”

I remembered when Synovidos became the guarantor of the saint’s cafeteria.

I see. Demon King-sama can also draw the same magic crest.

“Could it be that. . .perhaps the reason why my acceptance into the knight order was revoked was because you wrote unnecessary things?!”

“It’s just that your achievements have revealed the sacrifices made to obtain them.”

“That’s a lie. . .hey. . .”

Kasdar trembled and his mask fell off in an instant.


Kasdar raised his uninjured hand and activated a reckless incantation.

However, Kasdar’s magic, who had no talent for magic, was blown away by a single breath from Demon King-sama.


It was visible that all of his magic had been depleted.

“Disappear, Kasdar.”

“I won’t disappear just because you told me to. . .!!!!”

At that moment.

“Aahh. Kasdar-sama~ I got bored, so I came~♡.”

A relaxed voice.

The one who walked with a waddle was the new Saint Vivian-san.

“. . .Hmph. . .I told you to wait in the carriage.”

“That’s why I got bored. I’m hungry~.”

Vivian-san sniffed the scent of the beast orc soup.

“It smells delicious~! Vivi wants to eat something too!”

“You idiot, let’s go back!”


“Anyway, hurry up and heal my hand!!!”

“Eek, it’s burnt black.”

“Wait, Kasdar. . .and Vivian-san too.”

I ran to the back and wrapped bread to give to them in an unmanned magic kitchen.


Demon King-sama frowned.

The adventurers around us murmured.

“Don’t do anything nice for someone like him, Saint-chan!”

“I don’t understand, he did something terrible to you, right?!”

I looked down at Kasdar, who was still kneeling.

“That’s right. . .and I will never forgive you.”

Just looking at Kasdar’s face covered in sweat from pain made me want to hit him with a hard baguette.

I wanted to cry and scream and make him apologize for everything he had done to me.

But I am a saint.

Saints are the property of the state. And I have pride as a former regular saint of the monastery.

“If there is someone in front of me who is hurt, no matter how much of a sinner they are, no matter how meaningless it may seem, it is the duty of a saint to heal them. Before being an individual, I am a saint.”

I don’t want to damage my saintly pride for this man.

“But of course, I cannot heal you with my power right now. So I will only give you bread. Please take it and go home. Don’t ever appear in front of me again.”

Instead of Kasdar, who couldn’t accept it, I handed the bread to Vivian-san.

“Wow ♡ It looks so delicious ♡.”

Vivian-san opened the package and smiled brightly.

I don’t understand how she can be so composed in this situation.

As I was thinking that,

“Don’t mess with me. . .hey!!!!”

Kasdar knocked the bread out of Vivian-san’s hand.

“Eh~, what’s wrong, Kasdar-sama?”

Kasdar left without a word, dragging his body.

Vivian-san turned to me.

“I’m sorry. It looked so delicious, but Kasdar-sama seems to be in a bad mood for some reason.”

“No. . .”

“Oh no, the bread fell. . .”

“I’ll pick it up.” 

She squatted down to pick it up, and I panicked.

At that moment, Vivian leaned in close to me and smiled.

“Kasdar won’t give up yet.”

“Eh. . .”

It was a small voice that only I could hear.

Behind her soft silver hair, her purple eyes looked at me and smiled.

Her expression was completely different from her usual demeanor, like a sweet candy.

“Don’t underestimate the Streltsy family and his obsession. I’m looking forward to seeing your skills.”

She said with a curved mouth.

It was as if someone had possessed her.

While I was still stunned, she quickly changed her attitude and chased after Kasdar.

“Oh, Kasdar-sama~~, wait~~.”

Vivian walked with a sweet, cat-like voice and a waddling gait as she left with Kasdar.

After the two of them disappeared from view, Demon King-sama released me from his cloak.

He looked at me with a comforting gaze.

“Hiira. . .I reminded you of something painful. Does your stomach still hurt from being stabbed by him?”

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