The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Just below Kasdar’s sudden turn ※Slightly

Kasdar Streltsy is the son of Count Streltsy. The Streltsy family is a family that has left their family name in the political arena for generations as civil servants, despite having only a small territory in the countryside, which is in the middle of the Count’s rank. 

The inheritance of the family headship goes to the eldest son, Teimayoş Streltsy.

Kasdar is followed by his younger sister, Augury Streltsy.

Despite being only 12 years old, Augury has already married a wealthy Count as a second wife at her mother’s strong recommendation. Noble families consider the continuation of their family name to be the most important, and treat unmarried daughters as tools for marriage proposals. The Streltsy family has a more prominent family style in this regard, and Kasdar also had a tendency to see women as pawns in his daily life.

If one is a clever “gentleman,” they may think of women as pawns in their head, but they do not show it and instead treat them with respect to increase their own value and reputation. However, Kasdar had no qualms about treating women as nothing more than doormats, and even thought they were worth less than the mud on his shoes.

Kasdar was now pale as he looked down at the notice that had been delivered to the townhouse in the capital. The hand holding the letter was trembling.

In front of him, Teimayoş was looking at him with a cold gaze from his desk. 

[To Count Streltsy’s son, Kasdar

Due to doubts raised about your contribution to damaging the Demon King, the captain of the Imperial Guard Knights has decided to impose certain conditions on your acceptance into the team next season. Approval for next season’s admission will require the submission of a magic crest that exceeds the Demon King’s injury, either in the current Kasdar Streltsy unit or in a new unit formed without a silver-class saint. If there is no presentation of achievements by magic crest within this fiscal year, admission to the Imperial Guard Knights will not be possible.

Recruitment Department of the Imperial Guard Knights.]

“What does this mean?”

“You need to start over with your writing practice, you idiot brother.”

My older brother said coldly. Kasdar persisted.

“What’s going on? I was definitely granted admission to the Knights next spring by the commander of the Imperial Guard Knights himself. I have a certificate! Normally, admission outside of the entrance exam is not revoked.”

“I’m the one who wants to know. Why is something abnormal happening in reality?”

His brother’s absolute zero gaze pierced Kasdar. The gaze of the future head of the family, who seemed to freeze, left no room for Kasdar to argue.

“If you can’t join the Imperial Guard Knights, you’ll work as a governor in the Streltsy territory.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

It was no joke. If he ended up as a governor in a boring territory with no excitement, glory, or women, Kasdar would end his life as just a cog in the Streltsy family, unable to become anything else for the rest of his life.

It would be a life that was useless, even with a splendid appearance and military achievements, melting away like a soup that had been boiled too long in the countryside. 

“I don’t want to.”

“It’s a strict order from Father. There’s nothing more to talk about. Leave.”

Expelled from the office, Kasdar walked aimlessly down the hallway in a daze. Seeing him, the servants froze in fear.

As he passed by an elderly maid, their eyes met, and Kasdar snapped, punching the wall right next to her head.

“Eek. . .”

“What’s wrong with you, old hag? Don’t you like me or something? Say something.”

“I-I’m terribly sorry if I’ve done something wrong. It’s my fault if I’m inadequate.”

“You’re kidding me. Do you think an apology will fix everything?”

Kasdar grabbed the maid’s collar and roughly pushed her aside before storming off. There was a loud noise behind him as the maid fell to the ground. He went out to the garden, trying to shake off everything, and looked up at the sky in a terrible mood.

“Damn it, nothing is going well. . .”

“What’s wrong, Kasdar-sama?”

As a sweet voice overlapped, he turned around to see Vivian, with her silver short bob hair fluttering softly against the backdrop of a well-manicured flower bed.

He was sure he didn’t call her today. Kasdar widened his eyes.

“Why are you here?”

“Fufu. I went to see Kasdar-sama’s father. . .”

“!! That means. . .you know about my situation.”

“Yes. It’s really tough. I’m sorry. . .It’s all my fault.”

Vivian shed tears from her big eyes and covered her face with her small hands, shaking her shoulders. 

“I’m sorry, Kasdar-sama. I’m not needed, am I? Goodbye.”


Vivian grabbed his shoulder reflexively, causing her body to tremble and her eyes to become moist as she looked at Kasdar. Her body, which couldn’t hide the deep cleavage of her chest no matter what clothes she wore, had plump, sweet-colored lips. When he was stared at with eyes that seemed to break at any moment, Kasdar felt his rough impulses subside.

“I won’t let go of Vivian. You can be yourself.”

“Kasdar-sama. . .I’m happy ♡.”

She always smiled and shrugged her small shoulders, looking cute.

Whenever he was with Vivian, he felt that way. No matter how bad he was at fighting or how dull he was, everything became irrelevant when he was stared at with her moist eyes.

It was completely different from that stick-like girl, Hiira, who had become so frustrated with every move just before being expelled.

However, if things continued like this, the defeat of the Demon King would be inevitable. If he didn’t come up with a plan, Kasdar would lose everything and fall into ruin.

He had to do something. He had to find a way to secure a convenient existence like Hiira Seamacy again.

――At that moment.

Suddenly, a certain idea flashed through Kasdar’s mind like a lightning bolt.

Kasdar’s mouth curled up at his own brilliant idea.

“Haha. That’s it. This is how we’ll do it.”

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